Vomit while sleeping: Why and what to do?

Vomit while sleeping: Why and what to do?

After going through a hectic day, everyone wants to have a good deep sleep. However, some interruptions can ruin your sleep, especially when you feel sick or even vomit in your sleep. Vomiting is one of the most unpleasant sensations you can experience while sleeping.


Causes of vomiting during sleep

Knowing some of the causes of vomiting during sleep can help you identify your triggers. Avoiding them can also help prevent vomiting while you sleep.

  • Eat late: Sometimes the feeling of vomiting may occur due to eating late at night. Shift work, irregular eating habits, and late dinners often make digestion difficult and can cause vomiting or nausea while sleeping.

  • Bad eating habits: Many people don't know what type of food is right for them and may tend to make unhealthy food choices. Eating the wrong foods, especially at night, is one of the most common causes of vomiting while sleeping.

  • Acid reflux: Another common cause of vomiting during sleep can be acid reflux resulting from food indigestion. Acid reflux pushes food back into the food pipe causing vomiting. This not only causes great discomfort, but also leads to disturbed sleep.

  • Alcohol consumption : Some people have a habit of drinking at night. Consuming small amounts once in a while may not be a problem, but regularly consuming large amounts of alcohol, along with unhealthy food choices, can lead to vomiting during sleep. You may feel dizzy and cause gastritis creating a big problem at night.

  • Dentition: Teething is also one of the causes of vomiting during sleep. The feeling of irritability, restlessness, penetrating objects, and swollen gums can cause vomiting to feel sleepy.

  • Stress: Stress is another common trigger, which can disrupt sleep, increase indigestion, and can also be a cause of vomiting in the middle of the night.


How to prevent vomiting while sleeping naturally?

Undoubtedly, feeling sick or throwing up while sleeping can be quite annoying for people who suffer from it. Therefore, they are advised to look for simple solutions and try to avoid things that lead to the condition. Some natural treatments that can help prevent vomiting while sleeping include


Get some fresh air

Sometimes nighttime vomiting occurs due to suffocation or lack of air in the room. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is get some fresh air by standing on the balcony or opening the windows. Getting some fresh air for a few minutes will definitely do you good and prevent vomiting naturally.

Also, regularly practicing proper breathing and performing regular breathing exercises can help improve your oxygen levels. This can help prevent the feeling of vomiting naturally.


Keep calm

A feeling of vomiting can make you anxious and bother you at night. The natural way to control this anxiety is to stay calm and sit quietly for a few minutes. Being calm and collected will help you get rid of that anxiety and help you get back to sleep in no time.


The fun

Distraction from illness is one of the best and most natural ways to prevent vomiting naturally. You can take your mind off things by throwing up at night thinking about yourself or reliving good old memories of family, friends or relatives. You can even take time to read books or work in a way that distracts you from illness and gives you space to go back to sleep.


Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply for a few minutes is one of the best ways to prevent vomiting while sleeping. You can slowly inhale, exhale the air and feel good inside. By practicing this, you can experience a calm state of mind, which can help relieve the feeling of vomiting and prevent it naturally.


drink liquids

Another effective measure to naturally prevent vomiting during sleep is to sip some liquids, cold drinks if you prefer. You can try lemon water, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and whatever makes you feel comfortable.


take a candy

One of the ways to prevent vomiting during sleep is to chew sweet and sour candy in your mouth, which will change the taste of your tongue. This will further eliminate the vomiting sensation due to the soothing and satisfying taste of the candy in the mouth. Ginger-based or mint-based candies seem to work well.


Chew natural healers

Taking a piece of ginger is a natural way to prevent vomiting while sleeping. Ginger has the particularity of keeping a strong taste in your mouth which can make you feel good and the current feeling of vomiting. Having a piece of clove in your mouth, licking mint, gooseberry or lemon can also help relieve the feeling of vomiting.

In most cases, vomiting during sleep can be prevented with these natural methods. However, if the causes of vomiting are serious or the symptoms persist for a long time, it is advisable to seek medical advice and take appropriate measures as instructed.

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