How to place your bed in a small bedroom?

How to place your bed in a small bedroom?

The bedroom is the place in the house where we should feel safe. To sleep in a relaxed way, it is important to feel protected and safe. This is why the position of the bed is fundamental and must be studied in detail. There are different disciplines that suggest how to position the double bed. We have put together a series of tips to help you know how to place your bed in a small bedroom.


How to place your bed in a small bedroom?

The basis for choosing the position of the bed is above all the choice of the wall. It is better to choose an interior wall and not a wall that faces the outside, because of course it is colder even if it is well insulated.

If there is the possibility, it is good to choose a room facing a quiet place, such as a small street or an interior courtyard. If, on the other hand, this is not possible, consider carefully soundproofing the walls and windows.

The location of the room according to the cardinal points is also important. Whatever feng shui discipline we will see next, it is better to position the bedroom to the north or to the east to avoid it being exposed to the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

In fact, if we are positioned to the west, we risk that in summer the environment overheats excessively and in the evening, and therefore it will be difficult to rest. 

In any case, a restful sleep is inseparable from the choice of a good mattress and a good box spring. You can find out more about the topics in the dedicated article: choosing the slatted base.

As for the arrangement of other furniture, it is best to avoid placing the wardrobe in front of the bed. In fact, the wardrobe usually has an impressive height and if it is placed in front of the bed, it can give a feeling of suffocation. So it is better to place it next to it and put a chest of drawers in front of the bed.

Finally, one thing that is often underestimated are man-made electromagnetic fields. They can be internal or external.

External ones are those that derive from high voltage pylons and are therefore difficult to avoid. Instead, interns depend on the electrical and technological equipment that we use on a daily basis. When you go to sleep, it is important to turn off and unplug the wifi system from the socket, how to turn off and position electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets and PCs, at a distance of at least 2 meters .

More and more people are electrosensitive and suffer from sleep disorders and chronic headaches.


The position of the bed according to Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese geometric art applied to architecture. In China and Tibet, it is so deeply rooted that it influences the real estate market, so much so that when buying land or property, the first expert to consult is a feng shui master.

It is a really complex discipline and difficult to explain in an article because it takes into consideration many aspects, such as the position of the house, the layout of the room and finally the position of the bed. I will therefore only give general indications to guide you in the correct positioning of the double bed.

It is often said that feng shui recommends placing the head of the bed facing north. It is true that it aligns the negative pole of the earth with our positive pole, the head, and therefore guarantees a restful sleep.

A German study showed that placing the bed with the headboard facing north increases REM sleep by 7%. In fact, according to feng shui, this position is suitable for people who perform physically heavy work, so masons or carpenters to give examples. For office work, it is best to place the headboard to the east.

As for the size of the room, feng shui advises that it should not be large. In fact, the main aspect is that the room should give a sense of security and togetherness, which is why too large a room would give a feeling of scattering. The solutions in this case can be two:

The room can be divided by a wall to create a dressing room, for example behind the bed. Or you can create a wall next to the door that creates a kind of hallway where to place cabinets. In this way, a really safe environment is created because to reach the bed you have to make two right angles.

The second solution is the most convenient to apply. To avoid the feeling of dispersion, we can place a four-poster bed that creates a kind of room in the room.

The bed should also not be placed in mezzanines with too low ceilings or with large beams because they create a feeling of suffocation. If the room has large beams on the ceiling it is good that they do not intersect the body but that they are positioned perpendicular to the body. Also in this case, the four-poster bed can be useful, since it avoids seeing the ceiling with the beams and creates a feeling of greater serenity.

Finally, it is best to avoid hanging large and heavy objects above the headboard, such as paintings or mirrors. Feng Shui advises to avoid large mirrors in the bedroom because they do not help in a good rest.


The location of the room

Feng shui also studies the location of the room according to the floor plan of the house. It is important that the bedroom be as far away from the front door as possible. It would be important to travel at least two right angles to reach the room, in this way the feeling of security increases. In any case, it is better to avoid placing the bedroom in front of the front door of the house.

It is also important not to place it on large metal masses, as it could be a garage with cars. Similarly, it is best to avoid being near large machines that run constantly, such as boilers, generators or washing machines.

Finally, feng shui masters advise against having a bedroom connected to the bathroom because it absorbs positive energies during the night.


Position the bed in relation to the openings

The main rule of feng shui is not to place the bed in front of the front door of the bedroom. In fact, there would be a feeling of poor protection and a reduction in intimacy and consequently a reduction in restful sleep. It is therefore important to position the bed off-center in relation to the door.

In some cases, it is necessary to place the headboard next to the front door. It is good to know that this position weakens the feeling of protection and can cause lighter sleep and difficulty falling asleep in those who sleep on the side of the door. You can create a kind of barrier by placing a large rug or a bedside table to separate the door from the bed, but this is not guaranteed.

In any case, the body must never be crossed by the door/window line. If it is really unavoidable, it is better that the imaginary line crosses the feet and the legs.

Finally, it is important not to place the bed under a window or in front of a window. You are likely to be a light sleeper due to the lack of security and the feeling of lack of concentration. If this position is unavoidable, it is a good idea to sleep with the windows and shutters tightly closed or to put a heavy blackout curtain on the window to prevent the light filtering through from waking us up too early.

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