Dreaming of Stone: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Stone: What Meanings?

If you dream of stone in any connotation or form, you must observe all the elements of the dream, these symbolize beliefs in you and your inner strength. Some even make direct reference to the moral and sentimental principles of each individual, which the subconscious keeps rooted.

Stones are one of the elements of nature that have had the greatest importance in the formation of civilizations and are therefore part of the symbolism of man. They constitute the protective barriers in an area, or the seeds of a building, it can also be a weapon of defense, when they appear in dreams, one must consider all their representations and relations with the environment to determine the message which is emitted by the dream.

In this type of dream, it is interesting to observe its representations to be clear about its meaning. They have a symbolic power of great relevance in dreams. A stone reveals your inner strength and reserved thinking, which sometimes does not want to be exposed.

To dream of rocks or stones represents the stability an individual has or wants in their existence. But it can also represent your determination to risk everything for a commitment or love. Or it may represent seeking greater security in life or in a relationship.


Dreaming of stone: what does the subconscious want to reveal?

Some dream experts believe that in most cases, when stones are constantly present at the time of dreaming, it is a bad omen. Seeing this element of nature could be an announcement of sadness, regret and pain. But, other researchers in the field argue that, from the depths of human thought, it represents the need or search for stability and solid foundations in the life of the individual.

In the same way, stones in dreams can represent firmly rooted feelings or situations, they can symbolize both stubbornness or unhappiness, as well as stability and solidity in actions taken in search of a stable future, therefore all aspects should be considered involved in the images that appear at the time of sleep.

These dreams also represent that you are firm and determined in your actions, it is likely that you will not accept other people's point of view, if you are convinced of what you want to achieve. Which can reveal your degree of stubbornness in some respects. However, this is only a general interpretation, which refers to everything revealed through the dream.


Stones and external features

Dream about finding rough stones 

It's a dream in which you reflect, it symbolizes your search for and recognition of your identity as an individual. It indicates the most hidden parts of your personality, which few people around you have really seen, it is a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses, which everyone around you failed to know.


Dreaming of cracked stones

If these types of images are presented in your dreams, it is a sign that you are highlighting yourself, you pretend to be a hard, cold and inflexible human being. But you really tend to break down when certain people play with your emotions or your feelings. In this dream you can see that even dripping water can break a big stone. This reveals vulnerabilities to you.


Dreaming of a stone split in two

It is a direct and timely dream. This means that something you thought was stable and completely solid, unfortunately it is no longer in this condition, this indicates that the solid structure of a rock has been deformed, the rupture presents almost at the door, it is possible that its form cannot be compacted again.

The consequence of this fracture is the separation of the parts, it can be both the work and the sentimental part.


Dream about carving stones

It is one of the dreams that indicates your interior more successfully, this time it indicates to you that you live moments in which you need to attract attention , you feel that the people who are dear to you are leaving you behind. In this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you want to stand out from those around you and leave a meaningful mark. 



stones and people


Dream about throwing stones away

If in your dreams you observe that you are throwing large stones, it means that you have to solve a delicate question that has been weighing you down for a long time. If the energy exerted in the dream is excessive, it is a sign that it will be necessary to work hard to get out of a phase of life that does not allow to achieve the desired harmony and tranquility.


To dream that a stone hurts us and we do not see its origin

This is an unusual, but possible dream. Sometimes you may perceive someone hitting you with a stone, without determining who it was, it is a suggestion from your subconscious that you are going to have obstacles, and various setbacks in your daily activities or work. 

If when in your dream you know who is responsible for the blow and you are defending yourself from the attack, it means that the obstacles in your way will not sway you from your goal and you will achieve your goals.


Your actions with the stones

Dreaming about turning to stone

It's a dream that tells you it It is possible to become insensitive to a circumstance that afflicts you. However, you should not disrespect those around you, nor seek revenge for the harm they have caused you. 

You must be strong to overcome every situation, but without hurting others. With serenity you will be able to find your harmony and your sensitivity over time.


Dream about stoning someone

When in the dream you perceive that you are stoning someone, it means that in your environment, you have observed situations with which you disagree. Maybe you can be present in double standard circumstances that bother you and want to separate yourself from it, such as love affairs, sneaky adventures, lies. (See Dreaming of Killing).


Dream about losing a stone

If in your dream you observe that you have a symbolic stone in your hands and you suddenly lose it, it is a clear sign that if you are not careful, you could be the victim of a major theft for you. It is a warning call to be more careful with possessions that have great sentimental or economic value in your life.


To dream that you are walking or climbing between stones

These types of images in your dreams reflect that you need unusual effort to achieve a stated goal. Maybe some issues will come your way and you need to navigate through them. If they are white stones, it refers that even if you have to make an effort, success is assured. 

If you are stepping on gemstones, you are undoubtedly on the path to the prosperity you desire. (See Dreaming of Walking).


Dream of many stones

Dreaming of many gems

If when you dream images of precious stones and diamonds are presented, this is a clear reflection that you are experiencing a moment full of prosperity and luck is with you. It symbolizes that your plans are aimed at success and that you are consolidating your financial strength for a period of time. 

It's up to you to take advantage of what your dream tells you and save some of the profits for less fortunate times. Stability or solvency is achieved with prevention, by creating solid foundations like a large stone.


Dream about having several gems in a bag

It is a lucky dream, it indicates that soon you will receive multiple compliments for some work you are doing that you thought would go unnoticed. It's a sign that they will recognize your work and your dedication, but with great parsimony, without exaggerating the moment.


To dream that you are carrying a large number of stones

In reality, this type of dreams represents your moral strength, your great convictions in life and the ability to collaborate with others in your environment. The weight of each stone is the size of your responsibility to others around you

You should check, as your subconscious tells you, if it is right for you to take on all these responsibilities or if you sincerely need to take the weight off your shoulders.


Dream about carrying stones

If you have dreamed that you were going down a road and carrying stones with you, it is a sign that you have to solve some circumstances that have blocked you and do not allow you to move forward. 

If in the dream you only carry a big stone, it can mean that you probably have a somewhat hostile attitude towards someone around you, that you treat him with extreme harshness and coldness and that is not not usual in you, then you feel it as a ballast on your conscience. So you should ask yourself if changing this will bring harmony to your soul and your way of thinking.



Precious stones

Dreaming of an amethyst stone

This dream is an indication of a clear economic recovery, the healing of certain ailments or persistent illnesses. It is a sign that you are spiritually finding the calm and haven your soul needs.


Dreaming of an emerald stone

When you have this type of dream, this clearly symbolizes the proximity of success and prosperity in the life of the dreamer. This indicates that daily commuting to work and home is prosperous and stable. Full of harmony and stability.


Dreaming of stones with diamonds

This type of dream is common among people who have high ambitions in life. But, they also indicate that you must have your feet firmly on the ground and work hard so that you do not suffer disappointments later. Diamonds symbolize eternity, if and only if you have them in your hands and not attached to the stones, because if so, you have to work hard to extract them.


Dreaming of black or jet stones

It is a dream that unfortunately foretells the possible death of a loved one who has health problems, probably of the human being who brings stability and tranquility in your life. If the stones fall like an avalanche, they represent a sudden and unexpected death. It will leave you impressed and it will take you some time to find your harmony.


Dreaming of sapphires 

This stone represents solidarity and support, to see them in a dream refers you to the fact that you will receive help in a job that you have to do or in an activity that you had no idea how to do and suddenly you will find the necessary support on your way to move forward. It's a dream reference that tells you that there are people around you that you can trust.


Stones with special characteristics 

Dreaming of gold stone

If you have recurring dreams of stones with gold parts, or with gold nuggets, they are a reflection of your subconscious surfacing to show you the inner desire for success and recognition you feel. If you are working on future projects, you could have great results and it predicts prosperity and economic stability.


Dreaming of pumice stones

It is a warning dream, it means that someone from your close environment is likely to want to take advantage of you, you must be attentive to all the people who ask for your help, especially financially.


Dreaming of a blue stone

It is a dream announcing good news, it means that all the efforts you put in to achieve a goal will soon crystallize in a positive way and bring you great satisfaction. The stone indicates the strength of your effort and the blue color indicates stability and solvency.


Other meanings of dreaming about stones


Dreaming of stones hit by the sea

If in your dream you observe that you are on a coast and the sea is hitting the stones hard, it suggests that you seem unmoved by the sudden changes. It doesn't mean you're insensitive, it just shows you that you do not let yourself be bent by the difficulties that can happen to you in life, you will always have the strength to move forward.


Dreaming of a scree

This is the type of dream that reflects the fact that you are very hard on others and on yourself. You may think that being insensitive avoids suffering, but at the same time it is negative, it alienates people from your side and you lose the enjoyment of many pleasant moments shared. Furthermore, it means that you don't like changes and therefore you put up a barrier that protects you.


Dream about seeing stones falling

Maybe you think that dreaming about a rock fall predicts something negative, but on the contrary, in the world of dreams, they represent the obstacles that were in your way slip and that you will soon be able to carry out your projects. They will leave the way free for the energies to circulate harmoniously and quickly.


Dreaming of a tombstone 

It is a dream that announces that you may be going through a time in your life that will cause you heartbreaking pain, which you will think you cannot bear, but, even if it happens, it will pass and you will be able to. overcome in time the pain that will grip you. You just have to stay calm and let it all flow to find the lost peace.

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