Dreaming of Bananas: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Bananas: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Bananas: What Meanings?

Dreaming of banana signifies positive omens in your life. It is a type of dream whose meanings are related to financial stability and improvement, prestige at work, problem solving, help from friends and mood control. .

This fruit, in dreams, seen in clusters predicts financial stability. The ripe banana, in dreams, indicates that you will have prestige at work and, if it is green, indicates difficulties; but don't be discouraged, time will be on your side. To see a spoiled banana in dreams is an omen of evil.

When you peel a banana, in a dream there is no trace of doubt, it will solve your problems. Eating bananas in a dream predicts the improvement of the economic situation. If you cooked this fruit in a dream, joy will be the reward for your efforts, because everything will be fine.

In dreams, feeding an animal with banana means that you rely on the help of a friend. Giving a banana (gesture) in a dream is a warning for you to control your temper, so as not to suffer later.

It is a frequent depiction of repressed sexual urges and desires. A metaphor for these feelings and a phallic symbolism, which represents male sexuality.


Dream of eating banana

To dream that you are eating a banana signifies that the moment you are having is positive, the opportunities of which are well taken advantage of. When innovative moments appear in your life, the ones that will shape your personality, you will be prepared. Eating a banana in your dreams is a sign that your hard work will be rewarded.


Dreaming of green banana

Dreaming of a green banana shows that it has not yet reached the necessary point of ripeness in some way. It means that you are not ready for something yet and therefore you will have difficulties. Don't be discouraged, because everything has its time and, when you least expect it, you will be ready.


Dream of ripe banana

To dream of a ripe banana means that you achieve a level of respect in the professional sphere. 


Dream of bunch of bananas

To dream of a bunch of bananas is a representation of financial stability. It is a sign of prosperity thanks to an excellent harvest. This means that you will be able to amass enough to live well.


Dream of banana peel

To dream of banana peel signifies that you will have a lot of strength and intensity, and thanks to these qualities, you will have enough energy to overcome many of your problems, such as health or psychological.


Rêve de plantation de bananes

To dream of a banana plantation means that you will need provisions in the future, because you will face challenges that require a lot of your abilities. Do not be afraid and face them all.


Dream about peeling the banana

To dream that you are peeling a banana, it is the certainty that you will solve your problems. It is also linked to sexual feelings, such as unraveling before a relationship.

Dreaming of fried banana

To dream of fried banana means that your efforts will not be in vain and, at some point, you will be rewarded for it. It's an indication that your life is going to change for the better, only you can believe it's possible.


Dream of banana split

To dream of split banana, in general, means need to have sex so you can talk about it later with colleagues. It may reflect pressure from friends to have sex and discuss it openly.


Dreaming of spoiled banana

It has a negative meaning in relation to work, as it relates to lack of production and discord, which leads to damage and limitation. Do not let the level drop and keep working regularly, because it won't hurt you.

Dream of banana falling

Dreaming of a falling banana can mean that you will go through a time of adversity, as if you were falling, just like the banana in your dream. However, this is not cause for despair, as it is normal to go through times of unhappiness. Don't get discouraged and keep believing in yourself.


To dream that you are giving someone a banana

To dream that you are offering a banana means thata review of your preferences is required, because many of your goals may be futile and will not help you in any way in the future.


Dreaming of yellow banana

The yellow color is a sign of positive and negative, it is up to us to make the right decision. As long as you can choose happiness, you will be one step away from sadness.

The yellow bananas in our dreams are signs of happiness, but they must be in perfect condition. A yellow banana will guarantee you fulfillment in the days to come, but it's up to you to accept love, success and new opportunities, or reject them.

The path you choose will be full of joy, but remember that the most desired opportunities always present themselves on a daily basis and sometimes we don't take advantage of them. Enjoy what you dreamed of with yellow bananas to take it as a sign of positivity.


Dream of rotten banana

Of course, the rotten state does not bode well. It is a signal for review the daily behavior of our activities, that is, whether our actions cause positive or negative aspects in others.

If you dream of rotten bananas, do not do new business, take care of your health and treat everything with caution, that is, take precautions. It's not the end of your life, because the best cakes and sweets come out of the most rotten banana.

Pay attention to the following days of the week and do not do activities in which you do not feel safe or calm. Stress is the emotional state that consumes the most energy.


Dreaming of big bananas

Remember what we mentioned in previous predictions, the size of the banana will depend on its condition. However, this means usually significant and positive changes, help given and received, integrity and health, but beyond that there is a sign that things are going in the right direction. Obviously, these bananas must be in good condition, since when they are rotten or in very bad condition; it means the opposite.


Dream about many bananas

Abundance will come into your life through your efforts. If you are going through a bad situation and dreaming of a lot of bananas, it means a positive and gradual change. If, on the contrary, it is in its entirety, the change will be positive, but immediate. That is, abundance and good energies will arrive as long as your current state is energetically balanced.

Dream of fried rotten bananas

This means that your financial situation, illness or unemployment will change very soon, because you are ready to change your environment.


If you dream of very small bananas

You anticipate health and work problems, keep calm, but now is not the time to make changes in your life.


Dreaming of bananas seen from afar

They are a sign that your happiness depends on others and that it is time to change this scenario.

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