Plane crash dream: What does it mean?

Plane crash dream: What does it mean?

Plane crash dream: What does it mean?

Don't panic if you have just dreamed of a plane crash, because you might be terrified if you are used to doing a lot of air travel.

This does not mean that you will soon die or fall on a desert island, as in the famous series Lost, or as in the film Castaway by actor Tom Hanks. And besides, dreaming of a plane crash is more common among people who have never traveled by plane!

This dream has a positive meaning, but one must understand the different characteristics of the plane that crashes in the dream, and the different details of the dream to make the most accurate interpretation possible.

So what does it really mean to dream of a plane crashing? Overall, the meaning of dreaming about a plane crash is very much related to knowledge and financial success! Below, find out the different meanings of a dream that involves this tragic accident.

Dream about seeing a plane crash

If in reality seeing a plane crashing means a huge tragedy, dreaming of seeing a plane crashing in the dream sphere means a better life ! Whether it's problem solving with family or friends, or even a promotion at work. You will have a very peaceful moment ahead of you, all you have to do is welcome this real period of positivity.

Dreaming that you are inside a crashing plane

Masks falling in your lap, people crying and all that despair is not pleasant to live with, even in dreams. This dream might even make you wake up sweating.

But believe me, dreaming of this means that you will have a long and prosperous life! The sign that your subconscious is sending you through this dream is not just to relax and settle down, but to take care of your health.

Dream about plane crashing and exploding

Typically, in this type of dream, you wake up before the plane explodes. But when one also dreams of the explosion, it can have two possible interpretations. 

The first is a warning that your professional or personal projects may be in great danger ! In this case, be grateful for the warning your subconscious has sent you and stay away from plans that have a high chance of failing.

The second interpretation is a message from your subconscious, warning you that you will soon be disappointed. So try not to fool yourself too much, not to give yourself false hope in the face of possible disappointments.

Dreaming about a plane crashing and catching fire

Unlike the previous dream, when you dream that the crashing plane is on fire, it is a serious warning! You are not very mature in your decisions. You need to be more responsible, or your life will turn into chaos!

Pay attention to one detail of your dream: maybe the plane is just on fire and in free fall or maybe it hasn't crashed yet. So take back control of your life, understand the need for an orderly life.

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Dream about a plane crashing into you

Just like your success and your destiny, everything depends on you! You are responsible for your own success ! So, after this dreamlike warning, go back and take charge of your life!


Dreaming of plane crash and death

This dream is related to health, but represents the opposite of what you dreamed. If you are going through a disease, it means you will get better, just like if someone was with you in the dream, it means that person will also have better health.

If you are not sick, this also represents an improvement in the quality of your life. Try to take better care of yourself right now, eat well, and exercise regularly.


Dream about piloting an airplane in freefall

In the best of old movies, dreaming that you are piloting a crashing plane does not mean that you are going to save some people's life. The dream symbolizes the fact that you control your life as you wish, without changing your choices for anyone and nothing worthwhile. With that, carry on with that confidence and understand that now is the time to invest in something you've wanted for a while.

Dreaming about a plane crashing in an urban area

Cities are linked to the world of business and work. Therefore, this plane crash represents a positive development in your career, such as getting a job, or even getting a promotion.

This dream can also be linked to the positive consequences of returning to work, such as buying a new car or an apartment. In any case, you must have earned it, enjoy the moment!

Dreaming about a plane crashing into the sea

The sea is closely linked to our most intimate side. To dream of a plane falling into the sea is to dive into your subconscious, face your problems, etc Therefore, this dream is very much related to your personal side!

If you are going through psychological problems, for example, it symbolizes that you need to rethink some things to build your self-knowledge, you need to know yourself more, feel more secure with the next problems that arise in life.

If you are not having any psychological problems, this dream shows that you have a very busy life, which prevents you from mentally resting. Therefore, try to respect yourself and have moments of solitary peace, where you can think more about the most important person in your life.

Dream about a plane crashing into the river

When you dream that he fell into the river, the meaning is a bit like the sea, but it reaches another part of your subconscious. This dream shows that you have an obstacle that prevents you from having a good and happy life!

For this to be resolved, you also need to dive deep into your life and find out what this obstacle is and how to overcome it! You are very close to something very good, don't give up now, you can do it!

Dreaming of a plane colliding and that crash

This dream comes to let you know that the clash or the conflict you are going through will soon be resolved, both in your family life and in your other relationships.

This clash between two planes is also linked to your work! If you've had discussions on your desktop lately, rest assured, it will resolve itself! Therefore, avoid fueling any discussion that has already been.

Dreaming about loved ones in a crashing plane

Dreaming of loved ones in a falling plane is worse than dreaming of yourself in freefall, right? This is another bad dream that symbolizes something very good! It shows that good news will come to you and your loved ones.

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