Sleeping at the beach: What you need to know

Sleeping at the beach: What you need to know

An almost unanimous dream is the dream of sleeping on the beach. Especially when it comes to a beach vacation, it's that charming hotel room with a balcony facing the sea, which is usually as salty as water. This same dreamy bedroom also leaves us somewhat removed from real contact with nature. 

When we say that we have camped several times by the beach, we are bombarded with suspicious questions, which we even find understandable because we, as a society, are used to living in fear. But calm down, we are going to show you how it is possible to park and sleep peacefully facing the sea. 

1. Choose a safe place 

It seems pretty obvious, but it's important to say it here, it's not about going to the first beach you find and stopping to sleep. Some can be very dangerous and it is important to take a few precautions, such as: 

  • Ask residents if the place is safe and if there are frequent thefts there;  

  • Choose a more secluded beach or near small villages. If this is your choice, note if houses have high walls and excessive fencing, as this is an indicator of danger. 

2. Bathroom and bathtub 

If you have this structure in your RV, great, but if you don't, there's always a way. When we camp on the beach, we always guarantee a bath in the shower that the beach itself offers. 

It's still cold, of course, but with the heat it doesn't become a problem, but remember that the water that goes to the floor can't contain soap or conditioner. So for these occasions it is worth investing in products that do not harm the environment and there are several of them and you can buy them online.

3. Food 

A must-have item for a respectable camper is, at least, a small camping stove. It is "one hand on the wheel" and guarantees your meals from breakfast to dinner. If possible, eat in local shops, eat that little piece of fish because no one is iron.


4. Open the curtains 

Either way, enjoy the freedom it is to be so close to nature, leave a little slit in the curtain open for the daylight to wake you up. We guarantee there's no better wake up call, having a coffee watching the sun rise from the sand on the beach. We can guarantee that it is an unforgettable sensation, in addition to helping to regulate the functioning of your body and your sleep.

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