My cat snores when he sleeps: The causes and their solutions

My cat snores when he sleeps: The causes and their solutions

My cat snores when he sleeps: The causes and their solutions

Why does my cat snore when he sleeps? This question is asked by many often curious and sometimes worried cat owners. Even though cats snore less than dogs, they can still snore when they sleep and it is normal to want to understand the reason for this snoring and find possible corrective actions.


My cat snores when he sleeps: But why?

When your cat sleeps, the tissues in the back of her throat relax and can create a vibration leading to snoring. 

Many factors can lead to cat snoring, here are the main factors of snoring in cats:



As with humans, being overweight is often the cause of snoring in cats because fat accumulates around your cat's neck and makes it harder to breathe, ultimately triggering snoring.

Beyond snoring, it is necessary to make your cat lose weight to avoid health problems and increase its life expectancy.

If you want to know how to make him lose weight in a healthy way, then a visit to the veterinarian or applying the right methods is essential.


The structure of the face

Cats of brachycephalic breeds, that is to say with flat heads, such as the Persian for example, are more prone to snoring because of the structure of their face. Indeed, their entire nasal cavity is inside their skull and they are more likely to have soft tissue blocking their breathing and producing vibrations.

It is therefore normal for these cats to snore when they sleep.


A respiratory disease

The snoring of the cat can be due to a respiratory problem, especially when he has a cold or a fungal infection. Symptoms like coughing, runny nose or eyes or fatigue and lack of appetite set the stage.


If he is neither fat nor brachycephalic, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian. 


A bad sleeping position

Cats can sleep in incongruous and surprising positions. The way they position their head can create an angle favorable to snoring, which in this case is not worrying.


An external element

If your cat starts snoring for no reason, then it's possible that he's inhaled something like a blade of grass that's disrupting his breathing. Check that there is nothing blocked in his nostrils and avoid removing it yourself if there is the slightest risk, prefer at the veterinarian.


If none of these causes the snoring

If your cat snores at night, then maybe nasal polyps, tumors or inflammation may be the cause.

It is therefore essential to go to the veterinarian to check that everything is fine.


My cat snores when he sleeps: The causes and their solutions


Cat snoring is often normal

Most of the time, a cat that snores when sleeping is normal and not due to a deeper symptom. On the other hand, it is essential to check that there are no symptoms to correct.

If your cat is snoring loudly, with symptoms, or getting louder, it could indicate a problem.

If your cat has difficulty breathing or has a breathing problem, call the veterinarian as soon as possible.


How to stop cat snoring?

Here are several tips to put in place so that your cat can sleep without snoring. 


Annual visits to the veterinarian

Cats often hide their symptoms when they have a disorder and don't feel like they're normal. Your cat may be sick without showing it. 

It is therefore essential to visit the veterinarian at least once a year to make sure that everything is fine.


Make access to food a little harder

In the wild, cats spend most of their day hunting for food and it is not natural for them to spend their lives without hunting. A food puzzle is then ideal for him to eat but adding a little difficulty to achieve 

Food puzzles help your cat get more exercise and use the part of their brain related to hunting, which in turn helps them sleep better at night.


Exercise them

Cats need exercise to expend the energy needed for good sleep. You can buy them toys or play with them so they can burn off their energy during the day.


To learn more

To understand everything about your cat and live a harmonious relationship with him, then the book below will be a real bible that will help you have a relationship with your cat that you probably do not think possible by reading these lines.



The complete guide to a harmonious relationship with your cat My cat snores when he sleeps: The causes and their solutions


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