Dreaming of her lover: What meanings?

Dreaming of her lover: What meanings?

Dreaming of her lover: What meanings?

To dream of your lover reflects past frustrations, negative experiences, regrets that haven't been well digested, or dissatisfaction with present sexual desires.

If you want to know the meaning of dreaming about a lover in the case of a specific dream you had, it is important that you make an effort to remember well what happened there.

What it means to dream of a lover depends on the situation unfolding in the dream. Were you the lover in the dream? Did you dream that you had a lover? Do you dream of an ex-lover? With a lover that one of the parents had? With your husband's or wife's mistress? With a dead lover? With a pregnant lover?

Different categories of love dreams can have significantly different meanings. The same dream can have different interpretations depending on its details: in this case, you should try to find the one that best suits your case and pay attention to the details that the dream indicates until it becomes clear.

In this article we list the most common types of love dreams, as well as the interpretations they receive. Looking at the list below, you can see which category your dream with a lover belongs to, what message it brought you, and with this knowledge try to understand yourself better and plan better what it is. must do.


Dream about having a lover

To dream that you have a lover may be a message from your subconscious that indicates dissatisfaction (perhaps even an attempt at repression on your part) with your sexual desires. It might be a good idea to talk to your partner and look for ways to warm up your relationship together.


Dream of being the lover

If in the dream you were the lover, it could be a sign that somehow you tried to escape from reality or the need to make decisions, choices, or yourself. engage in one or another activity or initiative. . 

This may be due to insecurity, and it is even understandable, but it is not realistic, because it is not possible to escape decisions, responsibilities and reality in general forever. Carefully analyze the options available to you and try to make rational choices that match your ideals and goals.


Dreaming of a relative's lover

To dream that your father or mother has a lover may relate to childhood dissatisfaction or disappointment that you haven't been able to deal with yet. Try to figure out what kind of negative childhood experience or feeling is causing you discomfort. Your parents may be able to help you identify and understand the cause of this discomfort.

Note that the dream does not necessarily indicate that one of your parents has, or had, a lover. Its meaning is symbolic in nature: just as a child who discovers that his father or mother has a lover may feel shaken and consider his security and stability lost, negative experiences from the past, especially from childhood, which do not have not been properly understood and assimilated. , can make you feel insecure.

Dreaming of a mother or father's lover may also indicate feeling estranged from your parents, or fearing to distance yourself from them. It might be good for you to hang out with them and try to get closer, talk to them more, etc. 

However, it is important that you know how to establish a reasonable emotional distance with your parents, so that you can maintain the precious bonds that unite you to them, but without destroying their independence, which must also be valued.


Dreaming of an old lover

Dreaming of an old lover is often a sign of loneliness. Humans are social beings whose loneliness can cause frustration and dissatisfaction. It could also be that for some reason you are not satisfied with your current relationship. Perhaps, for example, your emotional or affective needs are not being met.

A dream about an ex-lover might indicate there are some issues between you that have not been resolved. Calmly assess the situation, try to understand what message the dream brought you and how best to use this knowledge. Talking calmly and patiently with your partner about the problems in your relationship will likely help you resolve them.


Dreaming of your spouse's lover

To dream that your wife or husband has a lover can be a sign of insecurities you have about your relationship. Maybe you think, consciously or not, that your partner hasn't been honest with you or has been hiding something. 

These suspicions can be right or wrong, based on reality or not, so don't jump to conclusions. It is possible, for example, that for some reason your partner needs time for himself or worries about problems, which causes him to withdraw.

Don't let mistrust cause you to act irrationally. For example, don't make accusations without evidence, as they can seriously damage your relationship. Try to be patient and talk to your partner about the differences you feel in the relationship. Maybe good communication will help them clarify the situation and solve problems.


Dreaming about her dead lover

It is not uncommon for a dream of a deceased lover to be connected with some sort of regret on the part of the person who had the dream. If you dreamed about a deceased lover, it could be, for example, that you hurt someone dear to you and you regret having done that to this person. 

Analyze the actions you have taken and think about the people they may have affected. Perhaps you can correct your errors and satisfy the demands of your conscience?

If you are involved in an extramarital relationship, dreaming of a dead lover could be a message from your subconscious expressing your guilt over this situation. Think carefully about the question and try to resolve it in a way consistent with your moral values.


Dreaming about his pregnant lover

It is possible that dreaming of a pregnant lover is an omen of changes or news in the romantic relationship you are involved in. One possibility is that you discover a secret from your partner. If this happens, it is important not to rush to conclusions.

Whatever changes in your relationship you crave, try to face them calmly. Don't let irrationality cause you to storm into a cup of tea or damage the relationship due to an inability to listen or control your urges.

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