Should you sleep without a bra?

Should you sleep without a bra?

Should you sleep without a bra?

Used by 80% of women, the bra has sparked debate. This useful underwear to prevent the breasts from losing their elasticity and tone over the years could have repercussions on the body.

According to a French study conducted by Professor Jean Denis Rouillon, you must first choose the right bra. Very often, women tend to buy bras that are smaller in size or have underwires or cups that are too tight, which leads to blood circulation problems.  


Bra in bed: yes or no?

Busty women wear bras every day and certainly at night to feel more comfortable. But, according to the French medical study, women should do without this garment when they fall asleep. But why?

The bra compresses various glands and lymph channels, thus preventing the elimination of toxins through natural lymphatic drainage. And, as it happens mostly at night, wearing the bra can cause water retention, which in the long run can lead to bumps or cysts. In addition, the fabric of the bra increases the temperature of the chest and the rise in temperature during the night could promote the appearance of tumors.


Alternative to the bra

The breasts must also be free so that lymph and blood can circulate, thus eliminating accumulated toxins. In fact, it is recommended by experts not to use the bra for more than 7 hours a day. Too tight underwire or cut, in fact, would subject your breasts to “torture”

But if you really can't do without a bra, opt for nightwear that, given its shape, keeps the breasts separate, thus preventing the formation of unsightly wrinkles. In addition, these are non-wired and made of cotton, thus allowing skin perspiration and freedom while giving the feeling of "protection". Take care of yourself by choosing the right bra size and avoid subjecting your body to unnecessary “torment”.

Are you ready to sleep without a bra or will you choose cotton sleepwear?

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