Why does my cat sleep in my neck?

Why does my cat sleep in my neck?

Why does my cat sleep in my neck?

You wonder “why does my cat sleep in my neck?” Indeed, this sleep habit can seem very strange and it is necessary to explain the causes. 


Why does my cat sleep in my neck?

Here are the main causes why a cat sleeps in your neck.



Cats always look for warm places to sleep like radiators or fireplaces in winter and sunny places in summer. And you are for him a real human radiator.

In addition, the neck is often out of the blanket and therefore it is the only alternative your body has left to sleep warm.

And even if it doesn't, your cat knows that this part of the body won't move and that it will be able to sleep without being awakened.



Your cat may love you to the point where he wants to be close to your face and you are a symbol of safety and love for him.



Your scent and your body may be associated in his mind with security and his territory. He then sleeps closest to you so that he can feel safe enough while he sleeps.

He will always seek security when he sleeps at night, so that no predators come to attack him while he sleeps. Cats are programmed this way to survive in the wild.


He is hungry

Your cat sleeps in your neck sometimes because he's hungry and tries to wake you up by cuddled up to sleep.

It is easily identifiable here because you will see that your cat comes at the specific time when he needs to sleep.


A natural reflex

Kittens always sleep with their relatives for a question of survival. Your cat may have this natural reflex and consider you its mother.

If your cat is young, he may have retained this reflex when he sleeps.


Why does my cat sleep in my neck?


The territory

Cats are territorial animals that usually mark their territory by urinating. When your cat sleeps in your neck, it can somehow mark its territory.

This will be especially the case if a new pet comes into the family or a change occurs in the home.


He feels alone

He may feel a little lonely during the day and doesn't want to leave you at night.

If you see him craving attention, then make sure he doesn't get bored when you're not around.


He wants to dominate

Sleeping on your neck can also be a sign that he is marking his territory.

The presence of another cat or a new spouse can lead to this behavior.


What if your cat sleeps on your neck?

There's no need to panic if your cat starts sleeping on your neck. But there are still some things to check.

The first thing to check is that your cat does not interfere with your breathing, otherwise you will not be able to sleep.

Make sure your cat is not a danger to you, such as crushing your neck or scratching your face.



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