How to put a kitten to sleep?

How to put a kitten to sleep?

How to put a kitten to sleep?

The experience of adopting a kitten is unique and irreplaceable. It's not just about winning a friend for life, it also introduces us to how these incredible mammals behave. During this period, it is normal for some doubts to arise as a result of possible behavioral or health problems, such as hours of sleep , essential to the development of the kitten. So how do you put a kitten to sleep?


Knowing how to put a kitten to sleep is crucial

Have you ever wondered how many hours a cat sleeps per day? An adult feline can sleep up to 15 or 17 hours, spread over several naps. However, a puppy cat will need more hours to grow properly.

Baby cats, up to 4 or 5 months old, can sleep up to 20 p.m. day. As they get older this resting time decreases and you can see how they spend more time eating, experiment, play and socialize .

Sleep not only helps replenish energy, it also boosts the immune system, helps improve mental abilities, and keeps the body healthy. Therefore, you should never interrupt sleep of a little cat.


Make sure the environment is comfortable

To get enough sleep, the kitten must feel comfortable in its surroundings. If you have recently separated from your mother and siblings, you need to understand that you may feel scared or sad and not rest well because of this. It can also cause negative behaviors and depression. This process is the same in cats.

It is important that the environment in which it is be temperate , that he has a warm bed if he is very small,water and food in his reach. You should also make sure he relieves himself regularly. We can improve and enrich the chat environment with relaxing music and the use of pheromones. And we recommend that you remove the toys a few times a day to promote sleep.

Finally, constantly offering company to the little one must be a priority for the family in order to make the kitten sleep. By creating a strong emotional bond with the kitten, you will help him feel comfortable and safe.

Use music to relax and put a kitten to sleep can be a great idea:



How to put a kitten to sleep?

Establish a routine and set schedules

Cats and many other animals enjoy certain daily routines because it allows them to have day-to-day organization. Therefore, we recommend that you plan a meal schedule for your cat. Of course, you have to keep in mind that kittens tend to ask for food. Avoid doing this at 6am before going to work or school, otherwise your cat will start waking you up on Saturday and Sunday at the same time.

It may also be worth setting a few days of the week to clean the sandbox and renew your water daily. It's not just because they are very clean animals, cats can blame dirt by urinating in unsuspected places.

Even at rest, we must keep this point in mind. A stable routine and habits will help a kitten fall asleep better.


Have him do relaxation exercises.

Here is an exercise to help your cat relax naturally, yes, several repetitions are necessary for the little one to understand it correctly:

  1. Create a relaxed, calm and positive environment.
  2. Get something to wear, like a cozy blanket or pillow, and call or bring your kitten over. It is very positive that it comes on its own, you should never force it.
  3. Give him a gentle and relaxing massage session.
  4. Do a 5-minute session and at the end, remove the chosen cushion or blanket.

You can do this exercise once or twice a day. Little by little, you will begin to notice that, just by taking out the chosen garment, the kitten will quickly come in search of relaxation and affection. At the end of the session, don't forget to congratulate him and help him understand that he did very well.


How to put a kitten to sleep?


Frequent problems and doubts influencing the sleep of kittens

To end this article, we will show you some common problems that can prevent the kitten from sleeping as it should, as well as some common questions or methods to use:

  • Hyperactivity: this problem can be considered serious in adult cats, but not in puppies, because at this stage it is completely normal for them to are actively experiencing and have a high level of energy. However, it is something we can work on. Some of the symptoms of hyperactive cats are lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, or psychological reinforcement from owners, who emphasize certain behaviors because they find them funny. Until a certain point. The hyperactive cat bites, scratches and plays like any other baby, but tends to become easier to control. Remedies for hyperactive cats are based on improving well-being through exercise, mental stimulation, ...
  • problems at night"My cat won't let me sleep at night!" is one of the most common phrases heard by ethologists and feline behavior specialists. It may happen that the cat makes noise at night, meows or tries to wake up the owner in different ways. In this case, you need to act by applying the tips mentioned in the article, paying special attention to the routines and schedules.
  • Should/can the cat be locked up to sleep? : You should not lock a puppy in a room to teach him to sleep, deprive him of access to certain places or close your door to isolate him. Remember that this is a social animal that, in a wild environment, would sleep with its conspecifics to obtain warmth. While we may be interested in teaching him to sleep in his bed, we also need to understand that he is still a kitten and that social isolation can cause depression and stress.


Now you know how to put a kitten to sleep.


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