Natural oils and massages: are these ways to sleep better?

Natural oils and massages: are these ways to sleep better?

Being able to sleep in time and allowing the body to renew its energy reserve seems to be a challenge for many. The quality of sleep is increasingly disturbed because of the stressful days that most people are subjected to. To help you sleep well, Chinese medicine and several natural oils are at your service. This article sheds light on natural solutions such as massage and the use of CBD oil as a great way to relax the body for guaranteed relaxation.


The benefits of massage combined with organic oils

When you want to get a massage from a practitioner, it has a cost and you need time while there are several ways to do it yourself. You know your body better than anyone. So don't hesitate to take action.

Some diseases occur as a result of an accumulation of stress in the body. A schedule that promotes sedentary lifestyle, anxiety is the ideal ground for a tense body and a knotted neck at the end of the day. Impossible to have a quality sleep in such conditions. The practice of oil-based massage brings benefits for your body as well as your mind.

Oils to improve sleep


Organic oils are endowed with unimaginable powers. Do not hesitate to carry out massage sessions as often as possible. For example, lie on your stomach and get help from a masseur who will apply the chosen oil in his hands, he will place them on your lower back with both thumbs together at the level of the spine. In particular, you have the possibility of acquiring promo codes in stores to reduce the total cost of your order. Promo codes and reductions generally offered by sites like and guides on good deals and offers from shops. Here are some examples :

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It will then be for him to gently slide his hands while pressing towards the flanks. CBD oil is highly recommended in this case since it would have relaxing properties for a clear improvement in sleep. Find in the best quality organic CBD oil possible. Also, there are many essential oils strongly recommended for massages aimed at relaxing your body and mind for more restful nights. Do not hesitate to alternate the use of your oils in order to experiment with many active ingredients in order to find those that suit you the most.




Self-massage, a solution in your hands

You can no longer get back to sleep and want to use massage as a solution to this problem? You don't need any help, your hands will do. To have a relaxing sleep, reduce anxiety and bring you serenity, there are three points to massage:
  • The back of the skull : it is behind the lobe of the ear that we find the celestial pillar, the precise point to be massaged. It is found when you place your finger on the small bone behind your ear, and slide it down to the level of the base of your skull;
  • On the inside of the leg : you find the point to be massaged by placing four fingers flat above the medial malleolus. This point is on the last finger counting from the bottom;
  • At the wrists : you will find the place to be massaged by following the line of the little finger to the level of the sensitive hollow between two small bones to the touch.
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