How to wash a feather duvet?

How to wash a feather duvet?

How to wash a feather duvet?

Washing a feather duvet requires care. Find out how to wash a feather duvet easily in less than 5 minutes.


How to wash a feather comforter: The washing machine

Most sheets , with the exception of woolen blankets, are machine washable . When it comes to cleaning a down or feather comforter, machine washability depends on several factors.

First of all, if you plan to machine wash a feather duvet, the machine must have a drum large enough to adapt easily, without pressing or weighing it down. In the latter case, it will not be washed well.

Otherwise, it is best to wash your duvet in the tub or take it to the laundromat . In addition, it is essential that you strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions , because maybe your feather duvet only supports cold water washing or need professional dry cleaning.


How to Make Quilts White When Washed

Feather duvets are the most used because they provide a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. Sometimes, after a while, due to the use itself, the movement of the duvet in the bed (frequently falling to the ground) and subsequent washing tend to yellow and lose that flawless aesthetic you love so much.

In order to make the quilts white, you should choose to add a wash water bleach or to carry out a process which, although it requires more work, avoids the use of chemicals. What you need to do is mix one cup of baking soda in four liters of water and mix this solution in hot water in the bathtub, the level of which is sufficient to cover the comforter. 

Make sure the baking soda is in the duvet and soak it overnight. The next day, finish the wash in the same tub or drain to remove excess water and put it in the washing machine.


How to clean a feather duvet step by step?

Unless the manufacturer's instructions do not indicate than your feather duvet requires dry cleaning and that therefore you have to take it to the dry cleaner, you can make at home as following:


Step 1: Check for filler leaks

Before washing a feather duvet, it is essential to check that there are no holes or a more worn area where padding may be lost . If any damage is found, it should be sewn before washing.


Step 2: Obtain necessary items and proceed with washing

Choose detergent for delicate clothes and get tennis balls that will come into play during the drying process. If you don't have them, you can use a pair of clean white canvas sneakers, which will perform the same function. Next, set a washing program for delicate clothes and start the washing process, which can be in cold water or at the temperature indicated by the manufacturer. Do not forget that you should not use fabric softener.


How to wash a feather duvet?



Step 3: drying

The drying process of a down duvet is as important as its preparation and washing. If you prefer to save energy and the weather is nice, you can air dry , although it will take longer to dry completely. Also, you need to have a place where you can spread it out without the risk of staining.

Therefore, the best idea is that the drying process is carried out in the dryer , also inserting tennis balls or white shoes in the drum. Tapping these items will ensure that the filling is well distributed over the entire compound surface .

Make sure your duvet is completely dry before reuse or storage . This condition is essential for avoid the appearance of yellowish stains or mold , which are then very difficult to eliminate.


How often to wash the duvet?

It is recommended wash feather duvets alone times a year . You will see that it is enough if you take it well care and that you air them regularly . Microfiber duvets support multiple washes throughout the year. Use your duvets protected with good quality duvet covers and they will stay clean much longer. All you have to do is change and wash the duvet cover, as well as the sheets, every week, and your bedding will remain crisp, attractive and healthy.

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