Dreaming of wave: What meanings?

Dreaming of wave: What meanings?

Dreaming of wave: What meanings?

It is quite common to dream of waves. If you see big waves in your dream, it could be that your emotions are upset. Maybe you'll fall in love, maybe you'll find out you're pregnant, or maybe you feel like you have no control at work.

Either way, you are going to release hidden emotional energy. To dream of crossing these massive waves means that you will be able to solve all the problems in your life right now.

In this article, we will see in detail the different wave dreams.


Dreaming of big, muddy or dirty waves

It is not a good omen if you dream of dirty or muddy water. This means that you will encounter difficulties in the near future. It can be at home or at work.



Dream of watching the waves

In ancient dream dictionaries, looking at the waves in a dream means that you are going to be aware of your human consciousness. You will look deeper into yourself in order to become a trusting human being.

Nowadays, this dream is interpreted differently. If you dream that you are standing on a beach watching the waves, you have courage. You are able to accept challenges and won't give up when the going gets tough. Alternatively, it means you could be promoted shortly.


Dreaming of tidal waves

Tidal waves are something you don't want to experience in real life as they can lead to tsunamis. Dreaming of tidal waves is quite common. Spiritually, this dream may remind you of an event in your waking life that made a big impression on you. Interestingly, unlike many dreams, you will still be able to remember this one even after a few days.

Tidal waves are also a symbol of sexuality or changing emotions. Most dream books, old and new, state that water is related to emotions, so it is not surprising that we dream of a tidal wave when our emotions are boiling.


Dreaming about undercurrents

Underwater currents can pull you in all directions or drag you underwater. To dream of being pulled by undercurrents suggests that you are being pulled in all sorts of directions in your waking life.

Work puts pressure on you, and so does your home life. All you want is for them to coexist in harmony, but that seems like an impossible task.

Water can be dangerous, so if you dream that you are drowning, it may suggest that you are experiencing deep emotions. Many people dream of drowning, so dreaming of being swept away by an undercurrent could mean you're having trouble coping with your waking life right now.


Dream about floating on the waves

Dreaming of the sea or the ocean is common. It symbolizes our emotions as well as our fickle personality. The waves are unpredictable and we can be too.

If you dream of floating on waves, it represents your emotional and spiritual self. Floating carefree can mean that you are going through a calm period in your life.


Dreaming of a storm with waves

However, if you see a storm with big waves, you may have inner conflicts. Maybe you don't know which career to choose. Maybe you don't know yet if you want to get married. You might be overwhelmed with what life has in store for you and need a break from conflict and negative emotions.

If you dream of big waves coming towards you, one after another, it means that you feel threatened. In fact, you feel like you are drowning. Maybe someone is playing on your kindness by trying to extort money from you.


Dreaming of wave: What meanings?


Dreaming of calm waves

However, if you dream of a calm sea, you are calm in your waking life. Everything is going as planned. Work is progressing well. Your home life is good. There is nothing to fear now.


Dreaming of big waves

If you dream of big waves, something important is going to happen in your waking life that will change your inner self.

To dream of a big wave chasing you signifies that you are expressing your worries and problems to the world. It might be a good idea to reign it in because no one wants to listen to someone who is moaning all the time.

The clearer the wave, the more positive your life will be. It is not a good omen to dream of a dirty or muddy wave.


Dreaming about waves crashing on you

60% of our body is made up of water, so it's no surprise that we feel an affinity with the ocean. It symbolizes both our emotions and our soul, just like the waves.

If you dream of waves crashing on you, don't worry. It is a positive sign. It means something unexpected is going to happen and it will be good.

Dreaming of crossing crashing waves without a problem can mean that you are a strong person. If you can conquer the waves without falling, you can control your life.

This doesn't mean you're going to walk all over everyone to get what you want, but rather you can sit down and discuss any issues with the people involved. However, if the waves crash on you and knock you down, you are going to have some difficulties in the near future.


Dream about crossing the waves

Crossing the waves without problems is a reflection of your life. You have control over your emotions and can overcome difficulties. You are not a loser. You have led your life in such a way that things go well, but without hurting others.

If you're being swept away by the waves but not falling, it's time to release your hidden emotions. You may feel anxious, but it's not the end of the world. If you feel someone is wronging you, then yes, fight back.

You don't need to allow other people to step on you. Let go of all hidden emotions. There's no point in holding them back until you explode. Confront the people who make you feel that way.



Dreaming about surfing big waves

Surfing is a fun sport where you ride big waves on a surfboard. If you dream of doing this, it is a good omen. You will overcome the problems in your life just as you rose above the waves.

The dream tells you that you can overcome whatever life presents to you. You may have relationship issues, problems at work, or just disagreements with friends. However, don't worry. Everything will be alright.

The dream also tells you not to waste time on insignificant matters or insignificant people. Spend your energy on the people who matter and who take care of you.


Dreaming of crashing waves

Breaking waves are formed when waves collapse in on themselves. They are perfect if you want to surf. To dream of a crashing wave signifies that you are placed in a direction, but you are not sure if it is the right direction.

Maybe your partner wants you both to move to another area where he or she can find better work, but maybe you're happy where you are.

If you dream that you are looking head-on at the crashing waves or seeing them from the side, other people might push you to take on all kinds of tasks. Maybe you don't want to do the same.

Maybe you want to have some free time, but you're not comfortable letting so many people down. You may be subject to demands at work and feel obligated to comply with them. However, despite the apprehensions, you appreciate the work you do and if you receive a just reward, why not take the plunge?


Dreaming of deep waves

Deep waves can be dangerous if you're not an accomplished swimmer or surfer. They are formed by waves of different lengths crashing into each other. They are long and powerful and can travel long distances. If you dream of a deep wave, you need to focus on what is important to you. The deep waves are indicative of our deep emotions and our secrets.


Dreaming about destructive waves

Destructive waves are exactly what they conjure up. They cause destruction. They are short waves, but they are extremely high. When these waves hit the shoreline, the water jumps towards the land. They can cause destruction. To dream of these waves is to want to move forward. You are not satisfied with your life as it is. 


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