Kiwi before sleep: What you need to know

    Kiwi before sleep: What you need to know

    Kiwi before sleep: What you need to know

    A particular food habit, which belongs to almost all French families, is to finish their meals with fruit and this happens at lunch and dinner. However, some fruits are more suitable than others, as they can be high in sugar and are therefore considered too heavy if eaten at night.

    Therefore, it would be advisable to limit their consumption and in some cases even avoid eating them in the evening. The kiwi contains 61 calories per 100 grams and is therefore considered high in calories. So, is eating kiwi fruit before bed bad? In this article we will answer this and other questions.

    Kiwi before sleep: Properties of kiwi

    Kiwifruit contains 61 calories per 100 grams while most other types of fruit contain 40. Despite this, kiwifruit is not considered a high calorie fruit and this is because it contains a lot of water. and has a moderate glycemic index. This fruit brings many benefits to our body and is suitable for people with diabetes, in addition to many beneficial properties that help our night life.

    Is eating kiwi fruit before bed bad?

    The kiwi, contrary to what one might imagine, if consumed after dinner is very good and it is because among the proven beneficial properties of this fruit there are some fundamental for life of the evening.

    This hairy fruit is rich in actinidin , a plant compound that helps digest the proteins accumulated during meals, since it manages to break them down in such a way as to be of great help for the intestine and eliminate the feeling of satiety and swelling that usually occurs after meals.

    The kiwi is an excellent ally for sleep, because it is rich in serotonin, which is used to treat sleep disorders, so by eating a kiwi after dinner, sleep will also be more restful.

    The kiwi must be eaten after dinner also because it is rich in vitamin C and for this reason it has the ability to make the iron contained in food more easily absorbed by our digestive system.

    In addition, it must also be said that kiwi is able to lower blood pressure and also for this reason it can be eaten after dinner if you suffer from this disease.


    We hope we have explained to you in the best possible way why eating kiwi fruit before going to sleep is good for you, dispelling a false myth based on proper studies and scientific research. The kiwi is one of the healthiest fruits that exist and for this reason its consumption is excellent at any time of the day as long as it is consumed in the right dose, which generally should not exceed two kiwis per day.

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