How to sleep with a broken rib?

How to sleep with a broken rib?

How to sleep with a broken rib?

If a rib breaks, you'll quickly figure out how often you use those bones. The ribs play an important role in breathing, allowing the chest to expand and contract. But how to sleep with a broken rib?


How to sleep with a broken rib? Our simple tips

  1. Spend full nights. It is important to sleep well when you have a broken rib. Sleep gives your body the chance to heal, and lack of sleep can slow down the speed of your recovery. To do this, you need to relieve your pain as much as possible.

  2. Pay attention to his rib cage. The most important consideration for sleeping with a broken rib is making sure the rib cage can fully expand and contract. Doctors thought broken ribs needed to be wrapped tightly and kept immobilized. We now know that while it prevents some pain, it can lead to collapsed lungs, pneumonia, or other major respiratory infections.

  3. You will need some type of medicine against pain to relieve the pain of the broken rib. Ask your doctor what is best for you. Most people can take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or aspirin, but your doctor may also prescribe something stronger if the pain is interfering with your sleep.

  4. Do not use pillows. Many people prefer to sleep in the position that causes the least pain. For some people, that means sleeping on their back. However, it can interfere with the ability of the rib cage to fully open. For this reason, if you decide to sleep on your back, do not use pillows.

  5. Sleep on the side of the broken rib. Oddly enough, most doctors suggest lying on the side of the broken rib. This allows the uninjured side to stretch out as much as possible for deeper breathing. You should be able to continue to use a pillow to support your head in this position.

  6. Consult his doctor. A broken rib is definitely no fun, but it's not an injury that usually results in permanent damage. You can find a way to sleep with a broken rib or sleep with a cracked side that suits your lifestyle. If in doubt, always consult your doctor to find out which method is best for you.


How to sleep with a broken rib?


Equip yourself to sleep better with a broken rib


1. Sleep assist(e)

It's probably the best way to sleep with broken ribs. You may not be used to this sleeping position, but it's great for letting your ribs heal faster. The logic is simple: lying on your back or side can put excessive pressure on your rib cage and spine. Sleeping in a seated position is a perfect position to keep your chest straight. It will also help you easily get up from bed or sofa.


Use a support pillow

What's better than getting gentle support for your back and arms while sleeping. A support pillow also known as a reading pillow is a great option for achieving balance during the night; making sure to your back and chest stay straight and that you can breathe or cough without pain even when lying down



Chaise longue

Not using the bed and choosing a lounge chair for sleeping with a broken rib is a good choice. A lounge chair has armrests that a mattress does not. This makes it more convenient for the body to lie down in an elevated position.. Make sure the chair you choose has armrests, otherwise it won't provide the support you need and you might even fall off it.


Sleep on a recliner

Often suggested by doctors, recliners are ideal for sleeping in a seated position while providing you with the ideal elevation and comfort. One of the best things about a recliner is that you can always adjust your back with the zero gravity option to move your head and back as needed. A recliner that can lean back and forth will also allow you to sit down and get up in the morning.


2. Sleep slightly elevated on your back

Although it is not recommended to sleep on your back with a broken rib, however, slightly elevating the back while sleeping can allow the injury to get an uninterrupted supply of blood and to heal and sleep better.

If you sleep on your back for a long time, you may experience stiffness and pain in the morning. Sleeping in a slightly elevated position using a wedge pillow is conducive to supporting your upper back and not allowing blood to flow into the fractured area as your heart will be on top of your legs. For this a travel cushion is ideal.



How to sleep with a broken rib?

3. Use a nursing pillow when coughing

Sneezing without damaging the ribs is a herculean task and one of the many problems with a broken rib. An excellent solution is to support your chest with a pregnancy pillow soft that will act as a barrier.

A nursing pillow can also be used when coughing or hiccuping. It also provides some support when trying to stand up with broken ribs. At night, you can wrap it around your neck to support your spine while sleeping.


Why do broken ribs hurt more at night?

One of the main reasons broken ribs hurt more at night is due to native bone cells like osteoblasts and chondrocytes releasing inflammatory cytokines during the first week of recovery. In addition to this, there is a higher chance of involuntary movements when a person is asleep.


How to get out of bed with broken ribs?

Getting in and out of bed with broken ribs can be pretty gruesome. Here's a quick tip that will help reduce your pain when getting in or out of bed.

Grasp everything you can to carry yourself on both sides and hold it as firmly as possible with one hand. The more you can tighten it, the less your ribs will move and the less pain you will feel. Also, this trick works best when wearing less stretchy fabric. Now use your other hand to support your body when getting in or out of bed.


With these valuable tips, you have solutions that can be implemented in 30 seconds and more radical solutions that require additional equipment. Knowing how to sleep with a broken rib will be child's play!

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