Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Why does my cat sleep on my head? This is the question that many cat owners ask themselves because this behavior is very strange. Especially since they have everything you need to sleep at home.

We will therefore see why your cat sleeps on your head.


My cat sleeps on my head: What causes?

Here are the main causes that make your cat sleep on your head.


Your body heat

The cat's temperature is 38 to 39 degrees and so they tend to get cold very easily and always seek warmth when sleeping. For example, they will seek heat near radiators or face the sun's rays.

And by sleeping on your head, they recover all the heat that escapes from the body. The human head is therefore very popular with cats and provides them with much appreciated warmth.


your smell

Smell is something that cats take very seriously and it is what allows them to always know if they are in friendly or enemy territory.

Cats have scent glands all over their bodies and use them to mark their territory on different objects. 

Therefore, sleeping on your head offers them your scent which is felt as a kind of security for them.



Your cat needs security to sleep because in the wild threats can arise at night. It is a typical habit of any wild animal. Generally, cats sleep in height to have a complete view and to be able to avoid threats.

If your cat sleeps on your head, he's both high up and has you to protect him, so he loves sleeping on your head.



Your cat likes to spend time with you and you are not at home all the time, which is why he sleeps with you to be in your presence enough.


You are his property

Cats can sometimes think that you belong to them and that you are the one who is allowed to sleep with them. For example, a cat can mark its territory by sleeping on your head.



Is it a problem?

If your cat sleeps on your head, it can have advantages and disadvantages



Having your cat sleep on your head has several advantages.



It can be very comfortable to sleep with your cat, especially when it's cold and its coat is very soft.


Strengthening links

Sleeping with your cat helps strengthen the bond with it without any action on your part.


The heat

Heat is always welcome while sleeping, especially since it is recommended to sleep in a cool place. By sleeping with your cat on your face, you have a natural heat source.


The inconvenients

Sleeping with your cat on your head can also bring certain inconveniences.


The discomfort

And yes! In some cases, your cat may cause you discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Especially if he moves and scratches while he sleeps.



No cat should enter your bed if it is dirty, if it comes back from outside or from its litter box, it could potentially transmit diseases.


The allergies

If you are allergic to cat hair, then it is essential not to sleep with your cat.



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