How to sleep with a neck brace?

How to sleep with a neck brace?

How to sleep with a neck brace?

Although the neck brace can be difficult to live with during the day, it's at night that it can really start to irritate a person. If your injured neck is causing you pain, you can expect to have trouble sleeping unless you have a specific plan to make the neck brace more bearable. Here's how to sleep with a neck brace.


How to sleep with a neck brace with a few tweaks

Depending on your state, you can buy some travel pillows that stabilize your neck at night. Or, you can choose a memory foam pillow to reduce pain.

Make sure your brace is set to the correct adjustment level. If you hold it too tight, you will be uncomfortable no matter what position you are resting in.

Find a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Make sure the chair and cushions are soft. Sleeping with your head elevated may seem difficult at first, but you'll avoid all the head movement that comes with sleeping in a bed.

Place a pillow behind your head for stability. More than one pillow will put too much pressure on an already injured neck.

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