Dreaming of your grandmother: What meanings?

Dreaming of your grandmother: What meanings?

The grandmother, in the world of dreams, is a symbol of wisdom and security. When she appears to us in a dream, she protects us and makes sure everything goes well. Like the grandfather, the grandmother is also an authoritative and important figure for us, representing the family.

What does it mean to dream of grandmother? The relationship we have with our grandparents determines the figure they have in our dream: if, for example, they were very strict, we will never associate them with a fully positive meaning.

The grandmother is also a symbol of strong femininity, a figure full of experience who can guide us in the most difficult times. We certainly see in her a strong person who always knows how to reassure us and give us good advice.

Dreaming of a grandmother can also be a symbol of change and mutation if we are in a particular period of our life. The subject of our dream will change depending on the type of relationship we have or had with him: for example, if the paternal grandmother appears to us in the dream, it could be because we had a stronger bond. with her., or vice versa if the maternal grandmother appears in the dream.


Dreaming about your grandmother: all the meanings

Dreaming about your deceased grandmother

It is certainly one of the most recurring dreams. The deceased grandmother can bring us a lot of despair and indicates our deep concern in the waking state. If we have a sick or very weak grandmother, our subconscious projects these images in a negative way, associating the state of illness with death.


Dreaming of a dead grandmother in a coffin

To dream of a dead grandmother in a coffin (or box) indicates a strong separation from her. It can be real, but also metaphorical: if she recently died, it is normal to relive such a moment in a dream, perhaps the moment of the funeral or even the simple image of the coffin. Often in the world of dreams, the coffin represents the passage to the afterlife.


Dreaming of your deceased grandmother dressed in black

The black robe, worn by the deceased, indicates a sad mood and a hopeless situation. She is associated with the grandmother especially if she is in a very difficult situation (a state of difficulty, physical, and / or even mental, perhaps an illness or a serious problem).


Dreaming of your dead grandmother dressed in white

White is a color associated with purity or the divine. If we dream of our grandmother, dead, dressed in white, it indicates some tranquility on her part. Dreaming of your dead grandmother dressed in white demonstrates tranquility and a sense of peace.


Dreaming of your dead grandmother who is crying or sad

To dream of a dead grandmother crying indicates strong sadness on her part. It can happen to dream that the grandmother is crying because the dreamer is going through a very difficult time and has a strong sense of discouragement. 

It can also look sad in a dream because we feel that we have hurt him, subconsciously, in some way. In other cases, it can also be a way of making us understand that we need to be closer to her to help her.


Dreaming about your angry deceased grandmother

Often we have fear of having said or done bad things, this often happens with our older parents: we often have feelings of guilt for not being present enough or for not participating in their lives. Dreaming of a dead and angry grandmother is our subconscious's way of telling us.


Dreaming of your dead grandmother laughing or smiling

If we dream of a smiling dead grandmother, it indicates a positive state of mind on the part of the deceased; almost as if it were a sign to reassure us of our worries.


Dreaming about your deceased grandmother hugging you

Dreaming of a hug from a deceased grandmother can be a sign of comfort from someone we miss dearly. This indicates the strong bond that existed between the two, but above all the presence that we miss and that matters most. Whether we are going through a particularly difficult period, it is normal to want the presence of someone who represents strength and a point of reference for us.


Dreaming of your dead grandmother talking

This unfortunatly  indicates our need for comfort and to feel safe: if we are going through a difficult time and we feel that we have no one to trust, it often happens that we want the comfort of someone who is no longer there and what we miss greatly.

All these last gestures always indicate the absence of a person whom we considered an important point of reference.



Dreaming about his dead grandmother giving you money

Often in the dream world, the exchange of money indicates emotional situations. In this case, we dream that a relative dear to us gives a sum of money: very often we do not realize it, but the sum given will correspond to the affection we feel we receive from a relationship

A small amount could indicate gross negligence, which is completely understandable. Often unconsciously, when someone leaves us, a strong sense of abandonment begins within us, making us so selfish. Otherwise, in case the sum is very large, it will indicate a strong affection between us and our deceased grandmother. (See dream of receiving money).


Dreaming about your grandmother who died pregnant

Pregnancy, in the world of dreams, often indicates a change. Expecting a baby can also indicate fertility in some cases. It can also be the image of positive things and therefore indicate a very happy time for us. By associating it with the figure of the grandmother, we see that this dream is full of good intentions and takes a series of very positive meanings for those who dream of it.


Dreaming of your grandmother coming back to life

Dreaming of a dead grandmother being resurrected brings a lot of memories and nostalgia. It indicates a lack of strength caused by the loss itself, but it is also a symbol that makes us think a lot about death and the past and that most likely we have not yet accepted the separation of this person.


To dream that his living grandmother died 

It is not a recurring type of dream, but it can happen that one dreams of a relative who is still alive. If we are still in a particularly sad state of mind, it is very easy for our subconscious to project images that can make us unhappy or make us feel bad. 



Dreaming of your grandmother in the coffin 

At first glance, the coffin may seem terribly scary, but contrary to common thought, it hides symbols that can be linked to our inner selves. The coffin represents a block that we can have with ourselves or with someone; in this case, dreaming of a grandmother in the coffin can indicate the type of relationship we have with her, cold and detached. 

This often indicates that we have completely broken relations. Of course, the fear of the death of someone we love should not be completely excluded, but very often the coffin also indicates our fears: the idea of ​​not being able to give the best in the relationship.


Dreaming about his dying grandmother

Death in dreams does not always have a negative meaning. Often it is a symbol of spiritual rebirth and for the dreamer it is very important. 

Dreaming of a loved one who is dying or has already died can have a very intense spiritual meaning, especially for those who are very religious.

In some cases, dreaming about someone dying in a dream can be a metaphor: it indicates the "unwanted" presence of a subject in our dream. At this time, he becomes an undesirable person.


Dreaming about your grandmother about to die

This can be a constant dream for those who have very old parents and can often get sick or feel weak. In this case, the dream indicates our strong fear; this dream may have arisen seeing his grandmother sick or in serious condition.


Dreaming about your grandmother in the hospital

In the dream world, the hospital does not necessarily have to indicate the arrival of bad news. This can sometimes take on a much deeper meaning; sometimes, someone may also need to heal on an emotional level. 

If we see or feel that a person is not only physically but also mentally unwell, it may mean thatshe needs to be comforted. In other cases, the hospital in a dream may indicate our concern for a relative or someone close to our hearts.


Dreaming about your grandmother falling 

Falling in dreams indicates a strong loss of balance. This can mean that the person who falls gets lost or tries to overcome a very difficult time. If we dream that someone is falling, it can mean that we feel obligated to help them or do something to make them feel better.


Dreaming of your grandmother throwing up

Often immediately after dreaming of vomiting or seeing someone vomiting, the dreamer will feel a great sense of relief: in fact, vomiting is a way for our unconscious to make us understand that we got rid of a weight. 

To dream of a loved one throwing up signifies that they finally got over something they couldn't "swallow." In some cases, it is understandable to take the dream literally and refer to discomfort in the vomiting subject. 

This happens when the dream becomes much more intense. For example, vomiting blood often indicates physical anxiety on the part of the dreamer. If one dreams of a grandmother vomiting, one must refer to a particular situation to understand whether it is a metaphorical symbol or not (see my article on vomiting in dreams).


Dreaming of your grandmother talking

As we have already said, the grandmother and the grandfather represent a strong figure present in the childhood of many children. We often see them as wise and strong people who always know what to say. If the grandmother appears to us in a dream talking, maybe she is trying to tell us something about a situation that concerns us or is close to our hearts. 

Although sometimes the speeches in dreams do not have a full or 'normal' meaning, subconsciously the presence of someone we love can give confidence. For those who have not had the opportunity to know their grandparents very well, the figure of the grandmother can represent a strong childhood nostalgia. Often in grandparents we find these pure memories that we connect to our young age.


Dreaming of your grandmother laughing

Dreaming of your grandmother laughing indicates a cheerful state of mind, it can certainly refer to a good period or very positive news, both for us and for our close relative.


Dreaming about your sleeping grandmother

In the dream world, dreaming of sleeping represents the dreamer's need to come out of the unconscious. to recover and not lose consciousness. 

When we sleep, we find ourselves in a state of opposition between the clear consciousness and the unconscious; dreaming of someone sleeping can mean that you want them to take control of their life.


Dreaming about his angry grandmother

The mood of anger can indicate a very difficult relationship that exists between the dreamer and the grandmother. If there have been discussions recently, or if there is a hostile relationship in the family, the angry grandmother reflects this. Many times it can happen to dream of a close relative who is angry if we know that we have done something that may be wrong or wrong.


Dreaming of your grandmother crying

If we dream of a crying grandmother, it can have two meanings, in the first case, a negative meaning: this may be a very difficult time and therefore crying indicates the subject's sadness and suffering. 

But in the second case, crying can have a positive meaning: crying can indicate release. Often, when people are very emotional, it can happen that we cry for something that makes us happy, just like a cry of joy. Often, if we are very excited about something, something new or good news, it can happen to let off steam by crying.

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