Sleep Hypnosis: The Complete Guide!

Sleep Hypnosis: The Complete Guide!

When we go through sleepless nights, the worst happens to us the next day when we wake up completely tired. The problem of insomnia affects a good percentage of the population, because everyone in our life has spent a night in bed without being able to fall asleep that day. Insomnia becomes a problem when you fall down several times a night without being able to sleep in any way. However, a simple solution exists in the face of this scourge: hypnosis for sleep.

The main causes of insomnia are worries that torment a person's mind and cause them to constantly think about it in a way that prevents them from sleeping.

This is one of the causes why hypnosis is used for deep sleep.


Hypnosis for sleep: What effects?

Thanks to sleep hypnosis, the brain is much calmer and stops thinking about these problems.

When a person does hypnosis sessions, their sleep is deeper and more restorative.

Stress, depression, or anxiety are other causes that prevent you from sleeping well.

They all have the same common bedtime symptom, constant thoughts at bedtime that prevent proper reconciliation.

Therefore, sleep hypnosis sessions are helpful in solving insomnia problems.


The causes of insomnia

Another reason why we suffer from insomnia is due to other factors that directly depend on the patient.

Certain medications, especially those containing caffeine, prevent us from falling asleep. Having dinner just before bedtime, drinking a soda in the evening or a coffee are determining factors for sleep.

For this type of reasons, sleep hypnosis cannot solve insomnia problems. Other types of therapies would be needed to treat these cases.


Should I undergo hypnosis to sleep better?

Before answering the question, you need to know what are the causes that prevent you from sleeping soundly during the night.

As mentioned earlier, some causes preventing proper sleep depend solely on the individual.


  • Excess food before bedtime: A very late dinner means a bad night, with insomnia or nightmares. When the body is digesting, it is very difficult to achieve sleep. When the body finally relaxes and falls asleep, we are likely to have a bad night of night terrors and nightmares.
  • Exercise at night: playing sports or jogging at night before going to bed can cause insomnia problem because the body is activated and sleep does not appear until relaxation.
  • You take stimulating drinks: A coffee, a coca-cola or drinks sweetened with caffeine can cause immediate insomnia.
  • Possible sleep disorder: if insomnia is recurrent for months and is not identified by any of the factors mentioned above. It could be a sleep disorder. It is necessary to consult an emergency specialist to diagnose if you suffer from sleep disorders.
  • If you feel identified with one of these four points. Hypnosis to allow relaxation and sleep will not work because this therapy works by relaxing people's minds, letting go of worries that torment and prevent sleep.


Hypnosis treatments for deep sleep

I am going to teach you now a hypnosis exercise to sleep well and it will help you to achieve deep, pleasant and rested dreams.

With this exercise we achieve a deep relaxation of body and mind, so that the next day we get up much more rested and active to lead the day with energy.


Self hypnosis exercise for deep sleep

To begin with, it is very important that you are in a completely silent environment and that no one can catch our attention.

You lie in bed in a comfortable posture that you normally use for sleeping and take a series of deep breaths so as to fill and empty the entire chest face with each breath. Repeat 5 times.

Focus on your body from the bottom up starting with the feet. Think about how relaxed your legs are and as you breathe, the more relaxed they are. Speak with your feet in your mind and tell them that they are very relaxed, that they are ready to sleep.

Once you have successfully relaxed your legs, continue upwards and even until you reach your head. You should feel the weight of your legs in your head, you feel like the tendons and muscles are not moving because they are completely relaxed.

Once your whole body is relaxed, you feel like your whole body is relaxed. You will notice tingling in the hands and legs.

If you haven't fallen asleep yet, you need to keep feeling your body and asking your mind what it takes most to be able to fall asleep. Your mind will give you the answer.


Self-hypnosis for better sleep thanks to subliminal messages

There are other alternatives for using self-hypnosis for the purpose of better sleep. In this case, we are now going to talk about the audios to be ready to sleep soundly.

These are audios prepared by specialized therapists in which there are a series of guidelines that we follow when trying to sleep. It is essential to wear good headphones and have a very comfortable posture to obtain good results.

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