How to put a dog to sleep?

How to put a dog to sleep?

Your dog is restless at night and does not sleep? Wondering how to put a dog to sleep?

The many struggles of human life keep us awake at night. But, have you ever wondered why, on Earth, your dog, who leads a cheerful and happy life, is unable to fall asleep?  

If you're ending the day for a good night's sleep and your dog seems restless or doesn't seem ready to relax, there may be a reason.  

On average, an adult dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day, and it extends up to 15 to 17 p.m. for a puppy. Insomnia can occur when one's daily routine has been disrupted. This can cause your dog to show signs of anxiety.

Well, the good thing is that this type of behavior in dogs is only temporary and will go away if treated well. Instead of worrying about it, you need to study causes and treatments.



How to put a dog to sleep instantly?

Social, mental and physical problems in dogs disrupt their sleep patterns. Here are some ways to help your dog sleep through the night.


Method A: Get your dog active

Here are three ways to add more activity to your dog's daily routine.

Exercise him

As a dog owner, you probably know that dogs have a lot of extra energy they need to release. Therefore, you need to take your dog out for exercise. daily exercise not only helps your dog sleep well, but it is also vital for its overall health. Make sure your dog gets plenty of regular exercise.

Give your dog toys to play with

Invest in quality chew toys. When you're not around, the toys will keep them busy. Licking and chewing can be very soothing and relaxing for dogs.. The feeling of total exhaustion will make them want to sleep.

Take your dog for a long walk

15 minutes (minimum) of walking per day in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening are essential for dogs. Be sure to plan your schedule accordingly.



Method B: Feed Your Dog Proper Food 

Avoid foods that make the dog very energetic

Give your dog natural food without any additives. There are dog foods on the market that tend to make dogs very energetic. You should avoid such foods if he is already active and curious about things. These foods can make them hyper excited, which you don't want.

Appropriate feeding schedule

You need to establish a proper feeding schedule. It is recommended to have two meals a day for dogs - breakfast and dinner. Do not overfeed your dog. This can cause severe obesity.

Give him soothing treats

Between breakfast and dinner, you can allow your dog to snack on soothing treats. Talk to your dog's veterinarian about available products that can help calm your dog.


Method C: Train your dog to relax 

Make sure he relieved himself 

When you take your dog out, it's not just to exercise him, but also to make sure he relieves himself. In some cases, dogs are so distracted by the sounds and sights of the world that they can't do their business. You must therefore ensure that your dog has relieved himself.

Make the dog bed comfortable

A dog will sleep better if his bed is comfortable all over. From soft blankets at the right temperature and the right blanket, you need to consider everything to make sure your dog sleeps comfortably. If your dog sleeps in his kennel, make sure there is adequate ventilation. You can invest in a quality dog ​​bed with all the necessary features.

Establish a nighttime routine

Finally, you need to establish a nighttime sleep routine for your dog. You need to teach your dog that after dinner it's time for him to sleep. Feed your dog dinner; let him relax a little before you go for a walk and lay him down to put your dog to sleep.



Method D: Provide a Quiet Sleep Space

Put a clock next to the dog

Just as music acts as therapy for us, it can also be for dogs. A stopwatch will also do the trick, especially for puppies and young dogs, as it mimics mom's heartbeat. You can also play a lullaby.

Eliminate noise or distractions

Avoid loud music and eliminate distractions. If you watch TV or listen to music while working, lower the volume or let your dog sleep in another room.

Eliminate separation anxiety 

Never let your dog share a dog.t with you, especially during the nights. This can cause separation anxiety, as your dog will spend at least 8 hours with you.   


Method E: If necessary, use sleeping pills

Use soothing music to soothe the dog to sleep

Music can play therapy for your anxious dog. Anything smooth and soothing can help your dog relieve stress. You may prefer meditation music. In addition, there are albums specially dedicated to dogs. You can search for them.

Use essential oil to calm the dog

Sleep aids such as essential oils and medications can help your dog sleep well. Essential oils like lavender oil and cedarwood oil are known for their relaxing and calming effect on dogs. You can spread a few drops of essential oil around his bed or kennel.

Give Dog Sleeping Pills

Additionally, you can give your dog sleeping pills such as Comfort Zone Adaptil (pheromone), melatonin, Benadryl, and homeopathic treatment (soothing drops). You can mix a few drops of the solution in your dog's water bowl.


Now you know how to put a dog to sleep.

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