When to sleep on your stomach after a caesarean section?

When to sleep on your stomach after a caesarean section?

A caesarean section, although considered normal by many, is a major operation. The first few days are the hardest, it hurts to cough, laugh, move and carry things, so the first recommendation is to avoid carrying heavy things.

For the first few days, it is important to have someone to help you, as any movement can be painful. If you are breastfeeding, you may need help moving your baby.

All women are different, for which some recover faster than others, the wound itself can heal in the first 10 days, but the pain can last even for several months.

In addition to pain, it is normal to feel itching or even lack of tenderness in the affected area for a long time.

Personally, the hardest part was sleeping and getting out of bed, because at first I tried to get up as usual, a big mistake!


Doctors Give These Tips:

-The best position for sleeping is totally face up, the wound is stretched and without movement.

-For some women, it is more comfortable to sleep on their side, especially if you are breastfeeding. It is best to use pillows between the knees and next to the abdomen, it can be a bit painful as the wound is compressed, but if you can get into this position there will be no need to move afterwards because you can breastfeed the baby and sleep like that.

-Avoid sleeping on your stomach, this is the worst position since a weight is placed on the wound.

-Avoid getting out of bed or sitting up by straining the muscles of the abdomen, it is best to first turn to the side, then remove the legs from the bed and then using a chair placed next to your bed, to get up. This chair will be your assistant both for getting up and for lying down.

-Don't hold back the urge to go to the bathroom! It is important to have an empty bladder so that the uterus returns to its normal state more quickly. Remember that the uterus returns to its previous size, so you will also lose blood for up to 6 weeks.

-To regain good blood circulation, you can do light movements such as: Stretch and flex the tips of your feet, do 20 repetitions. Do 10 ankle rotations, side to side.

Remember to be patient, this is a wound that takes time to heal, so don't try to move too much. Start taking small steps and when you feel better you can go back to your daily life. Gynecologists recommend not exercising until after the fifth month, what you can do is walk and take walks to regain your strength and mobility.


See your doctor if:

You have a fever higher than 38º

The scar bleeds or oozes.

You notice an area on your lower leg that is swollen, red, hard and painful.

Vaginal bleeding is very heavy in less than one or two hours and/or has a bad smell.

You have suffered from severe headaches.

It can be a difficult process, but you will have your baby with you to give you strength and happiness. Comfort! The pain will pass

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