Which bed sheet material to sleep better?

Which bed sheet material to sleep better?

Sleeping better on a bed depends on a multitude of factors such as the material from which the bed sheet is made, the quality of the mattress and box spring, etc. Indeed, it has been proven that a good sheet that does not retain heat, for example, has a very good influence on your sleep. Otherwise, you will have a restless night as your body temperature will rise and you will sweat. At the same time, it all depends on the period. In winter, a sheet that retains heat is the best choice. Find out here which sheet material to choose for better sleep.


Bed sheet material: Choose natural fibers to sleep better

A natural fiber bed sheet is an excellent choice of construction material. Indeed, the natural fibres, when they are transformed into sheets, offer the sleeper an incomparable quality and comfort of sleep. Get the valid Francoise Saget promo code here and acquire a sheet that is soft, absorbent, durable and able to regulate your body temperature. This means that in summer as in winter, you can use a natural fiber sheet.

However, between the highly recommended cotton, linen, flannel and many other bed sheet materials, there are small differences. These include, in particular, the color of the sheet, the resistance to wear and time, etc. These differences very often influence the price of the sheet.


Some examples of natural fibers used in the manufacture of bed sheets

The natural fibers most used in the manufacture of sheets are silk, cotton and linen.

Silk sheets are said to be silky, light and extremely soft. In the field of lingerie, a sheet made of this material costs significantly more than the others. Of course, there are variations of sheets made from a combination of silk and linen or silk and cotton.

Linen sheets are highly recommended when the heat wave is in full swing and you are sweaty at night. Linen is a material that lasts over time. Its thermoregulatory properties facilitate the evacuation of perspiration, especially when you sleep.

Cotton, finally, is found in the manufacture of millions of sheets in the world. In summer as in winter, you can opt for a cotton sheet. It easily absorbs moisture and adapts to the body temperature of the sleeper. Cotton is known for its softness and strength to help you sleep better.


What about synthetic fiber bed sheets?

Synthetic fiber bed sheets are sheets made, for the most part, with polyester. They are recognized by their low absorption capacity. They are, of course, not very subject to creases, but are very unpleasant to the touch.

Bed sheets made of synthetic material are sometimes made from the combination of cotton and polyester. These are very silky percale sheets known for their softness to the touch. However, they are less resistant to time and wear.

There is another variant of bed sheets made with silk and polyester. A sheet made from this mixture is a satin sheet. You will notice them by their shine and softness. However, this type of sheet slips a lot. You will have tremendous difficulty keeping them on the mattress. Either way, it's a matter of taste and preference. 


A bed sheet adapted for each season to sleep better

Choosing a bed sheet for better sleep can be done depending on the time of year. It is also the wisest choice.

In winter and fall, choose flannel sheets. It is a material that keeps the heat inside. Cotton and per se sheets are also suitable to help you through the cold of winter and autumn.

In summer and spring, the linen sheet should be the preferred sleeping companion. Its refreshing properties will make your nights of sleep pure moments of happiness and soothing rest. During summer and spring, the freshness of the percale guarantees you a pleasant sleep. The same is true of the cotton bed sheet.

On the other hand, satin is recommended during summer and spring because it is made of cotton which regulates humidity and cools you while you sleep. Be careful, however, not to acquire flammable synthetic satin.

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