Dreaming of your own death: What meanings?

Dreaming of your own death: What meanings?

Dreaming of your own death: What meanings?

Dreaming about your own death can leave anyone unsettled for a long time, as it is a dream that can convey fear, agony, and worry. However, when death presents itself through a dream, it brings the symbology of change and transition. So, if you have dreamed of your own death, rest assured: in general the message carries good omens.

However, to have a more assertive interpretation, the ideal is to take into account all the details and circumstances present in the dream, as well as the feelings that it may have manifested. In this article we will see some situations that the dream of his death could present and its possible readings. 



Dreaming of his death by bullets

If you dreamed of your own death due to gunshots, it is a sign that some of your attitudes are harming an important relationship for you. This dream indicates a sudden breakup, so try to understand what is happening in your relationships and, if possible, mitigate the damage done so far.

Dreaming of your own gunshot death can always indicate mental exhaustion and excessive stress. In this case, the dream demonstrates that it is important to break with this behavior, because it can harm you later.


Dreaming of your own death and waking up

Despite being desperate, dreaming of your own death and awakening carries positive symbolism. You are ending a complicated cycle, in which you may have gone through several difficult times. But, this is already changing and you will enter a new, much more prosperous and happy phase.

The wake indicates the closure of something, the end. As life has its cycles, endings and beginnings are common and in this case, very welcome. Do not resist changes and be confident, because good things will come to you.


Dreaming of his own death and his coffin

Dreaming about your own death and your own coffin is directly related to your feelings. The coffin represents a place that no one but you has access to. Also, by including the symbolism of death itself, this dream indicates that you are going through a phase of understanding your emotions and breaking up with what hurts you.

This is a great time to analyze your repressed feelings, traumas and wounds. This dream is asking you to cleanse yourself of what is holding you back and let go of old limiting beliefs.


Dreaming of the day of your own death

To dream of the day of your own death indicates a major transformation in your life. Whether it's the beginning of a new phase or the end of a cycle, positive change is approaching or may already be happening.

Life is made of beginnings, endings and beginnings, which are important for personal growth and development. Be open to change and don't get attached to what no longer has value for your future walk.


Dreaming of the news of one's own death

You are ready to start a new phase in your life if you have dreamed that you received the news of your own death. This dream predicts new beginnings and beginnings, so it is time to leave behind what is useless and take the first steps towards the life you have always dreamed of.

Although a little scary, dreaming of the news of your own death is a very good omen. Sometimes we are afraid when we face drastic changes or the unknown, but stay firm in your beliefs and choices, because this dream indicates that winds of luck and prosperity are in your favor.


Often dream of own death

Dreaming of your own death often indicates that you need to let go of something you've been holding on to. Whether it's bad habits, attitudes or even negativities. Yet, you might be resisting some changes and it's time to revisit what you really want in your life: achievement or stagnation?

When you are in the comfort zone, you push back the possibilities of life entering new stages and as a result, you are moving away from success and personal growth. Take the time to review your priorities and plans for the future, as well as understand what aspect is holding you back.


Dreaming of your own death and waking up traumatized

If you woke up feeling upset and very bad after dreaming about your own death, then that dream might be a feeling that something bad might happen to you or someone around you.

It's worth avoiding, as much as possible, doing activities that involve some risk and keeping your friends and family on their toes. Even if it's just a bad feeling, you shouldn't stop listening to your intuition.


Dreaming of your own death, but waking up serene

If you woke up calm after dreaming about your own death, it is a sign that you are releasing worries and anxiety to enter a very prosperous phase of life. This dream indicates renewal and positive changes on your way.

The symbology of death when present in dreams indicates a new beginning, breaking with old patterns and attitudes and the beginning of a new moment. Take advantage of the fresh air and take the first steps towards your achievements.


dream of dying

To dream that you are dying demonstrates your desire to change some aspect of your life or end some phase, whether related to personal relationships, work, or partnerships. Yet it may be related to a belief, trauma, or harmful behavior.

This dream indicates reversals, so if you feel stuck in a situation, it is a good time to let go of what is holding you back and invest in yourself and your achievements.


Dreaming of your own death by a stranger who murders you

To be murdered in a dream by a stranger indicates that some part of you or a situation is forcing you to change in some way. If you feel inhibited to do something because of some circumstance that arises or because of some need, this dream can show that now is the perfect time for that change.

However, be very careful if this change is not something you really want. Don't take any brash attitude, consider all the possibilities and ramifications of your actions.


Dreaming of your own death by an acquaintance who murders you

The message of dreaming about your own death by an acquaintance who murders you is that this person or someone in your social circle encourages a change on your part, either in behavior or action. Check to see if what this person wants matches your goals and plans, and if you should heed this advice.

If so, everything indicates that this change will be welcome. If you do not agree, it is better to avoid adopting an attitude influenced by someone else. Think carefully about what you really want and don't make decisions just to please someone else.


Dreaming about your own death by drowning

Water symbolizes the emotional field of our psyche. So if you dreamed about dying by drowning, it is time to review your feelings and let go of what you know does not add anything more and it is just attachment. Do not resist change, it will be very important for your near future.

To dream of your own death by drowning denotes the need for renewal of emotions, opening of the heart for new experiences and opportunities to arise. Do not cling to what no longer corresponds to your goals and your plans for the future.


dream of dying and resurrect

To die in a dream and return indicates that you will overcome a very complicated phase in your life, which you are probably already going through. The resurrection itself has a very positive reading, but in order for it to happen, one must first pass through death. So this rebirth may be complicated and arduous, but in the end it will bring happiness and fulfillment.

You will know how to face whatever happens and you will emerge victorious, very well rewarded for your efforts and your dedication. Yet dreaming of your own death, but coming back, shows a spiritual connection, a rebirth to divine energies. Stay firm and sure of yourself, everything will be better soon.


Dreaming of the warning of one's own death

If you dreamed of the warning of your own death, be reassured. Despite being a bit scary, nothing bad will happen to you. This dream shows that something needs to undergo a transformation, that it is time to break out of inertia and put your life in motion.

You don't have to turn everything upside down, changing one small thing at a time renews your energies and sets your vibrations in motion, attracting new opportunities and experiences. This dream is asking you not to settle down and get out of your comfort zone.


Dream of your own death and witnessing your autopsy

Witnessing your autopsy after your death in a dream shows the need to pay attention to yourself and your feelings at this time. You may have focused too much on others and left your desires and individuality aside. It's time to take that back and cherish your health and your plans.

Dreaming of your own death and witnessing your autopsy always indicates that something inside you needs to be changed and it's time to thoroughly investigate what is harming you in your personal and professional relationships. Try to do an honest analysis of your behavior and correct what is not positive in your attitudes.


Dream about dying in infancy

If you dreamed of dying young, it is a sign for you to seek to understand what you left behind in your youth, which you need to save now. If you had a dream or aspiration that ended up being neglected, look at it carefully - it can bear good fruit now, in a more mature time.

To dream that you are dying at a young age shows that something from the past may be the key to entering a new phase in your life. Sometimes we leave behind ideas and dreams that can make all the difference, but need to go through a maturation phase.




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