Dreaming of swimming pool: What meanings?

Dreaming of swimming pool: What meanings?

Dreaming about a swimming pool is a type of dream that, because it is associated with water, usually deals with aspects related to sensations, feelings and the world of emotions. Depending on the environmental conditions and situations in which the dream takes place, it will be possible to know the exact meaning of your dream.

If the observed aspects are negative then It is very common for this dream to occur in people who have a restless state of mind that causes them to suffer from stress. Meeting the expectations raised in your daily life becomes a real problem to which you must find a solution.

On the other hand, you explore deep thoughts that move your mind into the desires and challenges of the soul in the service of freedom and in search of a type of emotional support. Consciously or unconsciously, you are prepared for peace, tranquility, positive energies while ignoring and rejecting all that irritates you and is loaded with negativity. 


Dreaming about a swimming pool: The different meanings


Dream about hiding in a swimming pool

Do a thorough examination of what you are doing. Some of your actions are forbidden or they generate additional tension and create fear. 

However small these actions are, they generate nervousness and you hide inside yourself, being precisely the place where you can hide the most.


Dream that you are swimming in a swimming pool 

You plan to call a group of friends and accompany them to release the stress in a natural place, whether at the beach or at least at the swimming pool. 

Your mind demands that you have a moment of relaxation, that you immediately get out of the stifling routine that life brings you and that exhausts you on a daily basis. 


Dreaming of swimming calmly in a swimming pool

You are in the ideal state of mind, in the perfect balance between body and mind. You are in perfect harmony and coherence between what you want to do and what you do at work and at home as well as with what satisfies you. 

This dream makes you realize that the earthly paradise exists and you will find it, if you yourself perform the relevant actions that lead you there.


Dream about swimming in a pool

You are on the right path, you are walking the right path that will lead you to specify clear ideas and objectives to finish developing this project that you have in mind and which is associated with pleasure. 

Your main goal is for you to find yourself in a perfect balance that makes you feel very good and comfortable with yourself. - even, with a very high morale that gives you the strength to undertake whatever you want to do. 



Dreaming that you were thrown into a swimming pool

You will soon be faced with problems that will mainly hurt your feelings. Prepare yourself psychologically because what's to come is a whirlwind of doubts and confusion caused by your partner's inappropriate behavior. 

Morality is a matter of concern because your partner will have faulted in his way of acting.


Dreaming of swimming pools with many children 

This is a sign that you need to take care of your children's entertainment and entertainment a little more. It is not enough to be a father and an exemplary model but to accomplish tasks with them.

Children want to spend an unforgettable moment with their parents, to go for a walk, to have a little more leisure and time with them. 


Dreaming that you are in a swimming pool surrounded by people

The first thing this dream announces is that for you, lThe judgment of others is no problem for you and prejudice does not affect you. It is an innate ability that may have been inherited from one of your parents. 

In the second case, if those around you in the dream are mainly children, it means that your behavior as an adult is tiring, so you have to start freeing your child mind.


Dream about walking by the pool

Apparently, you do not have a good relationship with your colleagues, which causes you additional stress in your working relationships. You are not in a favorable climate to carry out the tasks entrusted to you, because you are aware that someone is harmful to you. 

Hypocrisy is the predominant factor in human interactions in the office. Assess how unhealthy this environment is and take steps to change it.


State of the pool in the dream


Dreaming of a swimming pool full of water

The time has come for you to assume and choose among the wide range of possibilities available to you to have a better quality of life. You are at the precise and opportune time to define the different areas of your existence, especially those related to love and work. 


Dreaming of a swimming pool with dirty water

This is a nightmare that affects you at the subconscious level. It is an unpleasant way of reminding yourself of the dishonoring attitude with which you assumed debauchery as a habit of life, without caring about the harm or suffering you might cause another. 

Perversion is an act that plunges you into perverse and diabolical ways, from which you must separate The traumas associated with your past are beginning to come alive in the present, a consequence that sooner or later will have to be revealed. 

Because this situation was not dealt with in time and with the indicated specialist, you now find yourself in a sea of ​​problems and negative situations in all areas of your existence, especially with your work and in love. Redirect your behaviors with appropriate professional guidance.


Dreaming of a swimming pool with clear or clean water

Congratulations. You are definitely in a perfect moment to realize all your projects.

Your bravery and the self-confidence with which you displayed yourself in public have won great admiration among your family, friends and colleagues. 


Dreaming of a hot tub in the pool

Strong pain will grip your being, caused by physical or psychological ailment . It is possible that you are very close to having health problems, due to the signs that you present such as dizziness and imbalance while walking or at rest. 

The most convenient is to consult an ENT specialist and exclude this possibility. The imbalance can also arise due to emotional disturbances.



Dreaming of an empty swimming pool

As you do not have clear ideas or your mind is scattered, it is better, just at this precise moment, not to make any decision. 

Especially if it is a project that commits you financially. If you're not quite sure you'll benefit, don't accept contracts because you might end up with nothing. 

Avoid betting on sports and gambling even more because what happens to you is a loss and you could end up broke. This flight of money will create imbalances and serious problems in your family life and with your friends. 

The best will be, for now, to remain calm and without exposing yourself to any type of risk that ends up harming your existence. It is better to wait for the right time to invest your profits to have a successful result.


(See Dreaming of Emptiness)


To dream that the filling of a swimming pool is interrupted

Make a deep reflection, a kind of meditation that allows you to specify what episode is happening in your life, because you feel like you've been stagnating for a while now. 

You feel that you are stuck in love and in your various relationships, a short cut in the continuity of things. Take advantage of the moment to make a spiritual assessment at your leisure and follow the advice that will guide your evolution.


Dreaming about a flood in the swimming pool

what you really have, it is a psychological disorder caused by the strong emotion that the loss of this loved one left you. You're out of control, rejecting the bitterness and abuse of your surroundings because you can't find a way to channel what you're feeling so it doesn't affect you so much. 

For now, you cannot solve the problem as you wish; that is, to make sure that the person who left comes back. You have to be clear that he left because he had his reasons. Rest and try to calm down.


Dreaming that there are things in the pool


Dreaming about balls floating in the pool 

You expect things to work themselves out over time. There are situations that you need to solve immediately because if you don't you will face unpleasant consequences and it will create great discomfort. Stop postponing them to tomorrow and adopt the right attitude as soon as possible to solve them


Dreaming of a car in the pool

It seems like things are going the other way around than they normally should. .Look closely at what is happening within you and with the things around you and do what is necessary to put everything in its place in your life.


Size of the pool in the dream

Dream of an infinity pool 

This dream represents failure and frustration related to the uncertainty of not knowing the purpose of things that are happening. 


Dream about a deep pool

You find yourself in a typical case of low self-esteem. You feel less appreciated by your surroundings, humiliated and intimidated by how much being makes you question any work you do. 

What you haven't realized is that what is happening to you is just a personal appreciation, created by yourself and projected as the creation of another. Trust yourself and recover your value and assume the status that belongs to you and that corresponds to you. 


To dream that the swimming pool is in nature


Dream about a swimming pool between the trees 

This dream represents the personality structure you have formed and how much care you have taken to have perfect relationships with others. , which has greatly favored you to establish your social coexistence with confidence. 

This is why you show an enviable ability to conduct yourself with kindness, peace and tranquility.


Dream of a swimming pool with abundant vegetation 

You are tired of this loneliness that depresses you and makes you seem taciturn and melancholy as if you were waiting for a fairy to fall from the sky to help you achieve a romantic relationship. Your big moment has arrived and luck is on your side. 


Dreaming of a swimming pool: the general interpretation

Water is the element that embodies emotions. Being in a swimming pool expresses in the interpretation of the dream the control of one's own feelings. The dream symbol tells the dreamer that he regulates his feelings very strongly or that he should do it more intensely and give them less free rein.

The dream personality is decisive for the dream interpretation of the pool dream symbol. Deciding which emotions should be regulated with which force, gives the dreamer personal security.

Immersion in stagnant water as found in the swimming pool in the interpretation of dreams revealing erotic emotions and joie de vivre. At the same time, the dream symbol embodies the possibility of swimming free from something in the presence of others.

In the dream, internal or external barriers are overcome. Those who can breathe freely underwater in pool dream events can master tough situations on their own.

A daring jump into the pool and a deep immersion in water indicate good intuition in dream interpretation.

The feelings related to the swimming pool dream are also important: if he feels relaxed and refreshed in the dream by the contact with water while bathing, this reflects the dreamer's current positive attitude towards life. There is a difficult phase in the life of the dreamer at the moment in the opposite case.






Dreaming of swimming pool: 'psychological interpretation


On a psychological level, the symbol of this dream symbolizes the cleansing of things that weigh down the state of mind of the dreamer: feelings or behaviors of which one is ashamed. Certain actions that you consider wrong or traumatic experiences.

Also, the pool is a place where, through the connection with the amniotic fluid in the womb, an adult can return to childish experience and behavior in a dream. This means that the dream symbol "swimming pool" not only awakens memories buried in the interpretation of the dream, but it actively brings the dreamer back to his early years.

In some pools - especially those in the dream world - there is even a space with massage jets, like a whirlpool. If you find yourself there to relax, repressed events from the past come to the surface of consciousness. The dreamer only now discovers how emotionally these experiences have charged him.

If you see yourself with your mother in the pool up to your neck in water, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation may be an indication of too close a maternal bond. The dreamer is afraid of drowning in maternal feelings. Depending on the personal situation, the dream may also reflect the desire for a closer relationship with the mother.






Dreaming of swimming pool - the spiritual interpretation


The dream symbol "pool" can be in the dream interpretation on a spiritual level an expression of the dreamer's ego, which is in a phase of change as well as cleansing and renewal.

If one dives into the dream in the swimming pool while bathing, the dreamlike situation of drowning is a warning signal that the dreamer is lost in his world of thoughts. He should allow a little less space for the mind in his life and instead trust his instincts and emotions more often.



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