Drowning Dream: What Meanings?

Drowning Dream: What Meanings?

Every year different statistics show us how many bathing accidents there have been and how many people have drowned. Only a small proportion of these people are non-swimmers. Even experienced swimmers are not protected from the risk of drowning. Even in the swimming pool, such a disaster can happen. Some degree of safety from drowning is only guaranteed by wearing a life jacket, which keeps a swimmer afloat in an emergency so they can get air.

Often we find ourselves in water in our dreams. Just as we swim and dive, we sometimes dream of drowning. In the following you will find out what interpretations can be made of this type of dream.

I will describe in detail the most common dream situations related to drowning, so that you can understand and interpret your drowning dream even better.


Dreaming of drowning: The most common dreams


Depending on the places


Dream about drowning in a river

The dream of drowning in the river may indicate uncontrolled feelings and heteronomy. Perhaps the dreamer has put himself in a difficult position from which he can no longer find a way out. If the dreamer is drowning in a wild, raging stream, this can also be a sign of a serious misfortune that threatens him.


Dream of drowning in the seas and oceans

The sea and the ocean are synonymous with freedom and adventure. In addition to this, water in the dream world is generally attributed with a calming and soothing effect. So, anyone who dreams of perishing in the floods of the seas and oceans should not panic.

On the contrary, he will be able to free himself from certain heavy feelings, which will allow him to make a new start without worries. I recommend my article on sea dreams for more details.


Dream about drowning in mud

The dream of drowning in mud indicates to the dreamer that he is likely to find himself in a very difficult situation, from which there is no easy way out. He may also find himself in a dilemma that he caused himself. The dream will solve problems only if it faces them honestly.


Dream about drowning in your car

If one dreams of drowning in his car, for example because it fell into a lake and sinks to the ground, this dream indicates low self-confidence of the dreaming person. This may be due to past events that she has not yet dealt with properly. Therefore, she should try to increase her self-esteem.


Dream about drowning on a boat

If the dreamer is on a sinking ship, his drowning in this situation can be interpreted as a warning sign. It is possible that the dreamer will soon experience greater misfortune or his professional plans will fail due to current problems. All this is not inevitable, but the sleeper must be internally prepared for it. (See Dreaming of a Boat).


Dream about drowning in a swimming pool

Drown in a swimming pool reflects feelings of fear and negative emotions that overwhelm the dreamer and which are due to his current situation. An overflowing mind is linked to it and finding clarity of mind will be essential here.


Dream about drowning under the ice

You are feeling unable to get out of a difficult relationship or situation, people who live in a toxic situation often have this kind of dream.


Dream about drowning in blood

Dream linked to guilt and which indicates that you have ignited a situation on an emotional level between you and someone else. Knowing blood dreams will teach you more;


Dream about drowning in milk

You have become too committed to certain things, which even if they are positive for you cannot all be managed at once and lead you to be overwhelmed by it. (See dreaming of milk).


Dream about drowning in chocolate

You have an unfulfilled desire, represented by chocolate, the urge to satisfy it is at its peak in waking life. Chocolate dreams can tell you more.


Dream about drowning in a swamp

If your drowning occurs in a swamp, then the monetary loss is associated with it and you must be very vigilant on this point.


Dreaming of drowning in a bathtub

Your problems are on the mental plane and the bathtub represents a means of getting rid of it, being an element representing purification in dreams.


Who is drowning?


Dream about a baby drowning

Her baby's drowning can be a shocking dream experience, but there's no need for alarm. In this dream symbol, daily fears are reflected in the parent-child relationship, which are completely normal and above all express the great care and devotion of the parents towards their offspring. 

Those who do not have children can relate this dream image to other close people or animals in the same way (see baby dreams)


Dream about a drowning child

Anyone who has this dream should not expect their own daughter or son to actually end up in such a dangerous situation. Rather, this dream symbol indicates fear of loss, which can concern children, but also pets or other parents.


Dream that your partner is drowning

Watching your partner drown can be a real nightmare. Such a catastrophe is not to be feared in waking life. The person who dreams has fear of losing a loved one in another way, for example by a separation. If there are real signs of relationship conflict, they should be discussed honestly.


Dream about a dog drowning

If one experiences in the dream that a dog is drowning, this dream symbol is an indication of one's own mental imbalance of the dreamer. He may be overwhelmed with negative feelings that he has not yet processed. The dreamer must ask himself how he can cope with these emotions in such a way that he is then also open to new experiences.


Dreaming of a drowning cat

Seeing a drowning cat in a dream should not be seen as a bad omen. On the contrary, a process of cleansing unpleasant feelings is initiated, from which the dreamer will emerge strengthened. Perhaps he will finally be able to overcome his fears and draw new strength for his future life.


Dream about drowning horses

In the dreams, horses are related to power, passion, freedom and are very often a very positive dream. If a horse turns black, then it'sou are unable to live your life to the fullest. Here is my article dedicated to horses in dreams for more information.


Save someone from drowning in a dream

The dreaming person is about to fall into a difficult situation that is emerging. She should not see this as an obstacle, but as a new challenge. If she can access all her strengths and energies, she will be able to cope well with this delicate situation and gain valuable new experiences.


Dream about being saved from drowning

You have had difficulties but you start to get out of your head thanks to favorable circumstances or people. The later the rescue came, the more difficult the situation you are getting out of.


Dream about seeing someone drown?

This dream is related to distrust of others and your subconscious recommends you through this dream to take some distance from things. 


Dream about drowning while surfing

You go too fast in your projects and you end up being overwhelmed, take the right rhythm, a surplus currently leads you to bad results reflected by drowning in the dream through the subconscious.


Dream about drowning someone

You repress your thoughts about this person, if it is a stranger, know that in dreams it represents you, there is something about you that you wish to drown.


Dream about saving a baby from drowning

In dreams, children represent renewal, rescuing a baby from drowning signifies that your new projects have been narrowly saved.


Dream about drowning in a natural disaster

Your emotions are out of control and lead you to very difficult situations, the more natural and powerful the disaster, the more your emotions control you. 


Dream about drowning alone

There is a problem in your life and you need to change it because no one can help you out. It's not that the others don't want it, but that they don't have the capacity.


Dream about drowning and people watching you

You are badly surrounded, people are toxic and unwilling to help you. Your subconscious tells you that it's time to sort out your loved ones.


Dream of drowned body

You have to face difficulties and your subconscious indicates it to you through the presence of someone who is dead, reflecting the power of these difficulties.


Dream about committing suicide by drowning

This dream is not negative, as death is often a sign of a new beginning in dreams. In this case, drowning represents the end of bad habits and a new beginning.



Drowning Dream: General Interpretation

On the general level of dream interpretation, the symbol of the “drowned” dream signals a warning to the dreamer to be especially careful. At the same time, he also promises wealth and happiness in his future life if everything is handled well.

If the dreamer rushes to the rescue of a drowning person in the dream, then the general interpretation of the dream tells him about a dangerous situation, which he can, however, determinedly leave behind.

If the dreamer is saved from drowning in a dream, he meets a very generous person who will make a great sacrifice for him. The rescue of a drowning man in a dream heralds wide recognition in the waking world.

If the dreamer is drowned by another person in the dream, it indicates financial loss. The sight of many people who have drowned in a dream during a natural disaster, such as a flood or tsunami, should make it clear to the dreamer that there are many sacrifices to be made in the waking world.

If the dreamer drowns an animal in a dream , the dream symbol “drowning” means for him in this context that he will soon have to face an illness .


Psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol of drowning indicates to the dreamer his uncontrolled feelings that threaten to overwhelm him. He is afraid to let go of them and tries to suppress them compulsively.

Whether in the pond or in the Baltic Sea: The dream symbol of drowning can indicate serious problems as well as helplessness and too low self-confidence of the dreamer. Perhaps the dreamer has put himself in a seemingly hopeless situation, which he can no longer control if he dreams of falling into the water. Often drowning in the dream also warns of risk and grief or dominance in the waking world.

If the dreamer is saved from drowning in the dream, they receive a sign through their subconscious that in the waking world all is not lost. If he can save himself from drowning in a dream, then he has enough strength and energy in the waking world to free himself from a difficult situation.

However, if the dreamer dies from it in the dream, it will cost him all his strength in the waking world to find a solution. The symbol of the “drowned” dream wants to ask him in this context not to lose his will to live. Drowning in the sea or ocean as a dream symbol often symbolizes feelings of uncertainty about the future.

If the dreamer saves a drowning stranger in a dream, this is, according to the psychological dream interpretation, a symbol of the fighting spirit in him. The dreamer should also use this energy in the future in the waking world, then no task will seem too big for him.


spiritual interpretation

The spiritual side of dream interpretation interprets the "drowning" dream symbol as a loss of ego, since the dreamer dives into the ocean of life here.

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