Dreaming of Food: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Food: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Food: What Meanings?

Food is not only of fundamental importance in real life. In our dreams too, food and food intake are often at the center of our concerns. Dreaming of food and drink also has deep symbolism, because depending on what you drink or eat in the dream, certain desires are revealed.

When we eat or drink something, we absorb something into our body, it becomes part of us. Food is not just inside us, it is metabolized and broken down into its smallest individual parts, which eventually reach our bloodstream.

Food intake is also of great importance in dream interpretation, because in dreams it serves not only to maintain physical vital functions. On the contrary, food as a dream symbol symbolizes metaphorical spiritual nourishment as well as primordial human basic needs.



Dreaming about food: The different meanings



Common food dreams


Each food has different meanings. The actual meaning of the respective dream symbol is an individual matter and always depends on the context of the dream and your own personality. The foods that appear most frequently in dreams are briefly discussed in the following sections.


Dreaming of beer

Beer is the favorite drink of many French people. It is therefore not surprising that many dreams are also about beer. Beer is especially popular with men, which is one of the reasons why beer is one of the male dream symbols. Thus, anyone who dreams of beer has dreams that can be attributed to the male archetype. 

This shows the attitude towards the male parts of the personality. If the beer dream goes hand in hand with enjoyment, it is usually a positive dream, as it shows that the dreamer is at peace with their male personality parts.

On the other hand, beer is also synonymous with comfort and well-being, similar to the feeling of being together in a relaxed bar. Beer also has a high nutritional content and in dreams is also a sign of spiritual nourishment in its purest form. But if you constantly dream of beer, it could also indicate a drinking problem.


Dream of roast

When you think of a roast, the first thing you think of is the traditional Sunday roast. The Sunday roast was or still is a specialty, a particularly good meal to eat with the family. Even in the interpretation of dreams, the roast represents the family. If you're enjoying the party, that's a very positive sign. (See dreaming of meals).

However, if this is not the case, the dreamer should consider whether he should possibly contact his family to clarify the existing problems. But the meaning can also be that you feel a negative attitude towards traditions.


Dreaming of bread

Bread is the staple food (apart from water). It is a symbol of food as a whole all over the world. One thinks of organizations like “Bread for the World” or idiomatic expressions like “earning wages and bread” or “living only on bread and water”. Bread in the dream also signifies modesty. A loaf is easy to make, requires only a few ingredients and has a quick satiety effect. See the article on the dream of bread.

Dreams of bread therefore also mean being down-to-earth, because the dreamer dreams “only” of bread and not of luxury foods. Good bread can also be a symbol of health or a healthy body. The association as a body symbol is very common, especially in the Christian world, after all the oblates given at the Lord's Supper are called the body of Christ.


Dreaming of Food: What Meanings?


Dreaming of fish

As dream symbols, fish are always associated with emotions. If you eat a fish in a dream, it symbolizes the internalization of emotional processes, both positive and negative. Similar to bread, the dreamed fish usually represents modesty. Even today, fish is a fasting food.

Another association is with fertility. Pisces generally has a feminine connotation. They live in water, which is another symbol of fertility and life. If you eat a fish in a dream, it can mean that you are concerned about your own fertility. A desire to have children can be expressed here.


dream of flesh

Meat is a dream symbol, which in almost all cases is related to the body. It represents the counterpart of the spirit and often simply responds to carnal desires. Dreams about meat are very often sexual in nature, especially when it comes to soft, raw meat. 

However, raw meat can also be dangerous, after all most types of meat must be cooked before eating.

Wealth, positive feelings, and health are also often expressed in the form of flesh dreams. Meat remains an expensive food, which is mainly prepared on special occasions (see roasting). 

The fact that dreams of meat are rarely related to the dreamer's consumption of meat is shown in the fact that vegetarians and vegans from time to time also positively dream of meat and its consumption. Above all, satisfaction and vitality are shown here.


Dreaming of vegetables

Vegetables are considered the opposite of meat. Dreams about vegetables cannot be interpreted generally, since they always depend on the appearance of the respective vegetable. However, all vegetables have in common their interpretation in terms of health and femininity. Vegetables usually have more feminine connotations and are often associated with the mother.

Material satisfaction and basic needs covered are also frequent meanings of dream vegetables. In order to correctly interpret dreams, color plays a very special role in vegetables. Different colors represent different emotions. Literally, those emotions rub off on the vegetables.


Dreaming of coffee

Coffee is a stimulating drink and in dream interpretation it is often associated with energy and sociability. However, there is hardly a dream symbol that can have as many meanings as coffee. Its black color is interpreted as femininity. 

Due to their shape, coffee beans are a symbol of eroticism. Dreams in which the coffee is green have a negative meaning, because the coffee then refers to the resentment of others. Coffee grounds represent diseases and other problems.

On the other hand, anyone making or cooking coffee in a dream can expect to socialize or achieve success. Buying coffee in a dream is also positive and associated with ease. 

Having a good cup of coffee can mean having pleasant conversations or leisure activities ahead of you. It can also mean that one is excited or that exciting experiences are about to occur.

In general, when you dream of coffee, you should not focus too much on the meaning of the actual coffee. The real meaning is often hidden in the other dream symbols, i.e. in the context in which the coffee occurs in the dream.


Dreaming of pasta

In the dream, the noodles have both sexual and physical meaning, the latter being mainly negative. They often represent symptoms of hunger or deficiency, which can concern not only the body, but also the psyche. Noodles are considered a rather tasteless and boring food. Anyone who dreams of pasta may feel mentally inadequate.

From a sexual point of view, the state of the pasta is particularly important. If the pasta is crispy and firm to the bite, all is well. The most negative interpretation here may be that one does not feel sexually balanced. 

If, on the contrary, one dreams of cooked or soft pasta, the meaning is almost obvious. The dream wishes for more eroticism in his life or is simply afraid of erection problems.


Dreaming of fruit

Fruits are usually sexual dream symbols. They are natural and cute, their shapes in most cases similar to those of primary or secondary sex characteristics. 

Cucumbers or bananas, for example, represent the male penis simply because of their shape, while melons, apples, pears or peaches are symbols of the female breast. Plums, dates, strawberries or figs symbolize the vagina or the clitoris.

The cherries do not directly represent the erotic parts of the body. Their importance lies more in how they are consumed. When interpreting fruits in dreams, as with vegetables, the emphasis is on color. 

If it is rotten or soft fruit, a sexual problem is probably expressed in dreams. If the fruits have their natural color, everything is fine. If, on the other hand, they are still immature, like a green banana, it usually shows their own sexual and spiritual immaturity.


Dreaming of water

Drinking water in a dream may indicate a process of mental cleansing. But it also shows thirst. However, this thirst is rarely physical, but rather spiritual. As a female dream symbol, water also represents life, wisdom, and feelings. If you drink a lot of water in a dream, you are quenching your thirst to experience your emotions.

The dream should ask whether he suppresses his emotions too much or is afraid of certain character traits, which he does not want to admit. See Dreaming of Water


dream of wine

Wine is a symbol of sensuality and spirit. Red wine in particular represents intellect, but also eroticism. It is associated with sensuality and blood, the latter being to be interpreted in the sense of warm blood and joie de vivre. White wine, on the other hand, is more closely associated with mental clarity and freshness.


dream of sausage

Anyone who dreams of a sausage sometimes has an erotic dream. The sausage is reminiscent of male genitals only because of its shape. Moreover, a sausage is made of meat, which almost imposes a direct connection with sexuality. 

However, the meat in the sausage is not available in its pure form. It is chopped, shredded, boiled and possibly smoked. In addition, the meat mass was also forced into an intestine.

Frequent sausage dreams may therefore also contain clues of latent homosexuality, but may also be the affirmation that one needs to become aware of one's innermost feelings. The intestine, the innermost part of our digestive system, is facing out, the flesh is now inside.

The dream should therefore ask itself if suppressed lived instincts are tormenting it, which it no longer wants to suppress. He'd just have to be careful not to mentally destroy himself and later get trapped in the player-controlled skin.

There are different ways to interpret dreams about food. If one wants to find out the meaning of such dreams, one should consider all the possibilities, because depending on the details of the dream, different interpretations are possible.


Sexual interpretation


We ingest food through the mouth. The technical term for this is “oral”. You don't have to be a fanatical follower of Sigmund Freud's dream theory to be able to understand some associations here. The ingestion of food itself has something to do with eroticism, because like sexual activity, it is a form of satisfaction.

Many foods are reminiscent of certain sexual characteristics by their shape or are used as terms to designate them. Think, for example, of melons, peaches, cucumbers or eggs. 

Who in a dream bites into a banana with relish, can yearn for sexual satisfaction. On the other hand, anyone who eats rotten fruit in a dream may well have a problem with their sexuality, since the oral act in this case is related to disgust.


Physical/health interpretation

Another way to interpret it is more direct. Dreams about food sometimes simply illustrate the desire to eat it. Maybe dreaming about a juicy steak is just a sign that you finally want to eat one again. 

On the other hand, such a dream can also mean that you are consuming way too much food that you dreamed of, namely so much that you are literally dreaming about it. The message of this dream can also be a warning against too bland nutrition.

Anyone who goes to bed on an empty stomach should not be surprised by frequent dreams of eating. Similar to how one often dreams of a toilet when a natural need arises, there is a high likelihood that one will dream of a party table when hungry while sleeping. Extremely frequent dreams about food can also be a symptom of an eating disorder, as well as an indication of an illness.


Dreaming of Food: What Meanings?


Psychological interpretation


The most common interpretation is the psychological one. It is mainly about the soul and the satisfaction of natural needs. Along with breathing, eating is one of the most basic drives of humans and animals, after all it is vital. In this type of interpretation, food dreams indicate neglected parts of the personality, needs that are not sufficiently satisfied or even suppressed.

It is also the famous spiritual food. Dreams play out in the head and this is where every process of food intake begins. Foods must be analyzed from the point of view of the type of need they may represent. At this point, the color also becomes more important. Each color is associated with certain properties and thus gives an indication of the part of the psyche that the food represents.

A turquoise strawberry is rather rare in nature. In the dream, turquoise represents honesty and freedom of spirit. The delicious, unusually colored strawberry can express the desire for more freedom or, since it is a sweet fruit, represent the pleasure of your own freedom.

The feeling one gets in the dream is always important. Particular attention should be paid to the feelings that one experiences during the food dream and to what extent these feelings differ from the attitude towards the respective food in the waking world.



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