What type of mattress do you find in luxury hotels?

What type of mattress do you find in luxury hotels?

Luxury hotels try to make sleep a five-star experience. They don't skimp on luxury mattresses because they know their customers expect the best. So what type of luxury mattress do the best hotels in the world use? Here are those used by the largest hotels, which you can find directly on https://promo-hotel-luxe.com/.


Hilton hotel

The Hilton has a well-known luxury mattress since it has its own name and website. The Serenity Mattress was designed for Hilton to provide "restorative sleep" to all of its VIP guests and sleepers. The extra spool support and internal design prevents mattress breakdown, an important feature when used every night by different guests, and the patented quilted design improves blood circulation and reduces restlessness overnight.


Hôtel DoubleTree

The DoubleTree (which is still technically owned by Hilton) has another exclusive mattress designed specifically for its hotels. The DoubleTree offers the "Sweet Dreams Mattress", which has been specially designed and constructed with a motion-reducing foundation, so customers don't have to worry about slipping during the night, as well as supreme quality. Doubletree has also decided to make the fire retardant mattress.


Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont is a classic name in the hospitality world, but fairly new to mattresses. After a complete overhaul of their beds in 2016, they decided to go with a five-star mattress that includes therapeutic support, memory foam, cooling technology, and a plush pillow for their standard bed. This is not the only option at the Fairmont, their hotel mattresses for their luxury suites feature the Fairmont Gold Bed. This hotel mattress has all the amenities listed above, plus an innerspring mattress and a soft pillow. Now Fairmont guests can relax in style and comfort with hotel mattresses that combine the old-world luxury with state-of-the-art bed technology.



The Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons has long been synonymous with a lavish hotel experience, and their hotel mattresses are no exception. The Four Seasons mattress offers three levels of firmness and temperature regulating technology to lull travelers to sleep after a long day. This luxury hotel mattress is equipped with a pocket coil motion divider and Geltouch foam to ensure visitors feel refreshed and supported. No more sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, wishing they could fall asleep in a hotel, this five-star mattress ensures even the most finicky sleeper gets a great night's sleep.



Hôtel Marriott

The Marriott hotel chain calls its mattress (very creatively) the Marriott mattress. Customers generally love this bed because the memory foam they use doesn't leave a sinking feeling that some other hotel mattresses sometimes exhibit, especially when using a traditional spring mattress. Sometimes a little space is nice. If you prefer an even firmer mattress, Marriott also offers a second luxury mattress called Innerspring, a traditional spring mattress.

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