How to put 3 beds in one room?

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How to put 3 beds in one room?

Small spaces are always a challenge for large families. At first, the couple adapted very well, but with the arrival of the children, a place with few rooms began to make daily life difficult. When there is not a room for each member of the family, all you need to do is make a good plan so that everything is perfectly arranged in a practical and versatile way.

Arranging a room for two children, be they babies, children or teenagers is not an easy task, but it gets worse when the number rises to three, right? But all is not lost. Some smart solutions can solve this problem. Here's how to put 3 beds in one room.


How to put 3 beds in one room 


The first thing to do is to study the location and assess how the areas should be distributed. It is not only the number of beds that must be defined. Don't forget that you have to think about the closet, the shelves, the place to study, the place for storing toys or school supplies, in short, create a functional and comfortable space for your children.


Raise a bed

A completely unconventional idea, which uses space in a very interesting way, is to elevate one of the three beds by fixing it in the wall space above the other two.

The location is very stylish and different from the standards. And you can do it even if your right foot isn't very high. Simply place the lower beds on bases or platforms, so that there is more space for the one that will be raised.


Take bunk beds

One of the best known and most effective ways to accommodate three beds in the same place is still the bunk bed. If the room has only one space to house the beds, this is the best option. And with innovations in the furniture industry, it is easier to handle the built-in bed, as opening and closing is done with lightness and ease.


Conventional lattices

They are very functional and create a fun atmosphere in the children's room. You can find them ready-made in furniture stores, but you can also have them made to measure and, in this case, the space is even better used. Kids will love the playfully arranged trellises that create a fun environment to play.


Put the beds side by side

This idea is suitable for rooms with more space. By placing the three beds in parallel, it is enough to ensure that there is a space between them, at least 60 cm, so as not to disturb the circulation inside the room.


Don't forget the storage

When arranging a room for three people, and regardless of age, we must not forget the storage. You have to store personal clothes, as well as bedding, in addition to shoes, toys, school supplies, books and other objects that always appear and which you do not know what to do with, right?

That's why it's essential to have places that can "hide" the clutter. Beds with drawers, poufs with covers, shelves, niches or cupboards are welcome.

And again, when everything is custom made, it's even easier to organize, because you can use every corner of the room and create a super practical and comfortable environment.

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