Phytotherapy and sleep: anti-stress plants

Phytotherapy and sleep: anti-stress plants

Phytotherapy and sleep: anti-stress plants

Stress can be one of the causes of your insomnia. Indeed, when we feel tense, when our thoughts are monopolized by the negative, it is often difficult to fall asleep.

Stress affects the quality of your sleep, which increases your stress level, resulting in a vicious circle: the less you sleep, the more cortisol you secrete and the more stressed you are! Fortunately, anxiety disorders such as stress, anxiety or anxiety can be treated in different ways, including natural with plant therapy.


Herbal medicine as a natural treatment to recover sleep

Phytotherapy is a "treatment" which makes it possible to treat ailments with plants, it is an unconventional medicine. The natural active ingredients of plants indeed make it possible to treat naturally: difficulties in finding sleep, problems related to mood, mental ruminations, weight gain, etc.

We must not neglect the power of plants, the latter, even at low doses, can be extremely powerful: herbal medicine to regain sleep is therefore not a treatment to be taken lightly. The treatment of sleep by herbal medicine must always be carried out with knowledge of the contraindications and according to the precautions for use.


The two “sleep” plants

Two plants are particularly effective in the treatment of sleep and stress: valerian and passionflower. In occasional cures or to meet a specific need, they will be formidable allies in getting back to sleep.



You have certainly heard of this plant before! Indeed, it has been used for centuries for its relaxing properties and is known to soothe nervousness and anxiety states.

Often associated with cats for its calming action, valerian is not just “catnip”! In herbal tea, in dry extracts or in decoction, the valerian root will have a sedative action and allow in the evening to prepare a good night's sleep. Often associated with hawthorn, its power is reinforced and will allow you to treat your sleep disorders more easily.


passion flower

Passionflower, called passion fruit flower, is a “natural” soporific. This herbaceous plant acts directly on anxiety and truly promotes sleep. Its therapeutic power calms pain and causes sleep.

Indeed, the plant has antispasmodic and muscle relaxation effects: once lying down, your body is relaxed and ready to sleep. In case of stress-related insomnia, the plant can be used in different ways: infusion, tablet, capsule, ampoule… It all depends on you!

If you opt for the dried extract, drinking your passionflower infusion will be part of a sleep ritual and will be able to calm your anxieties.

In general, during a phytotherapy treatment, always be careful not to combine the power of the different plants randomly! Also, know that herbal medicine can be included in an approach around sophrology or aromatherapy.

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