The pendulum: how to use it in an esoteric practice?

Le pendulum also called divinatory pendulum uses the magnetism released by the human body or its immediate environment. A tool used in spirituality, it can be used to guide us in our choices or to magnetize or purify an object. What is the pendulum used for and how to integrate it into one's spiritual practice? 

 Similar instruments have been discovered in Egyptian burials, in Mesopotamia, among the Celts, etc. Think of the most popular instrument in the field and which you have certainly heard of at least once in your life: the dowsing rod used to locate springs and ores: it is the ancestor of the pendulum!

The ancestral art of dowsing would have started with one of the first most influential dowsers on the planet and who was none other than Moses himself who, in the desert, struck the rock of Horeb with his stick to make spring up a spring of pure water, and he saved the people of Israel from thirst. 

Thus, we have, since the dawn of time, used objects to help us connect to energies and understand them. Astrophysicists (notably Galileo) were also intrigued by the oscillatory movements of pendulums and used them to study the gravitational force of the Earth and its rotation.

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How does the pendulum work?

There are three basic rules to follow:

  • You should never force a pendulum to respond.
  • One does not use a pendulum to help someone without asking the permission of the person concerned.
  • One must show great moral, psychic and spiritual integrity.

How to use the pendulum?

This tool must be purified and recharged regularly on full moon evenings and during the day following the full moon. Like tarot cards or others divinatory objects, it does not lend itself.

Also, the pendulum you will use to do divination or unlocks cannot be the same one you will use to magnetize your water and food.

It is an extension of your hand. You just have to take the time to tame it, to understand how it works and its language. You must hold the wire or the chain to which it is attached between your thumb and your index finger, your elbow must be resting on the table comfortably. Then, ask him: “give me a yes”. Then: “give me a no”.

  1. Ask one question at a time and as clearly as possible.
  2. So watch how he moves between your fingers — back and forth, side to side, spinning or wiggling diagonally. Focus all your attention on him — he's an extension of your hand, don't forget that.
  3. You finish by showing him a mark of your respect and your recognition.
  4. If another question is asked of the pendulum, you will have to start the process over again by asking it to give you a yes and a no.
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