Sleeping as a couple: The best positions

Sleeping as a couple: The best positions

Sleeping as a couple: The best positions

For a couple, one of the most intimate moments is when they go to bed together, we are not talking about sex, but sleep. The position we choose to spend when it comes to sleeping as a couple says a lot more than what we think about the type of relationship we have.

So without knowledge we assume certain roles to choose one or the other position. Our body language reveals things we may not even be aware of. Thanks to various studies carried out by body language experts and psychologists, they have managed to decipher what each of the most popular positions we adopt to sleep reveal of our relationship . Here are the conclusions.


Spoon sleeping couple

Psychologist Corren Sweet says this is the position chosen by 18% of couples and involves hugging the other behind the back, making contact with both bodies. A comfortable and warm practice that denotes the protection of one of the members towards the other. Sexually, it is a position that shows the host is more vulnerable to sex, but also tells the other person that they trust them.

This posture also has disadvantages and is that the one receiving the hug can get very hot under their protector's arm, while the one covering their partner's back can lose circulation to the arm they place under their partner.


As the relationship matures, we tend to seek more space and find restful sleep, but at the same time we don't want to give up contact with our beloved.

The absence of contact between the genitals and the buttocks shows that sexual desire has also stabilized and that other things are sought after in a more sedentary couple.


Sleeping as a couple: The best positions


Face to face

It is one of the most intimate positions of all when it comes to sleeping as a couple, and is often used after intense emotions such as at the start of the relationship or after practicing sex. The interesting thing about this position is not just whether we use it or not, but how long we stay there.

If it breaks up after 10 minutes, the couple has a strong, independent relationship. It's very rare that both members drop their position at the same time - it only happens in 8% of cases - but if you're one of these or those, you're in luck, because it means you have a similar commitment and independence in the relationship

On the contrary, if you both maintain this posture all night, it may mean that the couple is too tangled and that they are very dependent on each other, to the point of not even being able to sleep separately.


Sleeping in love back to back

Although the first message that may seem to convey the fact that everyone sleeps on one side is that there is no love, there is not even if you do not rub during the night. In fact, this position shows that your relationship is going very well.

The couples who choose to sleep as a couple like this are the most sure of themselves and those who are truly connected, that is, they are a close and independent couple. 30% of couples confess that this is their favorite position.

If there is contact on the back, it also means that they feel comfortable or relaxed with each other, so it is a position that speaks very well about your relationship.


Sleeping as a couple: The best positions


On the belly of the other

A very nice posture, but very uncomfortable. There's no one who can last all night if you don't want to end up with huge neck pain or without noticing one of your arms. Despite this, it's a great way to show your confidence and your intention to strengthen the relationship. Therefore, it is common in couples who have just started or for those times when a more tender moment is sought.


United by the feet

This is the spiciest position even though it doesn't seem like it. According to experts, this indicates that your partner seeks an emotional or sexual connection . But don't worry if after that a night of frantic sex does not begin. Maybe your partner is asleep and the violin is completely unconscious.

Be careful with this position for pair sleeping if only one of the two is intertwining their legs or feet, as this could be a symptom that they feel rejected and think they can't get anything out of them. more of his partner. A kind of consolation prize for reaching an affection or a contact that does not otherwise succeed.



If when you sleep as a couple, one of the two spreads out in bed and occupies us on every corner until we get out of bed, the message is clear for the experts: you are facing a person self-centered . One of the two dominates the space and the relationship, while the other acquires a secondary role.

If you are one of those who occupy the part near the headboard, you are the dominant one in the relationship and you show high self-esteem. On the contrary, if you crouch in a corner and with your head down, you will show submissiveness and a lack of confidence.

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