How not to snore?

How not to snore?

How not to snore is a question that many ask. Before telling you how to stop snoring, it is important to understand the process of snoring.


How not to snore? Understand the mechanisms of snoring

Throat snoring during sleep results fromsagging soft tissue in the back of the throat and insufficient airflow during breathing, causing vibration of the throat and tongue, which can reach 90 decibels. 

It is a noise similar to the intensity of an electric lawn mower. Most often, this condition is not a symptom of poor health, if the snoring does not go hand in hand with pauses in breathing, i.e. sleep apnea. 

These pauses can last up to a minute and are followed by a sharp inhalation. According to doctors, such pauses in breathing are normal, provided they occur no more than 10 times per hour of sleep. If this frequency is higher, then it is sleep apnea. This results in insufficient oxygenation of the brain, kidneys, heart and liver, and therefore a feeling of fatigue and lack of sleep. 



What to do to stop snoring

Snoring is most often the result of bad habits. Therefore, before going to a doctor for a snoring problem, it is essential to try the following methods:


Change your sleeping position

People who sleep on their back snore most often. This position of the body causes the tongue to fall backwards, the mouth opens and consequently the nasopharyngeal canal and the throat narrow, which only intensifies the snoring. To minimize the risk of snoring, you must fall asleep on the side or on the stomach. To sleep well, you must also have a comfortable mattress.


Choosing the right pillow

The problem of snoring is related not only to the position in which we sleep, but also to what we sleep on. A properly selected pillow will provide proper support for the head, neck and spine. He is better to choose a pillow that will slightly raise the head, but not too high. The higher it is placed, the louder we will snore, because in this arrangement the airways are narrowed. An anatomical pillow that adapts to the shape of our head is perfect for this.


Treat blocked airways

If the snoring problem occurs from time to time, most often when the body is weak, it may be the result of an airway obstruction. Runny noses, sinusitis and enlarged tonsils cause us to breathe through our mouths, causing us to snore. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean your airways before sleeping. You can also sprinkle the bedding with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, which will allow you to breathe better during sleep.



Eliminate all stimulants 

  • The nicotine in cigarettes causes saliva to build up in the trachea and larynx, irritating the throat and causing the mucous membrane to swell. This condition prevents air from escaping from the lungs.
  • Alcohol causes muscles to relax throat and tongue, so it is best to give it up at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Hypnotics and sedatives : Like alcohol, they relax the muscles of the throat and tongue, which helps to cause snoring.


slim down

Overweight people snore more often and it will also start louder. Snoring is caused by an accumulation of fat around the throat, putting pressure on the airways. Proper diet and regular exercise should help minimize the snoring problem.


Prepare the room well

Before going to bed, it is worth taking care of the right temperature and humidity. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 18 to 21 degrees Celsius and the humidity must be between 40 and 60%. The more we ventilate the room, the better, because this process prevents the mucous membrane from drying out, which is the main cause of snoring. If you have time, it's a good idea to oxygenate your body before you go to bed at night.


Take an anti-snoring device

There are many over-the-counter remedies available today to help reduce snoring. These devices allow you to breathe even with the airway problem that causes snoring, forcing them open so you can breathe properly.


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Get quality sleep

Calm and regular breathing reduces the risk of snoring. An adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Before going to bed, care should be taken to calm the body, for example, by listening to soft music or taking an aromatic bath. The evening ritual will help you fall asleep, and sleep will be calmer.


When should I see a doctor with a snoring problem?

If the above methods did not bring the expected results, you need to consult a specialist (ENT specialist) to diagnose the cause. In this case, snoring can be caused, for example, by polyps in the nose, overgrown tonsils or a twisted nasal septum. If the cause of the snoring is an anatomical abnormality, the problem is solved by surgery, since the curve of the nasal septum can be corrected, the tonsils invaded or the polyps removed.

In contrast, for sleep apnea, different methods are used, depending on the severity. The most common treatments involve reducing the weight of the palate and tongue. One method is also a specialized night mask that covers the mouth and nose. It is connected by a hose to a compressor which produces a flow of air of increased pressure. This pressure stiffens the airways, preventing them from narrowing. It is a kind of prosthesis, effective in its operation, but it does not solve the problem of sleep apnea definitively. Therefore, surgery is necessary.


Snoring can be a serious problem, not only for ourselves, but also for people sleeping nearby. There are a few simple rules that can reduce this condition. If this does not help, it is worth consulting a specialist to diagnose the cause of snoring and select an effective treatment.

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