Numerology 3: explanation of the number

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Among the main numbers in numerology, the number 3 symbolizes expression, social life, communication, success, more precisely literary or artistic The person in connection with the 3 (union of 1 and 2) will seek to express themselves , communicate and impose oneself thanks to writing, art and creativity, one will note a certain joie de vivre. However, you will also have to be careful not to disperse and thus waste your energy.

Explanation of the number 3 in numerology

In numerology, the number 3 represents exchange, sharing and expression. A person in connection with this figure likes to share and does not hesitate to give what he has without expecting anything in return. This is rather a good thing, but you will see that it can also be bad for him. If you have a connection with the number 3, here is what numerology says about you.

The meaning of sharing

In numerology, the meaning of the number 3 is indeed sharing. A person closely related to this number necessarily likes to share. The problem is that if she doesn't pay attention to the wrong people, there will be nothing left for her in the end. If you are related to the three, know that your sense of sharing can lead to your loss if you do not set limits.

Anyway, the sense of sharing is also and above all a good thing. In addition to material things, the 3 also likes to share their knowledge and experience. This is what makes him an accomplished educator, especially in relation to his descendants. And that's just one of the many strengths of the number 3.


In numerology, communication is also one of the strengths of the number 3. People linked to this number know communicate, capture the attention of others and be heard. They can thus create a fulfilled social life to which they attach great importance.

The impressive ability of the number 3 to communicate with others is also a considerable asset in his professional life. If you are linked to this number, you probably know that you are good at convincing people. And in case you don't know, this ability, you can use it to convince your customers and other people in your professional environment.


If the 3 knows how to communicate very well, he also knows how to express himself. These two terms are totally different since, if the ability to communicate means knowing how to convince, expression means rather knowing how to be heard.

If you are related to number 3, you probably do not hide what you have in your heart. You are direct and say what you think out loud. It is another of your appreciable qualities, but which can nevertheless hurt others. So be careful to hold back in certain situations.

A passion for literature

Numerology also says that the number 3 is directly related to all that is literature. People related to this number are often passionate about literature and writing. Moreover, their best way of communicating and expressing themselves is in writing. If you are linked to the number 3 and you feel passionate about literature, know that your writings can be very successful.

Other representations of the number 3

Let's see the numerological profile of the number 3:

  • As a geometric figure, the number 3 represents a triangle
  • As a color, the number 3 represents yellow.
  • As a planet, the number 3 represents Jupiter.
  • As an element, the number 3 represents air.

Numerology and Astrology:
Direct relationship with the air element and in analogy with Jupiter Mercury, the sign of Gemini, the Third House.

Letters corresponding to the numerological number 3:
C, L, U, û, ù

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