The importance of quality sleep when weight training

The importance of quality sleep when weight training

The importance of quality sleep when weight training

When it comes to building muscle, sleep is a key pillar!

Good mass gain is based on 3 key concepts: training, nutrition and rest. And rest is not only a 48 hour interval between each is also restful and good quality sleep because as we will see in this article, muscle building occurs during sleep !


Why sleep is essential in bodybuilding?

If the mind is "at rest" during sleep, this is not at all the case for our body. Many chemical reactions occur including the production of hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone.

Not only does quality sleep promote the production of these hormones necessary for mass gain...but above all, sleep deprivation alters their production! Poor sleep hygiene can completely hamper your athletic endeavors.

The Fitnesce website indeed recalls in its many articles on the subject that rest is too often underestimated by practitioners. 

Because it is also during the sleep phase that the muscles rest and regenerate. A compromised sleep is a recovery that cannot be optimal!


Lack of sleep hinders muscle recovery

Lack of sleep makes the body more "catabolic". Muscle mass will be destroyed to save energy due to lack of sleep. It will also retard muscle growth, especially if you are using a high intensity style of training with heavy loads.

Not getting enough sleep prevents proper protein synthesis. This hampers recovery after exercise-induced muscle damage.


A loss of motivation

It's always easier to hit the gym and hit a hard workout when you're full of energy and feeling rested.

Chronic sleep problems will directly impact your performance and your motivation to play sports.

Failure to progress over the sessions or simply not having enough strength to train may compromise your motivation over time, hence the importance of maintaining quality sleep!


How can I get a good night's sleep?

If your sleep is not good enough, here are some tips to apply to have better nights!


No screens

Make sure your surroundings are dark, quiet, and cool enough. Remove electronic devices from your bedroom, especially if they emit a small light.


Go to bed earlier

If you only get five or six hours of sleep a night, try to get more by going to bed earlier and setting an alarm to wake up at the same time each morning. Consistency is the key!


Turn off your phone

Avoid using your smartphone at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Electronic devices emit a type of light (the so-called blue light) that can disrupt your body's natural rhythm.

Before going to sleep, prefer reading a book or listening to music.

Also avoid sports activity just before going to sleep, this keeps the body awake and prevents it from going into "sleep" mode.

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