Dreaming of mice: What meanings?

Dreaming of mice: What meanings?

Dreaming of mice: What meanings?

In dreams, mice are seen as the rodents representing human consciousnesses, but also as the negative thoughts that distress and torment us, allowing neither relief nor peace if they are not expressed and driven out of our psyche by resolving them once and for all. to one.

This is why mice can often also be seen as enemy presences in our relationships, not all our friends are always sincere with us And dreaming of mice could warn us dangers that lurk in our life and that we do not suspect.


What does it mean to dream of mice? 

The mouse is often associated with the male reproductive organ, as this symbol is frequently present in female dreams (the mouse, not the phallus!). The fear its sight creates may be due to this little animal slipping all over the place even where you don't want it to go. Like the aforementioned animal, the mouse can therefore express anxieties and fears towards sexuality "usual".

But this dream mostly depends on the details, for this reason I present to you in this article the different meanings of dreaming about mice.


The symbolism of mice 

According to Greek mythology, mice were sacred by the god Apollo, having the function of guiding souls into the afterlife and this is why they are found in various effigies of tombstones and funerary monuments. 

Mice not only embody feelings of disgust and horror, but also move about in the shadows in secret, they are dirty and carry diseases, we must not forget that mice are also part of our childhood, so we can find positive unconscious messages there due to characters such as Mickey Mouse and the equally cute and child-friendly mice,

Geronimo Stilton and Stuart Little, therefore, show us that our dear little mouse, in addition to being intelligent and cunning, can also be interpreted as a sign of your shyness.


Dreaming of mice: Meanings


Dream about killing a mouse

Killing a mouse in the dream world shows that you manage to overcome a problem in your life. Death is often positive in dreams and reflects a positive life change in many cases.


Dreaming of baby mouse

The little mouse represents your ego and your fragility that keeps you from moving forward in life. Your subconscious is telling you that you need to fix this problem.


Dreaming about mice running away from you

You can't solve your problems and your subconscious reflects it in the dream by failing to catch the mouse. Dreams in which you fail to catch something show an inability to solve real life problems.


Dream about a mouse eating cheese

There are probably jealous people around you and who are driven by bad intentions towards you in the dream. Maybe at the conscious level it's not visible, but the subconscious has detected something


Dream about letting the mouse escape

In this dream, your subconscious tells you that you give up in the face of problems. You must act because they will not resolve themselves. It is not a question of letting go but of a real abandonment.


Dream about being afraid of mice

You are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and you enter a phase of your life with a lot of discomfort. It is not necessarily something bad because progress can also be a sign of this dream, but you will have to go through a difficult phase.


Dream of mousetrap

You put everything you needed in place to achieve your goal. If the mouse is trapped, the objective has already been achieved. The more effective the trap, the greater your ability and highlight in the dream.


Dreaming of a talking mouse

In fact, this dream is a little different because it is the content of what is said is important. This is what the subconscious communicates to you through the dream. Try to remember everything that is said in the dream as much as possible.


Dream about mice on your clothes

You are in the grip of something very negative for you, it can be a betrayal or a scandal that affects you personally. The more panicked you are in the dream, the more affected you are.


Dreaming of a pet mouse

You have successfully master your fears and tame them and have worked hard to achieve it.


Dream of eating a mouse

Eating a mouse means you put yourself in too much danger in waking life and is a call for more caution in everyday life.


Dream of several mice

This dream should be interpreted as a symptom of your particularly strong discomfort or confusion; there is probably more than one problem to solve.


Dream about a running mouse

If the mice run, it is important to know their direction, if they run away to the opposite side of the dreamer it should alarm us that we are in a phase of danger from which we do not know how to get out

On the contrary, if the mice run towards the dreamer, then there is a threat that is about to reach us.


Dreaming of a mouse on the run

If the mouse is leaking in your dream, it is possible that you run away from problems; in some aspect of your waking life.



Dreaming of mice: What meanings?

Dream of mice in the house


Dream about a house invaded by mice

This is not a very positive sign because the house is the most intimate and important place for us and reflects the part that protects us in dreams, the invasion of mice suggests constant discomfort, something that shakes the balance of our family or our couple .


Dreaming of house mice ou Dreaming about cartoon mice 

It's a positive sign, when we come across these mice without being afraid of them, we have a memory linked to childhood but it can also remind us thatit's time to grow up.


Dreaming of mice in bed

Also in this case it is a relationship dream, a mouse in the bed could be a fixed thought, something that bothers us, a fear of betrayal, a fear that the other is not happy. See my article dedicated to bed dreams for more details.


Dreaming of mice and colors


Dreaming of a white mouse 

This friendly mouse does not create disgust, but is also pleasant to the touch, as can happen with hamsters, and should not worry you, the symbology transforms with a positive value, your unconscious is "calm". 

Dreaming of white or house mice is a calming sight, but it can also indicate a need for cleanliness, simplicity or perhaps protection.

According to the most mystical artemidoric oneiromancy and therefore has nothing to do with psychology and the subconscious creating the dreams, it can even mean that you can have luck in love and a happy marriage, in addition, it can also be interpreted as a sign of eternity and long life.

If in the dream you see a white mouse and a black mouse, these may symbolize an ambivalence of personality, opposites colliding, light and dark (the archetypal shadow).


Dreaming of a black, gray or dark mouse 

This takes a negative value this time around, so what has just been explained above and recommended below will come in handy. But it is very likely that the dream tells you that you can't see things clearly, it's almost like everything is blurry.


Dreaming of a big or giant mouse 

In this case, it is clear that the size of the mouse reflects the weight of worries you feel at the time, think carefully because what is afflicting us is not always clear in our mind, or more often we find it inadmissible to accept ideas that we tend to repress.


Dream about a mouse biting or gnawing 

Clearly, you are tormented by something or someone; maybe only at the unconscious level for now.


Dreaming of mice eating 

Mice gnawing, eating food, books or even important papers and documents and checks, represent a nuisance

Personal resources may be under threat, eliminate stress and be wary of those around you who pull you down. When married people dream of a rat eating their spouse's clothes, it usually means adultery.


Dream about catching a mouse 

This dream is positive and means that you will be able to solve a problem. It can be a professional or personal problem.


Dream about cutting the tail of a mouse

This is not a very positive sign as we are heading into the sexual sphere where we might have problems with our partner, maybe he doesn't have much consideration for us and you feel inferior in the couple relationship.


Dream about a dead mouse   

That sure disgusts you, doesn't it? Maybe your "woes", your pains, your problems have ceased to be ... are you sure that he was dead as a door lock? If so, don't worry! The dream represents the resolution of a problem or the desire to solve it urgently. Death is often positive in dreams.


Dreaming of mice: What meanings?


Dreaming of mice with other animals


Dreaming of mice and cats

The unconscious comes here to suggest to us that we we may be hiding in someone else's shadow; it could be envy or jealousy creeping into us; or, they can represent enemy presences in our relationships. Dreams about cats will be able to give you more details.


Dream about a mouse being chased by a cat 

maybe someone is interfering in your life, or it's you who wants to influence someone else's life.


Dreaming of a snake eating a mouse

You must fight for your beliefs and create the future you want under penalty of being knocked down by the obstacles that stand in front of you. Snake dreams will give you more details.

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