The year of Water Tiger begins on February 1, 2022 with the Chinese New Year, and ends on the evening of January 31, 2023. 

Here are general annual predictions, as well as those for the boar chinese zodiac sign

General Chinese forecast for the year 2022 

We will use our skills and talents to achieve great things during the course of the year 2022. We will not lack tenacity, scope and good ideas, confidence and will to succeed in our lives, find a job , get married, make more money, create a home, have children or demonstrate our artistic know-how and shine on the boards.

People who work in politics will not be left out since important and major changes will occur and change the course of their destiny. However, the successes as well as the losses of power will be spectacular! 

Stunning, surprising, astonishing (at the limit, a little crazy) events will make the headlines. The unexpected will therefore be there in 2022. We will hear about horror stories like other sex scandals, domestic and family violence and more. Social violence which, far from subsiding, will affect all levels of society. For example, the most cruel, evil, evil, malicious, malevolent, evil, evil, sadistic, and vicious individuals will be discovered in the most bizarre and unexpected ways. That is why we will hear about things that will be beyond our understanding this year. Think of the craziest thing that could happen and the reality will exceed your imagination!

In summary, the year of the water tiger will offer us golden opportunities to be able to stand out, to hit the mark, to develop projects, to earn large amounts of money or to rebuild our financial health, to seize unique opportunities on the fly, to be recognized or known in the strangest and most unexpected way. The Water Tiger suggests that many shipwrecks or major floods would be possible (British Columbia already suffered a major state of emergency in November 2021). All this will trigger important awareness here and in the world. Unfortunately, we will witness the outbreak of other viruses that will emanate from the water. 

All trades directly or indirectly related to water: river and maritime trade, flora and marine species, fish farming, etc., will develop new markets that are both sustainable and lucrative. Drinking water is increasingly threatened, according to the planet Neptune, and the development and treatment of water will often be talked about this year.

The 3 luckiest signs this year: the Horse, the Dog and the Pig (the Tiger remains very lucky, of course).

Happy New Year of the Tiger!

Love for the sign of the Boar

The family will cause you some headaches, but unusual, surprising, stunning and astonishing twists will thwart this ugly karma. That said, a new love will fulfill your wildest expectations. You will feel loved and comforted. Pregnancy would also be possible. A new acquaintance could lead you to elevate your sexual energy: Chakra training, perhaps, or Kundalini training.

Work and money for the sign of the Boar

You will earn the admiration and respect of your colleagues, bosses or associates. If you are looking for a job, you can be reassured that you will get a new job. You might even be spoiled for choice, that says it all! You will accept a responsibility that will fill you with happiness. You will worry about your financial health more seriously this year. Above all, you will become aware of the importance of having a good financial strategy that will span several years.

On a completely different note, you could lose things you hold dear because they have sentimental value to you. Thus warned, redouble your vigilance in order to thwart this possibility of destiny.

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