The Personal Year 8 in Numerology

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In numerology, the personal year number 8 is that of the harvest, that of the concrete results expected or hoped for. This is the year of the reward.

You will finally be able to capitalize on your achievements and your experiences while rejecting what had become wobbly. You will feel the need to (re)value yourself and achieve things that seemed impossible to you. In year 8, it is time to use your knowledge and assert yourself in your professional environment. Your efforts this year will finally be rewarded. Your bold attempts will be crowned with success. The desire to succeed will be fiery and will contrast with the passivity of the previous year.

Of course, impatience and pressure will be there, but ideas and projects will flow, driven by your desire to undertake and put into practice what you have learned over the past few years. You are probably overdoing it. It is therefore a year of positive pressure where the desire to do well will prevail over the obstacles that will stand in your way.

The personal year 8: professional consecration

If you are in a position of strength, beware of abuse under penalty of brutal breaks and breaks on a personal level. The path of dishonesty will immediately and directly lead to job loss, emotional repercussions or even insistent regrets..

The first quarter will bring a marked improvement compared to the torpor of personal year number 7. Rest assured: your plans will unfold as planned and you will be well equipped to grow your nest egg. Don't react hastily. During the personal year 8, hasty decisions will be the brakes that will prevent cash inflows and returns on investment. Your potential for professional development will become very real. You will be called “brilliant” and “amazing” at work. Whatever your sector of activity, the economic situation, the context or the combination of circumstances will cause the opening of some breaches in which you must rush. This new status should not interfere with the maturity acquired in recent years. Stay humble and see success as a logical and expected continuation of your past efforts.

Year 8: quits or doubles

The vibrations of 8 are such that they accentuate both success and failure. Dose your risk-taking and avoid excessive adventures. Reputedly karmic, year 8 will be the continuation of the whirlwind of the 4th personal year. When it takes on fundamentally negative aspects, this year can be tarnished by losses, disappointments, accidents.

For numerologists, the year 8 is the one that undermines upstart and overly materialistic spirits. It is bound to complicate the lives of those who blame others for their actions. Like the spelling of the number 8, this personal year is double: it brilliantly materializes the complementarity (rather than the duality) that exists between the earthly and the spiritual. Social and professional success, the exercise of power and rewards cannot arise and endure without a spiritual underpinning whose purpose is the expansion, fulfillment and fulfillment of oneself, but also of others. To carry out this penultimate year of the 9-year cycle, assume your power and aim to improve your situation, but also that of your community.

Some damage to love life

On the sentimental level, a complicated year awaits you. You will have to juggle between two extremes. Your breakthroughs on the professional level will not be without damage to your love life. Moderate your demands and be careful not to transfer your professional ambitions to your other half. Singles will be rather receptive to experimentation and will make the dating game an additional manifestation of their new power. The year 8 can lead to the beginning of a relationship for singles with the key to a reassuring marriage..

A few minor health ailments

The respite you gave your body during personal year number 7 has been of great help to you. You attack your goals with vitality. However, be sure to maintain this active listening to your body, at the risk of suffering from some minor digestive or cardiac ailments. Take advantage of this active period to work on your self-discipline while establishing a quality lifestyle. This is also what will condition your chances of achieving your goals, with of course the complicity that you will develop with your other half.

If you are still plagued by addictions, it may be time to drown them out by focusing on your personal ambitions. Remember that the year 8 is also the year of accidents, from simple food poisoning to a road accident. Be vigilant.

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