The life path in numerology

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Why follow this Number?

Sometimes called Number of Destiny, the Path of Life is therefore the road you must follow to achieve fulfillment (personal and professional), spiritual balance and happiness. The reveal the mission what you have to accomplish in this life and how to achieve it. Indeed, this Number reveals the obstacles which will come to stand in front of you and indicates to you which qualities you must develop or which potentialities you can use to achieve your goal. Accepting to follow one's Way of Life is the way to live in harmony with oneself.

Do the math yourself!

Calculating your Path of Life is simple. it's about the reduced sum of the numbers of your date of birth. Add day, month and year of birth then reduce to a number between 1 and 9.

For example: for a person born on May 17, 1972, the calculation is 17+5+1972=1994 so 1+9+9+4=23 and 2+3=5.

Discover here the main characteristics of this Number according to the result obtained:

1- You follow a path of action and success where you will be independent in your decisions.

2- This Number brings harmony to the relationship and opens a path strewn with friendships and favorable associations.

3- Your path is that of communication, personal expression and great sociability.

4- On the path of effort and work, the vibrations of this Number bring you patience, organization and precision.

5- This is the path of travel and freedom ; that of change and movement.

6- Both responsible and dedicated, you evolve on a path that honors love and fidelity and promotes family and community.

7- Reflection and analysis accompany you on this path that will lead you to knowledge and wisdom.

8- Often linked to materiality and money, this path leads you to ambition and power.

9- This path may seem distant because it is that of ideals ; generosity and humanity are the guides.

In order to know more precisely the road which opens in front of you and to prepare for it, do not hesitate to call on Numerology and a detailed and personalized study of all the Numbers that influence your existence.

What is your life path?

The life path in numerology

In numerology, the life path refers to a fundamental and immutable, fixed and definitive data. The numerological calculation or the calculation of the life path is carried out by the "reduced" total of the date of birth (day, month, year), between 1 and 9, apart from the so-called "master" numbers which are 11, the 22nd and the 33rd. For numerologists, the path of life is our path of destiny. It identifies the potentialities and opportunities of the life of its holder.

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life path 1

The life path in numerology

Risk-taking, sense of responsibility and existential need to rise. This is the portrait of those who pursue life path number one. For them, any obstacle is by definition surmountable. The number 1 is individualized through action and mobilizes his determination to achieve his life goal. Surrender and renunciation are not part of his modus operandi, but his excess energy can play tricks on him when it is not sufficiently exploited. Frustrated, he is the ideal prey to depression, dark thoughts and mood disorders. Life path 1 implies difference and uniqueness: assumed, it leads to success. Not assumed, it generates disabling physical or psychological manifestations.

life path 2

The life path in numerology

Life Path 2 is one of mediation, teamwork, compromise and consensus. The 2 is empathetic and perceives the best in everyone. He is therefore an excellent friend and a sincere confidant. Although his destiny is generally a long calm river, the 2 can blame the setbacks of his hypersensitivity, his shyness or his reluctance to express his ideas in public. He will consistently avoid confrontation for fear of being hurt or upset, which causes him to keep a low profile. This attitude can result in social discomfort which can very quickly become an obstacle to personal and professional development.

life path 3

The life path in numerology

3 is probably the number that we find the most in superstition, folklore and religion. Life Path 3 is one of optimism, positive thinking, and extroversion. For the 3, everything will work out eventually, no matter what. His thirst for a change of scenery and his appetite for exotic trips keep him away from responsibilities, sometimes even from reality. For the 3, art is more than a hobby, it's a way of life. This life path is also one of challenges, but the number 3 tends to avoid them even if it means not achieving their life goal. Loyal and helpful, the 3 is also eccentric and naive. He sincerely believes in the power of universal consciousness in achieving world peace. The 3 will make an excellent volunteer.

life path 4

The life path in numerology

Solid as a rock, straight as an "i", the number 4 does not like the unexpected. Planning is a sine qua non for happiness. He will spend part of his life drawing the contours of his comfort zone never to leave it again, at least voluntarily. Sometimes seen as too serious, too boring, and too sedentary, one who pursues the 4 life path is not one to brag when they find success.

life path 5

The life path in numerology

The number 5 is imbued with strong symbolism in Islam, Buddhism and ancient Greek writings. This is the life path of action and adventure. Number 5 is a real dynamo that never stops. He goes ahead and takes his life away from the routine, even if it means causing change for no reason. This is, moreover, its main weakness: it does not admit any borders and sees the stoppage as an unacceptable failure. Exploration and the thirst for learning are the only constants of its successive “transformations”. Insatiable by nature, those who pursue the 5th life path become exasperated and frustrated when they cannot satisfy their passion for adventure.

life path 6

The life path in numerology

Gaia, the mother goddess and the ultimate nurturer, represents all the splendor of life path 6. The latter symbolizes home, hearth, community and compassion for the human. The 6 shines with a rare chivalrous spirit and unfailing benevolence that he mobilizes to help those in need. Focused on sharing, he aims through this sincere approach to rise spiritually. If his efforts are widely welcomed by those around him, they are sometimes perceived as a sadistic impulse that feeds on the misfortune of others. His challenge will be not to forget himself in others.

life path 7

The life path in numerology

Life Path 7 is that of a solitary perfectionist who realizes his full potential after an intense sentimental shock. Homebody and emotionally passive, he assumes his loneliness and cares little about socializing. He does not multiply meetings and does not need a large social circle. Philosopher, mystic, not very talkative, the 7 has an appetite for metaphysics and the existential questions that fascinate him. Numerology attributes to the life path number 7 a favorable destiny and an above average chance due to the ability of the 7 to make rational choices supported by objective data.

life path 8

The life path in numerology

This is the life path of workaholics. To achieve the professional legitimacy that will catalyze his career, the 8 will have to take his troubles patiently for more than 10 years. He will collect trophies and earn the respect of his peers, sometimes at the expense of a complicated social life. The victorious vibrations of the 8 are not specifically related to money, but rather to power. Life Path 8 cannot be accomplished without a caring and understanding partner. The 8 does not accept the reproaches made to him about his professional commitment.

life path 9

The life path in numerology

Life Path 9 is one of inner journeys, artistic sensibility and creativity. The 9 nourishes an unlimited passion for all that is not familiar to him. If he finds the means, he will travel the world for leisure, to do business, for a humanitarian cause, etc. 9s are very good counsel because of experience in life and the miles they travel, both geographically and spiritually.

life path 11

The life path in numerology

It is often said that the life path 11 is that of the human seismograph. The 11 is guided by an almost mystical inner path that allows him to capture small vibrations and then interpret them. The walls do not speak, but the 11 hears them! Idealistic but pragmatic, ambitious but realistic, the 11 is endowed with enormous personal potential because of its master number. His ambitions are high, which makes him particularly exposed to disappointments and existential crises. The life path number 11 is significantly more complicated for those whose 1 and 2 are missing digits.

life path 22

The life path in numerology

The master number 22 is nourished by the creative appetite. He is drawn to anything that starts with a blank sheet to fill out. He gives life to what was nothing. Life Path 22 happens mostly at work. Practical intelligence and a sense of observation are the best allies of the 22. They analyze situations and perceive elements of response before others, which gives them a good head start. The 22 is an inveterate worker who demands responsibilities. Its results, accumulated over several years of relentless effort, speak for its reputation.

life path 33

The life path in numerology

Like 11 and 22, 33 is a master number that brings its holder luck and success. The 33 is torn and put under pressure by two great forces that he considers contradictory: his lofty ambitions and his empathy for the unfortunate. Its high potential can be counterbalanced by its sensitivity to the evils and injustices of this world. Life Path 33 is favorable to wisdom and maturity. The 33 will be challenged throughout his life and will begin to reap success when he becomes attentive and receptive to the lessons of life. The 33 would benefit from multiplying the exercises of meditation and relaxation to succeed.

Calculation of the life path

The way of calculating the life path depends on the numerology system considered, the most used being the Pythagorean. The calculation of the life path, according to this system, is based solely on the date of birth of the person. All you have to do is add the day, the month and the year, taking care to respect certain basic rules:

  • Each element of the date of birth will have to be calculated separately before being added to the others;
  • If one of the three sums results in a master number (11, 22 or 33), it must remain intact: the 11 does not become 2, the 22 does not become 4 and the 33 does not become 6;
  • In the end, all you have to do is sum the three results to find the life path.

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