Numerology: Meaning of the number 11

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The main number 11 in numerology symbolizes revelation, motivation, inspiration and overcoming The person in connection with 11 enjoys great intelligence, it is clairvoyant and has a hold on others However, it will also be necessary to be careful not to focus solely on personal satisfaction.

The number 11: what does it mean in numerology

In numerology, the number 11 represents revelation. This figure intervenes to tell the person concerned that his intuitions are the right ones and that he is on the right track. But it is not the only one meaning of the number 11. This figure can also be a sign of will, motivation, inspiration, even innovation.

revelation, enlightenment

The number 11 in numerology indeed refers to revelation. It can bea revelation made by a relative, but also, and above all, a divine revelation. A person in connection with the number 11 can, indeed, from time to time have revelations which manifest themselves in the form of intuition.

The 11 then appears to confirm the conformity of his intuitions. In general, the people concerned only notice it when their intuitions come true. So if you have a hunch, good or bad, and you've been seeing 11 regularly lately, prepare and act accordingly.

A motivation and a will

People linked to the number 11 also have a very strong motivation and a great desire to move forward. It is for this reason that everything works for themwhether in their personal or professional life. Encouraged by his intuitions, the 11 never gives up unless his intuitions tell him to give up. This strong personality is however to be adopted with moderation since too much self-confidence often leads to loss.

L’inspiration et l’innovation

The 11 is also a sign of inspiration in numerology. If you are affected by this figure currently, you are aware that you are overflowing with inspiration and creativity. You have the desire to create and innovate. And that's what makes you unique.

With a spirit overflowing with creativity, people in connection with the number 11 are conducive to the profession of artist. If you're one of them, see what area you're most good at and try to create a unique work based solely on your inspiration. You have every chance of succeeding. This is all the more true if your intuition is of the same opinion. Remember that the number 11 is there to remind you that your intuition is correct.

The decomposition of the number 11

By unzipping the number 11, we get two number 1s, which makes a total of 2. In addition to his own personalities, the 11 therefore also benefits from the characters of the number 2 which are, according to numerology, union, association and sharing.

The number 11 is therefore also conducive to lasting couple relationships and possibly to a fulfilling family life. Combined with the good intuitions of the 11th, this necessarily results in a better choice of partners and no doubt by a happy family.

Other representations of the number 11

Here is now the numerological profile of the number 11:

  • As a geometric figure, the number 11 represents two intersecting circles.
  • As a color, the number 11 represents celestial blue.
  • As a planet, the number 11 represents Uranus.
  • As an element, the number 11 represents fire.

Numerology and Astrology:
Direct relationship with the air element, the sign of Aquarius (11th sign of the zodiac) and House XI.

Letters corresponding to the numerological number 11:
A, J, S, ç, é, ê, è

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