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Personal year 3 holds a special place in numerology. Done smoothly, it can end this first third of your 9-year cycle on a prosperous and optimistic note. If the first personal year was one of initiative and risk-taking and the second one of stability and continuity, the third personal year is undoubtedly that of creativity.

It's time to explore your environment to innovate, experiment with new things and think outside the box. Your soul and your body are crying out for the refreshing novelty and unprecedented experience. You would be wrong to deprive them of it. Try a new hobby, go around museums, provoke new encounters, experiment at work. With the maturity gained throughout the previous year, you will notice that your responsibilities will suddenly become lighter, more manageable. Here is what numerology says about personal year 3.

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Personal Year 3: "Now it's your turn"!

After the year of compromise and collaboration during which your needs took a relatively back seat, it's now your turn! For numerologists, this year which closes the first third of your cycle is one of the most pleasant. You have an appointment with 12 months of happiness, provided you are receptive to the signals and clues that pave the way for you. As during the first year, you will very often ask yourself “What do I want? ". The difference is that the pressure and urgency of the first year will give way to enthusiasm and optimism. Your own long-term happiness and fulfillment will be the central questions of this year. During this first third of the cycle, you will have taken the time to initiate, extend and then remodel. The 3rd personal year will also be that of a Zen questioning, without dramatization. You will develop the ability to identify and heal the source of your unhappiness without falling into depression.

Year 3: You now know who you are, what you want and why you want it

The physical obstacles that hinder your development will be vulnerable this year. Take the opportunity to fight them. Only then will you be able to express your ideas and emotions in a natural and spontaneous way, without fearing the gaze of others. Happiness is a feeling that can only come from within. During Personal Year 3, you will have at least one opportunity to feel joyful and fulfilled like you never have before. You will no longer fear being in the limelight because you fully assume yourself, even if some hints of shyness will remain. You feel good about yourself, which augurs well for the years to come, both professionally and personally. Naturally, you will alternate between successes and a few failures.

To your great surprise, you will approach the less joyful moments of this year with a lot of maturity and composure. The lessons to be drawn from your failures are now explicit, clear, limpid. You are receptive to it. You are now closer than ever to your goal: you know who you are, what you want and why you want it. In this dynamic of personal development, a new spectrum of possibilities will open up to you. The present will then become a creative springboard from which you will draw the outlines of a future that seems radiant to you, at least during this year.

Planning to overcome stress and irritability

In numerology, each personal year is distinguished by positive and negative contributions. This is also what guarantees the balance of the universe. Personal year number 3 will bring you its share of stress and irritability. Multiplying your goals can make you nervous. The good news is that this setback can be mastered by sheer force of planning and organization. Write down your ambitions on a paper or better, on a whiteboard that you will hang in your room. Accept the ranking of your priorities: not everything can be urgent. This will save you the long reflections and stress shots inherent in the multiplicity of your tasks and objectives.

The main challenge of the 3rd Personal Year is therefore on the side of managing priorities. Maybe you will have to learn to let go of what is not particularly close to your heart? Dr. Scott Peck, the illustrious American psychiatrist and author of the best-selling 'The Road Less Traveled', summarizes very well how to approach Personal Year 3. to find. Seek to create and love regardless of your happiness and you are likely to be happy most of the time. »


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