Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?

Women are generally seen as the symbol of gentleness, warmth, and caring, but they also represent fertility, femininity, sensuality, and seduction. 

The water element is attributed to them. The feminine not only combines beauty and emotionality, but at the same time grace and sexual attraction also play a role. 

A woman, namely your own mother or grandmother, is the first and closest trusted person in almost everyone's life. Then there are later friends and partners who can have a major impact on life as well.

As in real life, women also play a key role in many people's dreams. But what do they symbolize here? Are dreams in which you meet women more likely to be interpreted positively or negatively and what aspects does a woman represent here? Was she perhaps a wife, an aunt, a spinster, or was she even frowned upon by others as an "old maid"?


Dreaming of a woman: The most common dreams


Hair color, age, weight and other female characteristics


Dreaming of blonde woman

A strikingly beautiful blonde woman symbolizes in a dream your own need for change. The sleeper also wants to attract more attention and be noticed by his fellows. He must therefore understand the dream symbol as reinforcement to work on himself, his attitude, his effect or his appearance until he is truly satisfied with himself.


Dreaming of an elderly woman

If an old woman appears to the sleeper in a dream, this reminds him to think things over. The old lady can warn against reacting to its appearance in the waking world by rejection or even malice. Also, an older woman symbolizes the dreamer's fear and weaknesses.

In a male dreamer, the old lady can indicate happiness in love and success in business. The older woman then indicates a trouble-free moment to a dreamer. If a woman sees herself aging and wrinkling during a dream, she will find her way back to a more youthful attitude while awake.


Dreaming of a fat woman

If this type of dream appears, it can have various causes. When interpreting this dream, feelings always play a decisive role. If the person in the dream considers himself an overweight woman and feels uncomfortable, there may also be various areas of life in the waking world that have a disappointing effect. However, if the person concerned perceives the body as beautiful, they may wish for more feminine forms or wish to express their sexuality.


Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?


blonde dreams

Dreaming about a single blonde woman

As for the interpretation of dreams, it is important to distinguish whether a man or a woman dreams of a blonde. If it is a woman, the symbol shows sattitude towards other women: does she admire or envy the blonde woman in the dream? Would she like to be more like her or does she feel like a friend?

In men's dreams, a woman with blond hair is often the expression of sexual desires and fantasies. In his dream world, the sleeper experiences everything he would really like.


Dreaming of many blonde women

If you see several blonde women in a dream, they symbolize all that is extraordinary and unique. At the same time, however, the dream image may also contain a warning: you should be careful not to become a victim of gossip. Now it is important to consider who you can discuss everything with, and who you should not discuss everything with say.


Relationships and partnerships in this type of dream


Know a woman in a dream

If you get to know a woman better in your dream who was previously a complete stranger, you may feel sexual desire within you. However, this form of sexuality is not experienced in reality. 

The dream woman symbolically represents erotic tendencies - the dreamer should pay attention to what the woman told him in the dream experience, as this provides clues about his own wishes. If you are in a relationship in the waking world, then you can better discuss these wishes with your partner.


Dream about being in love with a woman

Dreams in which you kiss a woman you love or adore usually have an erotic character. In fact, currently unfulfilled sexual desires are revealed in this dream image. The dreamer just keeps in mind his relationship with women. A woman's kiss shows the desire for unification, both physical and mental.

If you wake up from your dream and think "The woman is kissing me!", in the sense that a strange woman is giving a kiss, attention is drawn to the dreamer in real life. The person is probably popular in their environment.

See dream of mermaid.


Dreaming of a pregnant woman

If you encounter a pregnant woman with a full belly in your dream, this dream image usually represents wishes. These concern a change, a turning point in life. If you finally see the woman having the baby or if you dream about a woman with a child in her arms, these life goals will most likely be achieved. A new beginning goes hand in hand - the dreamer can be excited!

When an old woman becomes pregnant in the dream world and is expecting a child, it is certainly a strange situation - even if such cases exist in reality. The dream should generally be understood as an indication to the sleeper to take important advice seriously. Pregnancy can also mean the emergence of new life projects that stem from previous experiences.

See Dream of Being Pregnant


Dreaming of cheating with a woman

When the woman in the dream has another husband

Did the woman in the dream have another husband? Did she live with you? A woman kissing another man symbolizes the qualities and the talents you would like to have yourself.

If a woman is cheating on a man in a dream and one is only the observer of the scene, one runs the risk of committing a deception even in the waking world. It has nothing to do with deception; Financial benefits may also play a role here. The dream warns against involvement in this game.


Dreaming of a woman who is not his by his side

Even kissing another woman in a dream indicates that one has already done the first step towards a morally dubious act. Often, with the dream symbol of another woman in the dream of a heterosexual man, sexual desires arise; 

Those affected probably cannot live out these desires with their own wives. The dream image can also be a request to deal with your own partnership and associated desires.

For a woman, perhaps the other woman in the dream represents some sort of role model or idol. 

(See Dreaming of Deception).


Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?


Dreaming about a woman in a lesbian relationship


Dream about kissing another woman

The woman kissing another woman is a dream image that symbolizes the parts of the person that one tries to accept. It is these characteristics that are more likely to be attributed to the opposite sex: craftsmanship and screwing cars..., which are often done by men. A job that suits most women. If you discover such talents in yourself, you are currently going through a phase of inner development.


Dreaming about sex with another woman

If one observes a homosexual woman who loves a woman and has sex with her, the dream is currently unconsciously engaged in homoerotic fantasies. 

This does not mean that we intend to implement them. Maybe the topic of homosexuality came up in everyday life? At the same time, homosexual sex between a woman and another woman in the dream may indicate that the person in the dream longs for more exchange, feelings and caresses.


Dreaming of marriage with another woman

If a woman marries a woman in a dream, this situation expresses the desire to get closer to a person on friendship. Sexual desires can also be symbolized - in this case, one should listen closer to oneself. Same-sex marriage can also be an indication that one has discovered and accepted in oneself qualities that are considered very feminine.


Dreaming of becoming a man

As a woman, have you dreamed of being a man? If one becomes a man in a dream, one no longer menstruates, one shaves one's face or walks around the events of the dream with a mustache, one may have problems fully accepting their own femininity. In some ways, the life of a man seems easier - especially at work.

If a man recognizes a beard in a woman in a dream, he should pay attention in the near future. Illnesses or troubles from the past may arise. If it is a dreamer who sees a lady's beard on herself or on another woman, she longs for security and tenderness. If the woman shaves herself in the dream, it is a sign that the dreamer is taking a risk in the waking world. This is often financial in nature.


Dreaming of Woman: What Meanings?


Dream about a woman wearing a dress


Dream about a woman wearing a white dress

The White is the color of purity and innocence. If a woman in a white dress is recognized in the dream, perhaps even in the context of a wedding, then presumably new tasks come from the dream. However, these tasks are enjoyable and easy to accomplish. Even new friendships can be announced with a white dress according to the general interpretation of dreams.

If a particularly old woman appears in white-colored clothing, these are ancient personality traits characterized by purity and innocence - today's reality, however, is different.


Dreaming of a woman in a black dress

In a black dress, a woman looks sad or festive - this dream symbol can express both. There may be a serious illness in the family or with a friend. At the same time, an event may be imminent in which a special event must be celebrated. The dreamer should mentally prepare for both scenarios when dreaming of a woman in black.


Dreaming about a woman in a red dress

The color of a dress has a strong signaling effect, even in dreams. A woman in a red dress symbolizes a certain pride, but also a tendency to vanity and arrogance. He therefore warns against excessive arrogance. At the same time, with this dream image, the dreamer has the opportunity for a good career advancement. Without work and diligence, however, there will be no success.


Dream about a crying woman

If a woman cries in a dream and bursts into tears, then the outbreak of feelings indicates emotions that were actually present but not yet expressed. Are there any events that have not yet been processed and so far deleted? 

Then this dream reminds you to deal with negative feelings and experiences. This is especially true if, as a woman, you cried yourself in a dream. If it's another woman, maybe a stranger, with tears on her face, you have to console yourself.


Dream about a woman dying

The woman who dies in a dream and died is not a bad omen (death is often positive in dreams). Basically, death even says something positive in dream analysis: it often represents a new beginning for healing. The dying woman symbolizes this aspect of personality in the dreamer himself, which is gradually discarded. A partnership or a period of professional life can also come to an end to create space for something new.

If an old woman dies in a dream, it doesn't necessarily represent true grief or the fear of losing someone to death. However, this dream meaning is possible. But the death of a woman in a dream also symbolizes separation in general. If the dying woman is known to you in the dream it indicates an emotional distance from each other.

If it is a strange woman or if in the dream sees herself as a dying woman, it can mean saying goodbye to a character trait. A woman who is already deceased and dead signals a separation in the waking world; the desire for change can also be behind this type of dream.


Dream about a woman who is killed

The death of a woman in the dream makes us aware that the feelings are suppressed and slumber within. The processing of emotions is important at regular intervals for the well-being of the soul. If the woman who is stabbed, alienated and shot dies in a dream as a result of the attack, this balance sheet is finally successful. (See Dreaming of Murder)


Dangers and fears caused by the woman in the dream


Dreaming about an angry woman

A dream of an angry old woman has a clear meaning. A wicked old witch or a black magician can on the one hand symbolize his own flaws that need to be corrected. Thereby, the dreamer is called to self-criticism and change. However, the malicious old woman can also be a warning in the dream of false friends or partners who take advantage of the sleeper in the waking world and, for example, trick him into spending a lot of money or deceive him.


Dream about being chased by an old woman

Getting chased by an old woman in the dream can be quite scary, especially when the old woman seems scary. Often these are symbolized fears and feelings of guilt from the past who catch up with the dreamer in the dream - like the old woman chasing you. It can also mean that the persecuted person can also evade a great deal of responsibility in reality.


To dream that a woman wants to kill me

Why does the woman want to kill me? Anyone who wakes up from a nightmare with this question is sure to have a stressful awakening. But don't worry: this is not a sign that someone is hurting you or even wants to kill you. However, if a person puts a lot of pressure on you without you being able or willing to defend yourself. It is important to ask yourself if the external influence is good for you in the long run in real life.

If the woman doesn't want to kill you, you should take a closer look at the attack symbol. The attack in the dream indicates instincts or feelings of guilt that have been repressed - now they are rising to the surface of consciousness. It is worth facing this thought.

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