Dreaming of yourself: What meanings?

Dreaming of yourself: What meanings?

Dreaming of yourself: What meanings?

 Waking up after dreaming about yourself can be weird. It could mean that you are worried about how you behave. It offers the possibility of being in the right moment to reflect on your way of acting and to make the necessary changes.

This type of dream could mean that you should stop doing something, and there will be consequences if you don't.

It could be an observation that there is a risk or that some kind of doom is imminent. It is commonly believed to have negative implications, such as seeing your reflection.


Dream about seeing your reflection in the mirror

This dream is a sign of bad things happening to you. Daily discouragements and blockages in the way will interfere with your plans.

 It is also considered a harbinger of pathology with consequent financial difficulties.

It could also mean that you are thinking about your identity, how you see yourself, and how others perceive you. Maybe you want to know who you really are. Maybe you are not happy with the person you have become.

Much like seeing yourself in third person, seeing a reflection can mean you are evaluating your actions.


Dreaming of yourself as a child

It could mean that you are feeling the pressure of adult life: work, family, and other responsibilities and duties.

It could reveal a desire to return to a more carefree life, with someone else taking care of you. It could indicate that you haven't received anything from your childhood or that you want to go back to something that was important to you as a child.

You might think you acted immature.


Dreaming of yourself baby

It could represent many of the same things as dreaming of yourself as a child, but magnified.

It could mean that you feel vulnerable; maybe you want someone to protect you or you want unconditional love. It could mean you've been acting like a newborn to something and need to "grow up."


Dreaming of yourself older

It might indicate being rigid in your ways and steadfast in your opinions. This dream offers the possibility of being an observation to have your head more open before it is too late.

You may have reservations about aging, such as worries about how you will be cared for or who will be next in your life.

In a refreshing change, this one also has a viable effective performance. If your former dream self seems correct, it could indicate the intelligence of your choices. You could be on the right track, living wisely and planning well for the future.


Dreaming of self wicked

A mean version of yourself could mean that you feel like you're becoming something you don't appreciate. It could be something physical, maybe you're not taking care of yourself the way you think.

Or it could represent a negative personality aspect that you think is growing: selfishness, greed, hostility, or something that drives you away from others.

It could be a dream vision where you observe your true self. You might be someone you're not proud of, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore.


Dream about fighting against yourself

It could mean that you have a conflict within you. You are torn between several choices to make, and this represents your internal war over what to do.

You may be disappointed in yourself or feel like you have disappointed yourself. You want to get paid for what you've done.


My experience

I saw myself only once in a dream, and it was perhaps the most memorable of my life.

I rolled out of bed (in my dream) and walked out of my bedroom down a long hallway where the washer and dryer are. I saw myself standing in the other radical, about twenty meters away, with the washing machine.

Instantly, I was furious. I rushed at myself, uttering threats. I banged my head. My double dodged the shot. I grabbed my head and started banging it against the washing machine. The other me was facing my abdomen.

The dream suddenly ended here and I woke up. It is one of my favorite dreams, which exceeds several episodes of lucidity. It didn't last much longer than twenty seconds. I found it very amusing and I still laugh about it on occasion.


Dream about talking to each other

You can comment with yourself in any of the previous edits. If the conversation relates to how her other self appears or functions, it supports their respective interpretations.

What if nothing unusual happens and you're just having a casual conversation with yourself? It could mean that you want to tell yourself something. There could be something substantial that you know, but don't recognize yourself.


Recurring Elements of Dreaming of Yourself

As you may have noticed, the usual interpretations do not leave much to be desired when it comes to understanding or seeing yourself in a dream. The only purely effective occasion is to see oneself in old age.

The obvious coincidence between all the other variants is that they are negative. Whether it's a personality aspect or something you do, you want to change something about yourself or your life. Alternatively, you are warned to make a change if you wish to avoid dissatisfaction.

If you are hopeful, you can put a positive spin on these meanings by keeping in mind that they give a second chance. You receive a warning; it is in your power to use it to your advantage.

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