Dreaming of the color pink: What meanings?

Dreaming of the color pink: What meanings?

On the one hand, pink is the English expression for a carnation. On the other hand, it describes a color. Depending on the point of view, this means a delicate pink or a particularly strong color. For example, "Shocking Pink" is a very visible shade. Nails painted in bright colors with nail polish or hair dyed in this shade give the person who wears them a certain image: eccentric, funky, as if flashed and in conversation.

Pink is a color that catches the eye and attracts attention. Pink Lady is the name of a variety of apple and a cocktail. The Pink Panther cartoon character has delighted generations of children and adults. And as the stage name of American singer Pink, the color name has become a memorable trademark.

If someone dreams of the color pink, the emphasis is on visual perception. If the dreamer sees more of a subtle nuance in it, the dreamlike scene probably has something soft, harmonious about it. As a flashy color, pink contrasts with the environment and, like red, has a signal effect. It is therefore important for the interpretation of the dream to know in what context the dream symbol "rose" appears.


Dreaming of the Color Pink: The General Interpretation

The dream symbol "rose" is in the interpretation of the dream a symbol of affection, joy and healing. The dream raises the question of what things represent the dreamer's quality of life. What attracts him? What people, thoughts, or ways of life does he feel attracted to?

Also, in the interpretation of dreams, the color pink has a double symbolism. On the one hand, she can express love and passion. Perhaps a romance develops in the dreamer's life, and the dream symbol "rose" draws his attention to it. On the other hand, color embodies balance in the interpretation of dreams.

The dream is a sign that the physical and psychological balance is right or the dream is healthy. Pink is a striking shade that also conveys softness and harmony. In dream interpretation, this dream symbol also reflects the desire to be observed and treated with love and compassion.


The psychological interpretation

The preference for a certain color can tell a lot about a person's personality in psychological terms. Light colors such as pink express happiness and lightness in the interpretation of dreams. The dreamer lives very consciously and knows how to savor the moments.

Dreaming of the color pink, however, can also indicate different, sometimes conflicting, characteristics and needs. The color tone embodies in the dream, when it approaches a delicate pink, a tendency to sophistication, to exaggeratedly refined sense gratification.

At the same time, the dream symbol "rose" in the interpretation of the dream can express unconscious desires for an original and primitive state of being. Color is also associated with a certain lightness and non-commitment to love and life as a whole. In the dream the desire of the subconscious for this philosophy of life can be expressed there, but also its rejection.


spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, color is an affirmation of the existence of light. Pink in dream interpretation is a dream symbol for love and wisdom.

The color consists of white and red and hence shows the influences of these two colors in a dream. Red symbolizes passion, which is transformed into charity by the spiritual purity of the color white.

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