Why does my cat drool when he sleeps?

Why does my cat drool when he sleeps?

Why does my cat drool when he sleeps?

You ask yourself "Why does my cat drool when he sleeps?". In this article, we will see the causes of this sleeping habit and we will also see if it is dangerous or not.


Why does my cat drool when he sleeps?

When a cat drools while sleeping there are two main reasons, excessive production of saliva by the salivary glands and difficulty in swallowing. If your cat isn't sleeping upside down, it's likely to be one of the two causes above.


Excessive dirt production

Saliva is produced by stimulation of the salivary glands, which normally produce less saliva at night. When a cat sleeps, its saliva should not come out and this may be due to an overproduction of saliva /

Among the causes of hypersalivation in cats, tumors or infections of the salivary glands are the most serious causes.

While upper gastrointestinal and oral issues (tonsils, teeth, gums) can irritate the salivary glands and lead to this problem overnight.

Some medications can also lead to hypersalivation, check the side effects and you will find the answer there. 

Your cat may also have ingested something that is irritating him and causing him to drool while sleeping.

Finally, in rare cases, systemic problems like liver and kidney failure can lead to a buildup of toxins in the blood, which leads to excess saliva.


What to do to make him stop drooling?

If he is just starting to drool, keep an eye on the next few nights, but if nothing is changing in the right direction, then a visit to the veterinarian is essential to correct the cause of this disorder that affects your cat.



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