Dreaming of ants: What meanings?

Dreaming of ants: What meanings?

In dreams, ants represent a dichotomy, they are both fragile creatures (because they are small) and strong (because they are able to lift more than their weight). They are tireless and honest workers, but at the same time the ants follow the herd moving in rows and all look the same.

What does it mean to dream of ants? As we know, ants are very organized and hardworking insects, almost on the level of bees. They are always working, either to protect their lair and the queen, or to search for food. It is precisely for this reason that they express a great will in labor and production. At the same time, however, they can also be a symbol of strong agitation or tension. If we are very nervous for example, they can express this state of agitation.


The meaning of dreaming about ants according to colors


Dreaming of black ants

These are the classic ants that we all know, so there is no special meaning to be attributed to them except the general one already mentioned.


Dreaming of red ants

The red or red-headed ant is very dangerous, in fact, pinching it can cause severe pain. In the dream, it may indicate boredom or something we don't want to face. 

This dream, in fact, could make us realize that there is a situation to face, which we cannot avoid, because otherwise there could be serious troubles or repercussions. We must try not to sidestep the situation or avoid it. The ants could also represent someone who gets in our way and who, being very organized, could turn against us. It can therefore be interpreted as a kind of warning.


Dreaming of white ants

Often confused with termites because they are very similar both in appearance and in life lived in community with others. They can represent a good and pure ant because it recalls the characteristics of color. Depending on his behavior and the sensations felt in the dream, it will be interpreted negatively or positively.


Dreaming of ants according to location


Dreaming of ants in the house, on the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor

In this case, we must pay close attention to the details of the dream. It should be remembered that ants are not always a negative symbol. In the event that in our dream there is an invasion of ants in the house, then these indicate strong anxiety and tension on the part of the dreamer. 

There is something in the house that oppresses us or gives us a feeling of strong annoyance; in this case, it is necessary to be able to cope with the situation before achieving drastic results. 

In the case where the ants organize themselves, they are the symbol of a new project, which can concern us or concern our house (see dreaming of house). We must not forget that ants are hardworking and active and this quality can be a good sign.


Dreaming of ants in the kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the house linked to the family, to the affections, to the feminine side and of course to the mother. This room represents psychic transformations and evolutions, but also the need for inner nourishment. 

Therefore, if dreaming of the kitchen may reflect the need for self-care or a bad relationship with ourselves or our mother; the dream related to ants could represent, in fact, a problem with ourselves or a family member, or the ants themselves represent an unwanted guest that has ties to family or our home.


Dreaming of ants in the bedroom, in the bed, on the pillow

If we dream of many ants invading our room or our bed, these could be the symbol of prelational problems at the physical or psychological level.

Maybe there are insecurities or certainly something that can create a lot of tension and nervousness. Obviously, we are feeling obsessed and/or disturbed by something.



Dreaming of ants in the bathroom 

The bathroom is a place where we feel comfortable, it also gives us a feeling of well-being; dreaming of a bathroom invaded by ants means that there is something that ruins our balance, our well-being.

This feeling can be related to the fact that we feel that something is wrong, that we feel oppressed by something, or that we are tormented by thoughts that make us anxious and we cannot relax.


Dreaming of ants in the bag

The bag represents in dreams a personal possession and an important part of who we are; (in fact, it contains everything that is important and that we need in an emergency, such as house keys, mobile phone, wallet, documents and money).

This dream means we might think that we have some confused ideas, so we need to rearrange everything that we think is out of place in our lives. 

The dream can therefore indicate the need for a change that must lead us to something new.


Dream about ants in the car

If in dreams the car represents us, the ants represent the intruder. It's up to you to catch them, fix the problem and clean the car. So examine the problem you have with yourself and solve it!


Dream about eating ants

Eating is a symbol that represents what one can "swallow" and digest and what one cannot. It is also an extremely important action for the human being, it often indicates a need. 

When we eat something good and pleasant, it means that we are extremely satisfied, the pleasant meal will also lead us to a very positive emotional state. 

Dreaming of eating something bad, food gone bad, and/or even insects, just like ants may represent a difficult and messy situation, which arouses negative emotions inside of us that we simply cannot overcome. However, if in our dream we can eat everything, it means that we know how to deal with the problem and we managed to overcome it successfully. 

To dream of not being able to swallow or not being able to eat means that we still have a lot of work to do. Therefore, the ant in this case represents something or someone annoying that we may or may not be able to digest.

Dreaming of ants eating from the plate: the presence of insects in our food clearly indicates something that annoys us or, even worse, creates a strong disgust in us. As we have already said, the presence of many insects or ants represents those inconveniences that constantly invade our daily lives. 

They can also refer to the presence of someone we particularly despise. If we see them everywhere, they could indicate a constant threat, it means we feel that something bad may happen very soon.



Dream about having ants on your body


Dreaming of ants about you

Having the presence of ants on the body indicates the presence of something annoying in our life. There are two ways to interpret this dream: In the first case, we have a lot of annoying and overwhelming thoughts in our head, which seem boring and hard to solve; or in the second case, we are surrounded by the presence of undesirable people, whom we would like to be able to avoid in our life. 

In both cases, a solution must be sought to solve the respective problems; we try to avoid problems that arise, in this way they only increase and only become more annoying like so many ants stepping on the body.


Dreaming of ants on the head

To dream of ants on the hair, in the ears, in the eyes, on the face may represent an annoying thought, or something we saw or heard that bothered us.


Dreaming of ants walking on the body, arms and hands, legs and feet

It can represent a obstacle or annoying person to overcome.


Dreaming of ants coming out of the body, nose, mouth 

It can represent something annoying that is in us; to feel better, we have to send it back.



Dreaming of dead ants

Death is often associated with ants and other insects; in fact, they are often associated with death being black and cold. We know that death in dreams does not always necessarily indicate actual death, but in reality it can be associated with a feeling of rebirth, as often with death dreams.


Dream of killing, crushing ants

This dream clearly indicates a strong courage on the part of the dreamer, who manages to push back his problems, without giving them too much importance. This represents exactly the opposite reaction of those who worry or panic when dreaming about insects; it means that we are calm and level-headed people, who manage to overcome the small obstacles that arise in life, without creating drama. (See dream of killing).


Dream about an ant invasion


Dreaming of millions of ants, dreaming of thousands of ants

To dream of many ants indicates the need to have to fight and react to small problems, which yet, before our eyes, seem large and insoluble. These problems can create strong feelings of tension and anxiety in the dreamerr. The more problems there are, the less one knows how to deal with them, so few ants will become so many ants in dreams!


Dreaming of giant ants

If in our dreams ants appear as giant insects, this indicates our concern: if before we thought we had a relatively small problem, now we need to find a way to solve it as soon as possible. 

In other cases it can indicate a big change in our life dreaming of big ants can also be the symbol of a big project in our life, which will require not only our efforts, but also those of friends and colleagues, who are part of our lives.


Dreaming of ants with wings

These are even more annoying than the legged ants; therefore, the problem is even more annoying, or you are in a hurry to solve a problem you may have underestimated because you didn't realize it in time.


Dreaming of an anthill

This can mean 2 things; Where problems you've neglected for a long time, which is very likely, who are ready to come out if you continue to hide them; or, the anthill represents the work of the ants and therefore of yourself and the elaborate work you do in a work hierarchy or in an organized social life.


Dreaming of ants and insects

Ants, and generally also all insects, can represent small troubles or fear that are part of our life, even in the daily aspects. If, for example, we dream of finding them in our home, it can mean that something or someone is bothering us and that we feel invaded in our spaces. (See dreaming about insects).

If, on the other hand, we dream of constantly finding them on us, it could mean that we have a fixed, obsessive thought that we cannot let go. We have to find a way to face our fears.

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