How do rabbits sleep?

How do rabbits sleep?

Sleep time is vital in all living beings, it is important to have optimal rest so that the body can recover. If you're here, it's probably because you haven't watched your little four-legged friend sleeping.

Sure he does, but you can't see the moment, or he might be uncomfortable and that's why he doesn't fall asleep like he should. But how do rabbits sleep? Continue with us and we will explain it to you.


How do rabbits sleep

A rabbit sleeps between 6 and 8 hours a day, but it depends on the conditions in which he has to sleep one way or another. In other words, your rabbit can sleep with his eyes open, his stomach flat on the floor, he can sleep on his side with his eyes closed, or you can't even see him sleeping.


Factors that predispose your rabbit to poor sleep

As we already know, rabbits are wild animals and no matter how much they can be domesticated, they always have certain predispositions to their environment by inheritance.

Vigilance is arguably the biggest reason your rabbit may not sleep well or show off while doing so. Rabbits by nature need to be alert to potential predators, which is why when sleeping they usually keep their eyes open. This feature allows them to have an advantage over their predators, to be able to see them from a distance in order to escape.

When your furry little one sleeps with his eyes open, it's because he feels he has to be alert to any danger. Usually rabbits cannot be seen sleeping. 

Like us, rabbits do not like to sleep in restless environments, that is to say where they constantly find people passing by; where the children play, or simply where the doors open and close at all times. Usually their genetics are coded to sleep when they feel safe and calm.

Our little bunnies have sleep schedules, however, these are usually quite different from ours. The early morning hours and late afternoon hours are their most active times, but when midnight arrives, or noon, they decide it's time to rest, that's how their circadian clock works. !

In the open, these are usually the times when their potential predators are resting and therefore they are not at risk of being attacked while sleeping.


Tips for ensuring a good rest for your rabbit

To help give your rabbit a better sleep time, you should follow a series of tips, presented below:

Talk to him very often so that he gets used to the sound of your voice, spend time with him and let him know that he can trust you even if he closes his eyes;

Offer him a comfortable and secure stay, for this you can choose a rabbit shelter. Make sure there is an enclosed space out of sight, such as a cave or burrow, so your rabbit will feel comfortable and be able to sleep better.

Make sure the space he's going to sleep in is dimly lit so he'll feel more comfortable. It could be in a room where few people enter. Remember that at the slightest noise, he will wake up.

Do not disturb him when he sleeps, do not even stare at him, or he will be scared and wake up, which can foster mistrust;

If you notice that your rabbit has changed his sleep schedule, that he doesn't sleep as much anymore, or that you never see him sleeping when you are attentive to him, it is best to go to the veterinarian. This may be related to weakness, lack of energy, lack of appetite, tooth decay and more.

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