Night Mask for the Eyes: Guide and selection of the most beautiful models

Night Mask for the Eyes: Guide and selection of the most beautiful models

An overnight eye mask, or sleep mask, has many benefits. Before discovering our selection of the most beautiful models, here are the purchasing factors to take into account to make the best choice.


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What is an Overnight Eye Mask?

A night eye mask covers the eyes 360 degrees and provides complete darkness. People suffering from insomnia or having to sleep during the day will make a essential accessory to get a good night's sleep.

A sleep mask makes it possible to sleep in bright environments and to relax the eyes more quickly.


Benefits of an overnight mask

Although its primary reason for purchase is to cover the eyes from ambient light, an eye sleep mask has many benefits:


  • Accessible

They are much cheaper than blackout curtains and provide better light blocking. For less than 30 euros, you can access models of high-end eye masks in silk or satin.


  • Improve the quality of sleep

Everyone needs darkness to sleep. Nowadays light is omnipresent day and night. However, our brains are conditioned to associate darkness with sleep. In cutting out 100% of surrounding light, each sleep mask produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. They also promote paradoxical sleep and reduce episodes of insomnia.


  • good for health

Sleeping pills and medications cause side effects. They can be addictive and cause health problems. Overnight eye masks are good for your health.

Beyond having no side effects, they are recommended for eliminate dry eye. Indeed, the heat they provide allows the tear film to flow better and relax the eyeball.

They also eliminate the risk of aggression by mosquitoes, animal hair and pollen.

Finally, they offer people suffering from lagophthalmosis the ability to sleep with their eyes open.


  • Anti aging

When you wake up with your face against the pillow, you've spent the night scrubbing your skin. Ultimately, this accelerates wrinkles and degrades collagen. An overnight eye mask provides a protective barrier and prevents the appearance of simultaneous wrinkles. Especially around the eyes where the skin is very fragile.


  • Available in many models

As we will see next, a night mask is not a unique model. There are models to meet every need. Composition, format, appearance, you will find the model that suits you the most.


  • Perfect for traveling

Indispensable for sleeping while travelling, an eye sleep mask allows you to create total darkness even next to a window facing sleep.


  • Relaxing

10 minutes of use is enough to cut yourself off from the outside world and feel immersed in intense relaxation.


Types of Sleeping Eye Masks and Their Best Models

There are a multitude of ranges of eye sleep masks. Discover all the models available and their best references.


  • Premium Sleeping Eye Mask

This type of sleep mask is made of high-end material like silk, satin or shape memory. Their design is also better thought out to ensure maximum comfort. Some functions can even be integrated. Like the ability to heat the eyelids with an integrated heating system. In addition, some models have a bluetooth function. Finally, some night headbands also allow you to cut yourself off from the sound by covering your ears.


Premium Night Mask



  • Ergonomic design
  • 3D design
  • Cover the ears


Premium Sleep Mask


  • Three-dimensional design
  • Trouser breathable
  • Durable polyester and terry
  • Reinforced 3D relief


  • Memory foam sleep mask

Shape memory has many advantages justifying its popularity.

First of all, they offer maximum comfort, being thermosensibles and adjusting their pressure level to body heat.

They are also ideal for people with allergies, shape memory being hypoallergenic and mold resistant.


Shape Memory Sleep Mask 

  • Microfiber Polyester Fabric
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Currently on promotion


  • Silk Night Mask

Very soft, silk offers both comfort and durability. It also helps keep your eyes cool in summer, having the ability to absorb heat.


Black Silk Sleep Mask


  • Classic model
  • 3D relief
  • Adjustable strap


Sleeping Silk Mask

  • 100% pure silk
  • High comfort
  • Washable at 40 degrees


  • Unicorn Sleep Mask

Unicorn eye mask models are generally very accessible and intended for children. Here theappearance is especially sought after by children.


Black Unicorn Sleeping Mask

  • Size: 20*10cm
  • Adjustable strap


Unicorn Night Headband

  • Composition: Cotton
  • Colors: Pink and white


  • Animal Eye Sleep Mask

Animal sleep masks are sought after by all animal lovers. The most popular are those with the image of cats. The most sought-after models are those representing felines. There is however dozens of animals depicted on sleep masks.


Animal Sleep Mask of your choice


  • Animal of your choice
  • cotton and nylon


  • The Bluetooth model

This type of sleeping mask makes it easier to listen to music to relax or fall asleep. They are usually in the form of a headband to cut out outside noise and enjoy music better.


 Bluetooth Sleep Mask

  • Music player function
  • Adjusting call volume
  • Allows you to answer calls
  • Possible use of the smartphone keyboard
  • Connects to smartphone, iPod


  • Relief types

Most high quality sleeping masks are embossed. That is to say that the eyes have space and are not attacked by the night mask for the eyes. They also have a notch matching the shape of the nose.


Black Sleep Mask 

  • Easily washable, thanks to its polyester outline
  • Comfortable: The filling being made of sponge
  • Suitable for all body types, 20 cm precision range for the adjustable headband.


  • The heated sleeping mask

Ideal for relaxing the eyes and avoid dry eye, this type of night eye mask has a function to heat the eyes up to more than 40 degrees. Be careful, however, not to use the heating function for more than 5 minutes.


Gray Heated Sleep Mask

  • Heating sleep mask
  • 100% silk
  • 360 degree coverage


  • The gel model

The gel in micro-beads can be heated in the microwave or in the oven and cooled in the freezer or in the fridge. It allows to relax the eyes either by heat or by cold. It is particularly recommended by doctors to treat dry eye and styes


Sleep Mask with Gel

  • Composition: PVC and non-toxic gel
  • Size: 22*11cm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Type: Sleep mask with gel
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