Dreaming of sickness: What meanings?

Dreaming of sickness: What meanings?

Whether we like it or not: Diseases are a part of life, and from time to time one or another of the diseases torments us. To dream of an illness especially indicates a delicate problem in the life of the dreamer. But it can also mean actual illness or an indication of impending illness. 

Likewise, the dream symbol of illness can be a sign of lack of self-confidence or feelings of guilt. In psychology, the dream image of "disease" is understood as a mental imbalance or a problematic emotional life. In dream interpretation, "disease" can be interpreted in different ways. Find out the meaning of this dream according to its precise details.


Dreaming of Illness: Interpretations

Dreaming of a sick child

A child's illness is in the interpretation of dreams a clear indication of detachment from certain viewpoints or behaviors. We can understand that this means that the childish and immature part is replaced by an adult, more mature part. 

In terms of work, a sick child dreams of a project put on hold for good reasons. Related to love/partnership, the illness of a child in the dream is a symbol of further development and a common future.



Dream about partner's illness

If the partner is sick in the dream, it may indicate a relationship problem. An imminent career change or making new contacts is also possible. This dream indicates that something or someone is endangering the unity between the dreamer and his partner.


Dreaming about a friend's illness

A sick friend in the dream can be a sign of a decisive change in the life of the dreamer.



Dreaming of an incurable disease

Having a terminal illness in a dream does not mean that you are terminal in a segment of real life. This sick dream should make you think instead: are you carrying unnecessary emotional baggage? 

Should you kick a bad habit? Your dream wants to be clear to you: you have the energy within you to change your life for the better. Dare to take the plunge and do something good. It is the same with a fatal illness in a dream.




Dreaming about specific illnesses


Dreaming about having a fever in a dream

In the interpretation of dreams, fever can indicate instability in love and partnership if the dreamer himself suffers from a fever. If the dreamer sees a feverish loved one in the dream, a long-term friendship might be affected.


Dreaming of a rash

If you yourself have a rash in your dream, your instinct for lucrative business is excellent. If you see in a dream a person affected by a rash, then your life situation in general improves.


Dream about having asthma

If the dreamer suffers a lot from his asthma, greater obstacles may arise to achieve its goals. If the sleeper quickly recovers from his illness, he can expect a noticeable financial improvement.


Dream about gastrointestinal disease

A gastrointestinal disease in the dream indicates an indulgence and encourages you to critically question your lifestyle. Is there a bad habit you should break?


Dream about having a stomach ache

Abdominal pain is an indication of pent up frustration in dream interpretation. The dreamer too often swallowed his anger, the consequence is a sensitive stomach. A real abdominal disease, which has been causing her problems for a long time, cannot be ruled out.


Dreaming about eye pain

If your eyes hurt in a dream, you should take a closer look at your own lifestyle. Do you see a certain problem too negatively? Are you brooding too much? The dream symbol “eye pain” can also indicate an illness in the family.


Dream about having heart disease

In general, heart disease is interpreted in the dream as great inner turmoil as well as great concern for one's own life or his family. If you have a stroke in a dream, it indicates great horror, from which, however, you will recover after a short time.


dream of cancer

According to the interpretation of dreams, cancer is a sign of a physical imbalance. Are you afraid of getting seriously ill or are you weighed down by other worries? It's also conceivable that in waking life you were dealing with someone who wanted to cause you serious harm.


dream of leukemia

The dream symbol “leukemia” in particular is understood as an indication of a serious crisis, after which you will feel better than before.



No more dreams related to illness


dream of doctor

Dreaming of a doctor has a positive connotation. If you talk to a doctor in a dream, a love-related wish might come true. If you see a doctor tending to an injured person, a marriage with family or friends is imminent.


Dreaming of drugs

If the dreamer takes medicine, iHe has to reckon with financial losses, which can however be compensated quickly. If he prepares the medicine himself, this indicates an impending illness of the dreamer. If the dreamer receives the medicine administered by another person, then he is lucky in the game.


dream of hospital

If you dream of seeing a hospital in a dream, you have before you a visit that you are looking forward to. If you are a hospital patient yourself, you will receive valuable assistance for a project. If you leave a hospital in a dream, an ideal stage begins to start your own business.

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