Dreaming of arguing with a friend: What meanings?

Dreaming of arguing with a friend: What meanings?

Dreaming of arguing with a friend: What meanings?

It is never easy to understand the meaning of dreams, but above all it is essential to remember that the interpretation can only be truly correct by considering the soul and the psychology of the dreamer. It is indeed wrong to think that the same image in a dream represents the same thing for one or the other person.

If we consider dreams to be a dreamlike representation of our deepest selves, we understand well how even their interpretation must be approached in a personal way. An example is the dream of a fight, which certainly cannot have the same emotional weight and even the same meaning for a person who by nature seeks to avoid clashes and for those who seek them.


Dreaming of arguing with a friend: What you need to know

Usually the discussion in a dream identifies something that hasn't been said in real life, something you're trying to hide, an unresolved issue you're trying not to resolve. It is indeed very common to dream of arguing with known people and almost always from the narrowest circle of acquaintances.

If in real life we ​​disagree with a partner, parent, or loved one, the subconscious might translate what we haven't faced in the real world on a dream level. 

But sometimes it also happens to dream of a quarrel with strangers, a sign, in these cases, that perhaps we are in a period of particular dislike for others or misunderstanding of people.

If we happen to dream of arguing with a friend, the situation is quite different, since friends are often a natural extension of our family. The discussion in this case can hide a feeling of betrayal that we experience on a daily basis, even the feeling of not being able to trust our loved ones.

What if the topic of discussion was something trivial? Our inner self worries us, tells us that perhaps our perception of reality may be skewed by the emotionality of the period, a sign that it is probably necessary to take a pinch of awareness and awareness of what is happening. happening and to deal with it in a lucid and rational way.

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